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If it goes on your head and isn't specifically for winter time, it's probably on this page. The hats were taking over Sonic Accessories, so they have to be divided out onto their own separate set of pages. This page will have only modern era hats from 2010 onward. They CAN be classic in style/classic-style-Sonic, but made after 2010 or so. Any information on how to get the cap or where it was sold should be along in the entry.
3 Bio World Sonic Caps at Target Target and BioWorld continue to team up in releasing even more hats in 2022. Here, three classic hats appear on store shelves all at once in the spring/summer season.
The first hat is white, with embroidered rolling Sonic classic design. It has his name in blue in Japanese on the bottom right a bit above the bill. The middle cap is 'jeans colored', and this uses a square patch on the front for the design. It's orange with a yellow Sonic...however it's the 'dies' art from the classic games. He's shown in front of black palm trees and probably his name spelled out in Japanese. The last hat is black with a blue brim & also uses a patch. This one has "Gotta Go Fast", and his name in Japanese and english. There's a little white silouette sprite at the top.
These 3 caps all use the same tag with the 30th logo and they're all probably 11.99.
Underbill design Chao Eyes Cap Here's another 'ok as an idea but execution is....not great' item.
This is the "Chao Underbill Print Cap".
First off, underbill design is fine--as an easter-egg type thing because while worn, nobody would ever see it. Next, you can absolutely see what the idea was: to imitate the "Big Face Character Caps" but with a chao. By making the dot on top yellow like the head-ball, by making the brim yellow like the limb tips & giving the cap large, staring highlight-free eyes "it would look just like a chao head". Well: It doesn't.
Nobody is going to know what this doofus looking thing is supposed to be. Even a Sonic fan probably wouldn't because it has no context and big goo-goo eyes on a random hat just looks kind of stupid. The chao-pile print for the underbill is cute, but of course never seen while worn. What's worse, is this cap is 35 dollars in the Sega Shop. It just feels like an odd mixed up item that doesn't really work too well.
Underbill Hawaiian Cap Hat Now here's an underbill hat with a design that works.
This is the "Underbill Hawaiian Sonic Cap". It's a black hat with the Sega Shop Online's "Hawaii Theme" Sonic design under the bill. This has hibiscus flowers, swirls, rings, and modern 'thumbs up' Sonic. The art has been altered to give him matching sunglasses to help him look tropical for the design. (Hawaiian theme appears on several items in the shop that you can see around Gear) The front of the hat uses a (probably embroidered) larger version of the Sunglasses Sonic for the main design. Having Sonic graphics in 2 areas keeps the hat nicely themed. This appears in 2022, and is about 30 dollars.