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If it goes on your head and isn't specifically for winter time, it's probably on this page. The hats were taking over Sonic Accessories, so they have to be divided out onto their own separate set of pages. This page will have only modern era hats from 2010 onward. They CAN be classic in style/classic-style-Sonic, but made after 2010 or so. Any information on how to get the cap or where it was sold should be along in the entry.
3 Bio World Sonic Caps at Target Target and BioWorld continue to team up in releasing even more hats in 2022. Here, three classic hats appear on store shelves all at once in the spring/summer season.
The first hat is white, with embroidered rolling Sonic classic design. It has his name in blue in Japanese on the bottom right a bit above the bill. The middle cap is 'jeans colored', and this uses a square patch on the front for the design. It's orange with a yellow Sonic...however it's the 'dies' art from the classic games. He's shown in front of black palm trees and probably his name spelled out in Japanese. The last hat is black with a blue brim & also uses a patch. This one has "Gotta Go Fast", and his name in Japanese and english. There's a little white silouette sprite at the top.
These 3 caps all use the same tag with the 30th logo and they're all probably 11.99.
Underbill design Chao Eyes Cap Here's another 'ok as an idea but execution is....not great' item.
This is the "Chao Underbill Print Cap".
First off, underbill design is fine--as an easter-egg type thing because while worn, nobody would ever see it. Next, you can absolutely see what the idea was: to imitate the "Big Face Character Caps" but with a chao. By making the dot on top yellow like the head-ball, by making the brim yellow like the limb tips & giving the cap large, staring highlight-free eyes "it would look just like a chao head". Well: It doesn't.
Nobody is going to know what this doofus looking thing is supposed to be. Even a Sonic fan probably wouldn't because it has no context and big goo-goo eyes on a random hat just looks kind of stupid. The chao-pile print for the underbill is cute, but of course never seen while worn. What's worse, is this cap is 35 dollars in the Sega Shop. It just feels like an odd mixed up item that doesn't really work too well.
Underbill Hawaiian Cap Hat Now here's an underbill hat with a design that works.
This is the "Underbill Hawaiian Sonic Cap". It's a black hat with the Sega Shop Online's "Hawaii Theme" Sonic design under the bill. This has hibiscus flowers, swirls, rings, and modern 'thumbs up' Sonic. The art has been altered to give him matching sunglasses to help him look tropical for the design. (Hawaiian theme appears on several items in the shop that you can see around Gear) The front of the hat uses a (probably embroidered) larger version of the Sunglasses Sonic for the main design. Having Sonic graphics in 2 areas keeps the hat nicely themed. This appears in 2022, and is about 30 dollars.
Journeys Snap Back Blue Classic Sonic Caps Here are 2 snapback flat brim caps from Journeys stores in 2023. They're both blue, and both classic styled. The left cap is another variation on "Sonic's face is the hat", only this one uses super thick embroidery for the nose and the eye details. It adds little stuffed ears to the sides of the cap, but does not have any spikes.
The right side cap has an embroidered neoclassic thumbs up Sonic patch with logo & white border. It's brim is the Sonic 1 Special Stage looking background
with 16 bit pixel style. It is unknown if these are kids size or regular/anyone size cap hats. Both appear in winter 2023.
Gotta Go Fast Pom Pom Beanie Cap A new knit beanie-cap appears in winter 2023.
It's a slogan hat with "Gotta Go Fast" knitted into the design. The top is dark/light blue checkered, and has a yellow pompom. The cuff of the hat features an embroidered classic Sonic face patch.
It's a pretty simple hat with 3 colors, but the classic face/style of it makes it seem like it could be a vintage/actual classic item--like it fits in with that older aesthetic. (Something that's a bit easier said than done) It's a fine/normal hat for skiing or a cold winter day. It should be about 19 dollars at Amazon, but is it sold anywhere else?
Peek Embroidered Beanie Name More beanie hats?
BioWorld continues in 2023 with 2 soft cuff knit hats. The first has Sonic's name in English and Japanese as an all-over print. This one has running Sonic as an embroidery patch for the cuff. The 2nd hat is called the "Peek Embroidery" (a cute name for a cute idea) as it is a plain hat with finger waving Sonic large embroidery piece. It is half hidden by the cuff of the hat, hence the name and gimmick. Both of these should be about 20 dollars and are confirmed at Amazon.
Bio World Pixel & Green Hill Hat Caps Bio World continues with caps in 2023, with these 2 classic style hats. The first uses the 'pixel weave' embroidered classic/annoyed 16 bit style Sonic face, and the second is a bit 'subtle-Sonic' with a simple patch that has "Green Hill Zone" written on there with a silouette scene done all in green. The first cap is a flat-bill in light blue with dark blue bill. The second has a curved bill and slightly shorter sides. If you inspect the graphic of the patch, you can spot
running Sonic, gliding knuckles and flying Tails....although no one but Sonic was ever in the GHZ...they bend the rules of classic styled items to include more characters and make it more fun. These should probably be about 20 dollars per hat, and may be an Amazon item.
Reversable Bucket Hat Kids Walmart This is a kids sizes only reversable bucket hat.
Turn it one way for a classic Sonic full color embroidered round patch, and turn it inside out for an all-over characters print with Sonic Tails & Knuckles portraits all done in blue on a black background. Both sides are fun, well thought out and classic. The hat is only 9 dollars at Walmart, but it only fits little kids. It is a summer 2023 item.
Oddfellows Ice Cream Hat An unusual hat...that's a tie-in!
Here's a white baseball cap style hat with a slightly altered Sonic stock art embroidered onto the front. This hat is only found/sold at Oddfellows Ice Cream Parlor locations. It is a tie in with their special Sonic-dedicated ice cream flavor mixtures that the store is promoting. That bit of color there on the right of the hat is the Oddfellows logo. You can see the ice creams over on Sonic Foods Gear page.
The stock art is hand on hip classic Sonic, but he's altered to be holding a 4-stack ice cream cone (there's 4 flavors) and to be wearing a little red bow tie which is like the Oddfellows brand. It's a nice alteration/looks natural and the embroidery here is good.
Because the store isn't nation-wide (USA) the hat is likely to be uncommon. As a promo/tie-in it may also be limited or slightly costly.