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Sonic may be known for his iconic red shoes, but you can be known for Sonic theme shoes if you can get or wear items from this page! This is all about Sonic Shoes (NOT slippers or socks, those have separate pages here on Gear) This can include sneakers, sandalas, slides, boots or anything else for in & outdoor wear. Shoes are NOT specific for boys or girls, anyone can wear any style. There are adults & kids sizes shown here as well. If it is known where to buy the pair, it'll be in with the item's listing as usual.
Shoes are a cool collectible, thought they can often be a bit costly. Sometimes they sell out fast, or are hard to find. Being fairly large, they're good for display, but if they've been worn, care has to be taken to make sure they don't deteriorate.
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Crocs Shoes Sonic With Charms Crocs shoes gets the Sonic license?
Apparently so, with this bright red pair of the famous rubbery plastic clogs. Crocs are a contraversial thing, with some people hating the duck foot looking design and over-saturated 'fad' market nature of them,
while others tout the comfort and ease of use or durability of the shoes. Either way, Crocs put a lot of thought into this red and white pair.
Notice that the heel strap serves as the white stripe, and the pin that holds it on is a gold ring. It has a full color modern logo on it as well. There's sliding modern Sonic graphic on the interior/heel area, and the sole is indeed white to match his shoes. (Notice the copyright is under the strap)
Of course, like most Croc things they can be decorated by pushing charms into the vent holes in the top of the shoe. These charms are officially called Jibbitz but sometimes are called Crocypops or Croc Charms.
Character Faces Jibbitz Charms And there sure are plenty of them!
Crocs went all out and made TWELVE different ones to choose from. That's quite a selection, even if you can't mount all of them to the shoes at once.
You can get:
Gold ring, actual 3D transparent chaos emerald, chili dog, thumbs up glove, Sonic's shoe, figure 8 peel out Sonic, side spikes Sonic head, forward facing Sonic head, as well as Knuckles, Tails, Amy and Shadow faces.
Aside from the ring (hard chromed plastic) and the emerald (transparent plastic) all of them are that flat layered texture rubber.
The same stuff as the keychains and some lanyards/pins. It's sturdy, keeps detail well, and looks good. Whether or not you like the look of the shoe, you can't fault them at all for this as the designs are so well chosen, there's Sonic elements everywhere, and everything is quality. This is supposed to be a Summer 2023 item.
Jibbits: You can buy these separately, you don't have to mount them on shoes, you can just collect them as an item for fun.

On June 12th Journeys Stores confirm they HAVE these Crocs. They're 49.99 , but the price of the charms is unknown. Other stores are likely to follow, and will be added here as they are known.

Checker Classic Slide Sandals Walmart
Late summer 2023 sees Walmart add another Sonic shoe to the shelves, this time a classic style slide-sandal for adults and teens. This is in all typical adult/teen sizes, so it should fit anyone. They're all plastic with a totally black/white checkered foot area and single wide blue top strap. The strap has a stamped-in texture & inked classic face, and his name spelled out in red in Japanese below it. On the heel area under where the foot goes, is the full color classic logo. (So, only see it when the shoes are off)
They're a nice enough classic design, if you didn't already have something similar. They're also reasonably priced at 16.00. Photo by Taaron
Toddler Version Blue Sonic Crocs Apparently the red Crocs (above) only go to a certain size of small, so if your toddler wants Sonic shoes, they'll need this especially small size. It's different, in that the whole thing is blue instead of red, and the Sonic content is a band with logos around the edge of the whole shoe. It also has jumping modern Sonic as a flat rubber icon on one side. Its unknown if the holes are too small for the jibbitz. These are 36 dollars and available on Amazon as well as regular shoe stores.
However...several early Amazon reviews have these as being very not-sturdy, specifically that the strap breaks off rendering them useless. This seems very out of character for the usually quality Crocs brand.
Ground Up Sneakers Sonic Lace Ups In 2024, the shoe company Ground Up gets a Sonic license, and their first item is this fun pair of lace up sneakers. What's even better news? They're in adults sizes! Shoes for everyone! (Finally)
It's a traditionally shaped pair, with thick white sole, blue laces on top, and Sonic print fabric on the inside (the foot bottom area and the fabric liner) There is a 1-up container on the shoe-tongue, rings on the rubber heel part, and a modern Sonic portrait on the outer side of each shoe.
The box will have either a window in the top, or an art of the shoes/a photo. The dot on the box says "Color Me In Box", so it is covered with light blue Sonic line art scattered all over. These will be 65 dollars upon release.
GroundUp Fleece Sonic Slide Slippers
GroundUp didn't stop with just sneakers, they went on to make some slide-style slippers. These have a soft fabric upper, rubber sole, and fleecy lining inside.
The foot bottom part has a chili-dogs pattern, the modern logo & should be fuzzy. The tops each have a modern Sonic face art...but there's a sparkle drawn on it? The heel will also have his name from the modern logo on there. This will have the same coloring box as the others.
Notice that all of these photos are not, they're just art of what they want the product to look like, and nobody did any text-wrapping for the heel there.
GroundUp High Top Mismatch Snakers Shadow
Stylish high-tops!
GroundUp really does bring something new to the table on the trend of 'mis-matched' shoes. With this pair, you get 1 Sonic shoe and 1 Shadow shoe! They each lace up with white laces, and comes with a charm of the characters' face for the laces. The Sonic shoe is blue & red with white and black accents and a picture of him on one side with squares. The Shadow shoe is black and red with white accents, and has him standing on one side. Each one has their name across the heel. This pair is also 65 dollars, and is in adults sizes.