Go faster in Sonic Socks!
Yes, there are enough specifically Sonic socks to warrant entire pages of cataloging. Socks were fairly uncommon in the 90s classic era, but they have seemingly become more popular as time went on. Now, you can get little kids, regular kids and adults sizes of Sonic (and friends) themed socks. If the sock fits...wear it for Sonic style! If it is known where and what price it is, that information is usually posted along with the picture. Keep in mind that some 'kids/regular' socks will also fit some adults so be sure to investigate if you are shopping.
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Sonic Face Knee High Socks Likely to be the first Sonic themed knee sock! These knee high socks are somewhat interesting. They're all blue, with stitched in (as in, the design is a part of the actual weave of the fabric) classic forward facing Sonic heads. His spikes aren't visible, & putting the sock on a leg makes the face a bit oddly shaped. Likely to be a BioWorld item, but not confirmed. Found at Spencers in 2012 for about 5.99
Walmart Sonic Socks Multi-Pack This is a 5 Pack of Sonic themed socks you can find at Wal Mart in 2013. Unfortunately though...they only come in super small sizes. They're ankle-socks, but look at the proportions of the socks: it's only for super little kid feet, so they won't fit you. It's unfortunate too, because the price is really good at between 4.97 and 5.97 for all the pairs. Each one has a different design. There's thumbs up Sonic in a circle, pointing Shadow in a starburst shape and 3 others. The tag does not indicate the maker of the socks. You can see that the designs are stitched in (That's why they're sort of un-detailed & jaggy-edges) & it has the copyright info on the bottom of the foot. Photo by DustinLee Autry
Sonic Spikes 3D Socks Here are some fun novelty socks!
These socks are "3D Socks", because they have pop out or flap out parts. In this case, it's Sonic's spikes! They're a pair of felt flat strips that are sewn to the back of the leg-area of the sock & stand out while you wear them. The socks are all blue & have classic style forward facing Sonic faces on the fronts (to make the gimmick make sense on the back) These are for teens or adults so anyone can wear them. These designers are really thinking: they've put the design up high enough that it won't be covered by most shoes. Too many designs just go on the foot, where it is never seen. Where can you find these silly fun socks?
Journeys Kidz 3 Pack Sonic Socks This is a 3 pack of Sonic socks from Journeys Kidz. Journeys is a store usually found in malls. Mostly, it sells shoes. They will sometimes also have the occaisional Sonic tee or backpack on the wall, but (as far as anyone knows) do not have exclusives. Here, they add their first known socks. The socks are all classic style, with the designs woven right in (so it can't wear off) This results in them looking a little pixelated.
The first pair resembles the 'wacky spikes' knee-socks (seen previously) but the spike-flap is much smaller. The next pair has winking Sonic on a hot green background, the last pair is mottled gray with "Sonic" written vertically up the ankle area, and the Japanese standing stock art on the front. These come in kids AND teens/tweens sizes, which have different proportions, so be on the look-out to get the right size in 2016. These should be about 13.00
5 Pack Boys Anklet Sonic Socks This is a small socks 5-pack!
The pack of socks contains 5 different styles for boys anklet socks. They are all small though so these would only fit little kids. The first pair has running Sonic with rings, the second is gray with a gray Sonic and a phrase, but you can't tell what it says, the 3rd has thumbs-up Sonic in checkers, the 4th is a white pair with just the 'speed boost lines' shapes all over and the final pair has thumbs up Sonic with more rings. The designs are all a part of the fabric, so they can't peel off/go bad/etc. This is a Segashop item in 2018 and they're 14.95 for the whole set.
Knee High Sonic Face Spike Socks Yes...here comes another variation on Sonic socks.
This is yet another pair of 'forward facing Sonic classic face' all blue socks. This time they're knee-highs, which have been seen on before on a previous page, but now they combine the knee-high length with the wacky fetl spike add-ons that are sewn to the backs to make the socks "3D" and add an extra character element. As before, the design is actually part of the sock, made with the woven threads so it has no fear of wearing off, but it can be stretched/distorted as it's worn.
These are a Spencers' Gifts item that should be about 9.99 for a pair in the summer 2017 season. These are a fun, adult size (so, should fit any feet) pair of wacky socks if you didn't already have something super similar.
3 Pack Set Classic Style STK Socks Vandor Here's a cool classic 3 pack of Sonic socks from Vandor!
In 2018, Vandor seems to be 'stepping up' production of Sonic merchandise. This fun 3 pack set of socks is a good place to start because they are adults sizes and will fit anyone. Each pair is different: one with Sonic faces on black that has blue toe & heel accent, one that is gray with Tails faces & black toe/heel accent & another black pair with Knuckles faces & red toe/heel accents. The faces are part of the stitcing of the sock, so they won't wear off or look bad over time. Why is the Tails pair different? Why doesn't it have orange toe & heel accents? The difference doesn't really detract from it, but it just seems a bit odd. Where can you buy these socks & how much do they cost?
5 Pack Boys Ankle Socks STK SS Here's another 5 pack of boy's-sizes ankle socks.
Why it keeps doing 5 packs is a mystery, same with the answer to why they only do these in super little kiddie sizes only. (It's too bad) because the sock designs are pretty fun. You get 1 pair dedicated to Sonic, Tails & Knuckles with their name on each. The other 2 pairs are either white or black, with a group of rings only. Notice that the designs are woven into the socks themselves, so they can't ever wear off/go bad. This is 20 dollars in the Sega Shop setting them a little under 5 dollars per pair. This is a 2018 item.
Bio World Green Classic Faces Sonic Socks Is Bio World back on Sonic in 2018?
It seems so, because here comes a pair of simple socks. Not having heard a lot from them, did they only continue on with the classic license for this year? These are adults sizes Sonic themed socks. They have fairly large classic faces scattered all over. They're a normal length, & the designs are sewn in, so there's no graphics to rub off or wear out. They have a blue toe tip, heel & cuff. They are available at GameStop stores...but are they anywhere else?
You can see the BioWorld logo there on the classic type paper tag. This yellow/checker tag with neoclassic Sonic/ready/run appears on all of the Bio World classic type merchandise anyone has found during 2018 so far. Photo by Taaron
5 Pack Boys Anklet Big Faces Socks Yet another 5 pack of boys socks...
But these are pretty original looking, each in a character color & with a big face right on the top of the sock, rather than a pattern. You get Sonic, Knuckles, Super Sonic, Eggman & Tails. This is the first time Super Sonic has been on a sock! Eggman's sock is black, it's the only one that doesn't go with the character color. It's 'wacky grinning big tooth/classic' Eggman. These are fun because they are both classic & atypical...it's too bad they're only in kids sizes so they won't fit most feet. But, where could you find them & how much does it cost?
Japanese Design Sega Shop 3 Socks Pairs These are called the "Japanese Design 3 Pairs Sonic Socks"
These are a bundle on the Sega Shop in 2019, and should be about 13 dollars for the set. They are adult size socks. Each pair is black, with woven-in blue Sonic designs. The top pair has a classic Sonic face with his name spelled out in Japanese letters under it. The left pair has a blue toe & scattering of the same Sonic face. The right pair has a white toe, heel & stripes under the foot. That Sonic design is the 'side jumping' classic Sonic that was mostly seen in Japan. So, the set sort of lives up to the 'Japanese design' label.
Woven-in designs don't wear off/wear out easily, and adult sizes are always a good sign. 13 for 3 pairs isn't a super great nor super bad price. The sturdy & decent design plus ok price makes these an all right set to get.
Bio World Odd Tall Sonic Character Socks Here's a bit of a strange pair of socks...
These are by Bio World, and are a part of their "Character" sock line. As you can see, they've also got Street Fighter Ken & Horror Movie Jason on their line along with classic Sonic. These are gimmick socks, they're knee-highs with the character either compressed (Ken) or stretched out (Sonic) to fit the long rectangle shape of the sock. Sonic is suffering from a bad case of 'big body' and the arms are shown kind of growing out of his chin a bit? Also, the legs seem like they are too far apart at where the hips would be, and go strait down....all this combines to make it a very strange pose, alsong with his hands just sort of...down and fists.
The packaging has a blurb about Sonic, how he's the star of his fast moving 1990s video games, and continues to be popular today, etc. (It's noting amazing, just some extremely standard information) This is a Spencers' Gifts item and is likely 12.99 for 1 pair of odd gimmick socks in 2019.
Walmart Little Kid Socks 5 Pack Modern Want some cool modern designs on some fun ankle socks? Are you over 7 years old? Too bad! These socks aren't for you then...unless you're Cinderella with super tiny feet.
This is a 5 pack of socks that is exclusive to Walmart. It's in the boys/teens section
in a cardboard display with other packs of popular character themed socks. The problem with them is that they're "one size" and that size is only for very little kids. The socks have varying stripe patterns, but what's super is the variety of characters you get. Sonic is on a black/gray stripe, Tails on a blue/dark blue stripe, Knuckles is on blue/navy strip, Shadow is on white/black stripe...and then you even get Eggman on a thin gray.white stripe.
The socks are clamped together in the bundle is it makes them difficult to photograph, but the designs are woven in so they won't wear out. The tag is a nice modern one, is it BioWorld? This is a 2019 item
6 Pair Modern Sock Pack Walmart 2019 6 Socks! 6 Dollars!
It's a deal for your feet! And this time, most people CAN probably wear them. This 6 pack of socks is in Walmart in 2019, and everyone should take advantage of the low price & fun designs.
That's because they're in the boys/teens area, but the packs come in various sizes, from kids through LG/XL that would probably fit many adult feet too. These are no-show-anklet-socks. The designs are woven in, meaning there's nothing to wear off. Each pair has a modern character face, but you can spy some new art being used here...which is actually really unusual for socks.
Super Sonic is usually only shown mad or determined, here, he's smiling. Shadow is generally shown aggrivated, but here he's merely frowning, though look how close together his eyes are. Metal Sonic is...Metal so no expression to have. Knuckles has a less 'bully' style expression, and Tails has his mouth open as if cheering. The ears of the characters are all really far to the sides of the sock (so, it doesn't photograph super well) but that does keep with the head structure. Whoever made these was paying attention.
They don't have a package, just a tie with the paper tag you see there. It's that "Sega" copyright tag that doesn't have a maker name. It tells you what they're made of, the size, and how to wash it. With good varety, fun faces, nice design, ability to fit fans feet AND easy availability AND good pricing....the foot may be on the bottom...but these socks are tops! Collect these while you can.

Aaand they also released a 'baby version' of this sock pack. It's the same exact pack of 6 socks, but in super tiny baby sizes for toddlers & very small kids. Now, these socks can include everyone. Baby version photo by Taaron