Go faster in Sonic Socks!
Yes, there are enough specifically Sonic socks to warrant entire pages of cataloging. Socks were fairly uncommon in the 90s classic era, but they have seemingly become more popular as time went on. Now, you can get little kids, regular kids and adults sizes of Sonic (and friends) themed socks. If the sock fits...wear it for Sonic style! If it is known where and what price it is, that information is usually posted along with the picture. Keep in mind that some 'kids/regular' socks will also fit some adults so be sure to investigate if you are shopping.
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Athletic Style Crew Socks Sonic These are called the "Sonic Athletic Crew Socks".
They're crew style/length, but look at the texture on the leg part of the sock. It is thicker there/has ridges, so that is probably the athletic styling rather than a normal thin sock. These are adults sizes only (which is nice, fits anyone) They have neo classic getting ready to run 3/4 view Sonic on the top part, above a red/white/blue band. The foot part is lightly checkered in 2 similar blues, with gray heel and toe. Sonic's name is spelled out large, across the top of the foot. Notice the added red/white/blue band that occurs around the toe area, it's a nice added detail.
With plenty of Sonic elements, good all-over design and elements that show with the shoe on or off, this is a great pair of socks.
Good design is more than slapping a logo onto something. The art here is a good choice, and everything is part of the sock fabric, it's not going to wear out or rub off. Having elements on display regardless of shoe is also really good. This is quite the worth-while pair of socks. It is likely to be an Amazon 2020 winter item, but where else could they be found, and how much is it?
Gold Rings Sonic Tails Dye Sublimate Socks More sublimate socks...
You've seen the Sonic pair before, but now the company adds a solo-Tails pair as well. They're calling it "Tails Gold Rings Dye Sublimate Socks". They use the same rings background as the Sonic pair, but the rest is orange to go with modern turn-back pose Tails. The dye application method means it can't wear off, so the socks will always be bright and colorful. Both of these are adults sizes too, which is great for anyone to wear.
Knuckles Full Body Crew Socks
You've seen the Sonic full-body-design socks now you can see...
Knuckles. The Sonic socks were successful enough that now they've added classic style Knuckles to the 'crew'. These red socks have all of forward-facing Knuckles as part of the weave (so it can't wear off) Like the previous pair, his shoe toes are the sock's toe, the legs/fists are the foot part & the face/chest area is the ankle and leg part. He is borderless mostly for his head to try and give the effect 'the character is the sock'. The background for where the legs are is gray. The over-all effect is kind of cartoony/wacky but they are classified as novelty type socks so that's probably fitting.
These are on Amazon but they may also be a Spencers Gifts item. They appear in fall winter 2020.
Console Shape Gift Box Socks 3 Pack Possibly in time for Christmas 2020 (but didn't know at the time)
Comes this fun gift set of Sonic socks. They are packaged in a fun Sega Genesis shaped & printed box. All 3 pairs are crew length, and sized for adults. As is befitting of the Genesis gift box, they're all classic style. A red sock with blue toe & cuff has the classic Sonic face and ring pattern. The middle pair is all black with colored confetti & simple silouhette style heads for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. It MAY spell something out in Japanese (but what?) The last pair is light blue with dark blue toe, heel & cuff. It has a few simple geometric designs & 1 Sonic art high up on the leg part of the Sock. Does it look like the fist for this art is too big? What's going on here?
STK Classic Crew Socks Target
Classic style crew socks appear at Target starting in January 2021. These MAY be in the electronics/video games section OR in the adults socks area. They are by BioWorld. It can depend, so be sure to have a look around the store if you want them. They are crew length, adult sizes only and cost 5 dollars for the pair. This is somewhat typical of an adult size sock.
They're black with geometric scribble/line confetti type background & a blue line around the top cuff and toe area. They have a scattering of fairly large Sonic, Tails and Knuckles faces. The faces are silouhette style, with only the eye as the detail. Oddly though, there's no pupil for anyone but Sonic. The designs are a part of the sock-weave-fabric so they can't wear off. Notice there's a Japanese phrase though, in white letters...but what does it say? You can write in for credit if you can read this.
6 Pair Set Ankle Kids Socks Target More socks from Target in 2021, this time it's a 6 pack of kids ankle socks. This set should be about 7 to 8 dollars, which is a decent price because they're pretty small. You get Sonic on blue, Knuckles on Red, Tails on a horrible color of bright orange that just really doesn't work for him, Eggman on black, Shadow on Gray and Silver on white. The use of black for the shading on Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and some of Eggman makes the designs a little odd looking--it's too harsh a color and
ends up breaking up the design of the character. Look how Silver looks much more normal because he is shaded with dark gray & Shadow is fine because he is already dark gray but then Knuckles looks cut up/collaged. The designs are clearly part of the sock weave, so they won't wear off, but this also forces them to be simplified (as it is a small surface) It's an ok set with good value especially because kids wear out socks a lot.
Books A Million 3 Pair Sonic Socks
Books A Million stores are stocking up on Sonic Socks in 2021!
Here are 3 sets at once to choose from on their shelves. The first pair is a crew length classic set with 2 pairs bundled together. There's a gray pair with arms-crossed classic Sonic, and a blue pair that has scattered rings all over it. The next is is anklet length, and has 3 pairs in the set, also all classic. This has Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails all forward-facing on the foot top part of the sock. The last set at the bottom is also anklet length, and has two pairs. The top gray pair has various expressions for classic Sonic, and the white pair has scattered gold rings all over.
Notice that some of the 'expressions' ones have neoclassic art, some of which may be appearing here (on merch) for the first time? Look at the upper left one where he's what...looking down-ish but with his mouth open? There also seems to be something that might be new at the bottom left face as well.
Notice also that the bottom anklet pair doesn't use a classic paper tag, unlike the others. That happenes sometimes with the manufacturer, but usually they catch it. Photo by Taaron
Books a Million Sonic Classic Face Crew Socks
Why yes, it IS yet another-other-more pair of "Sonic's face as a sock!"
You'll see these things in their many variations over the pages of Sonic Socks here at Gear, but they're possibly perenially popular so here comes another set. This time, the little side spikes that stick out of the leg part of the sock are slightly stuffed/a little bit 3D. Usually those are just felty flaps, so this one is a bit different. It still uses the forward-facing classic stock art, and keeps the face all on the upper part of the sock. These are Crew style, so they go part way up the shin/to be sure and see the art.
For something that's fairly 'wacky' that you couldn't wear in all occaisions, or, something that can't be worn in winter because who wants random pokey points in their pants all day...they sure do seem to sell well enough to get made & remade by various companies. Photo by Taaron