Go faster in Sonic Socks!
Yes, there are enough specifically Sonic socks to warrant entire pages of cataloging. Socks were fairly uncommon in the 90s classic era, but they have seemingly become more popular as time went on. Now, you can get little kids, regular kids and adults sizes of Sonic (and friends) themed socks. If the sock fits...wear it for Sonic style! If it is known where and what price it is, that information is usually posted along with the picture. Keep in mind that some 'kids/regular' socks will also fit some adults so be sure to investigate if you are shopping.
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Kohls 5 Pack Ankle Socks In 2021, Kohls adds this exclusive 5 pack of ankle socks /no-show socks. This type hides the Sonic style till you take off your shoes. These are a kids/teens item, which usually means they'll fit 'average' feet not just kids.
The first pair is all blue with outline-less modern Sonic face, the 2nd is white and has him running past/thru rings, the third is gray with arms-crossed Sonic...and it has a word in yellow there...but what's the word? This is the real size of the photo. The fourth pair has "Step it Up" written over a blue silouette of running Sonic (Same as 2nd pair pose) & the last is black with a scattering of faces.
Bio World Character 360 Socks Did Bio World finally get another modern license?
It sure seems possible with these Sonic Socks. They're a part of the "Bio World Character 360" line of socks. (They have other franchise characters set up on socks with this same format too) In this case, it's forward-facing modern Sonic with a yellow background for the legs/shoes area. It's the usual 'borderless' type of art for the head making the head be shaped by the leg when the sock is on. However...this seems to result in him looking a bit mean here? Like the eye area seems pushed down some when worn.
These are a mid-calf crew-type sock, so you'd still see some Sonic content/design even while wearing shoes, which is nice. These are adults sizes only (good for anyone) and are probably a spencers gifts or hot topic item. It may also be at Amazon in 2022
Target Socks 4 Pack Classics Target stays focused on Sonic in 2022 with another multi pack of Crew Socks. This time, it's a classic themed 4 pack. These will usually be found around the electronics/accessories area, instead of mens/women's socks, so be sure to know where to go if you want these.
The first pair is red with gray accents & scattered rings & Sonic faces. The second is light aqua blue with 'looking out' Sonic repeated fairly large all-over, and dark blue accents. For this one, only 3 colors are used, meaning his shoes, arms, face & belly dot are now aqua. The third pair is white/dark blue checkered with middle blue accents, and it has a large Sonic face part-way up the leg of the sock. The last pair is red with blue accents and has quite large running Sonic.
These ARE adults sizes, so they should fit anyone. The pack is about 20 dollars so that's 5 dollars per pair...which is an ok price for adult socks.
Animigos Bio World 3 Pack Socks
BioWorld did indeed get a modern Sonic license back in 2022.
And, they're combining it with their new socks line called "Animigos". A combination of probably either anime or animation and 'amigo' from Spanish/friend. This line features 'all over' designs of franchise characters on crew-style adult size socks.
As you can see here, they've added the Sonic pair (from above on this page) to a 3 Pack, to create a Sonic/Tails/Knuckles socks set. They've picked some slightly odd art though...the Sonic from this angle looks somewhat less 'scowley' than he does from the above, but the Tails is certainly frowning / shown as upset. It doesn't help that the blue for his eyes is sort of lost. Knuckles is looking devious, and his shoe angle is somewhat odd? It's quite difficult to wrap any art over the shape of a foot and have it still look natural when it is this big. (The red toe tip for Knuckles doesn't help his shoe toe color either) These are ok, but they do seem like a bit of a gimmick. This set can be found on Amazon for about 25 dollars.
Animigos Shadow Socks 360 Shadow Bio World continues their Animigos 360 Socks Designs right away (after the initial three above) with a pair for Shadow, too. This pair follows the same plan as the others with the all-over character design (that's still hard to photograph looking right) on adults size crew style socks. His expression, unlike the other characters is more neutral, which is sort of unexpected for him. (On most merch he looks annoyed) Like Sonic, the background for him is yellow.
As a sold-separate (not part of a set yet) item for whatever reason, this is more costly at about 11.99 for 1 pair.
30th Anniversary & Chao Socks Here are 2 pairs of socks that are likely to be exclusive to the Sega Shop online. So, they're for adults/fits anyone, but somewhat costly. There's a chao theme pair which is an ankle fit, and has various expressions for neutral chao as an all-over pattern. The others are a crew sock, with a fun 30th Anniversary design for the leg part. It's the modern Sonic thru a ring with the "30th" logo/branding below it. The whole sock is navy blue with dark yellow for the toe, heel and cuff top. The short pair is 15, and the tall is 20...which is pretty costly for socks. Maybe they are mega quality?
Expressions 5 Socks Set No Shows Another set of 'no-sho' socks for kids and teens.
This is a set of 5, with a theme of classic character expressions. Each pair is a different color and has a scattered design of classic heads only, and 2 expressions per character. You get neutral and frightened Tails on navy blue background, normal and aggrivated Knuckles on gray-blue background, frightened and forward facing Sonic on gray background and aggrivated and...teeth...Eggman on black background. The last pair of socks has rings on a white background and no characters at all.
These are on Amazon in winter 2023, and are a bargain for 5 pairs at only about 10 dollars. They'll fit all the way up to womens' foot sizes so more people can fit into them. I guess the face expression variety is an all right idea to keep a classic style item/s fresh, but some of them don't work perfectly as the 'knitted in' design where the design is part of the fabric of the sock itself/can't have that much small detail to define it.
Classic Characters Bio World Sonic Tails Socks Here are 2 pairs of adults sizes (so, fits anyone) socks from Bio World in winter of 2023. They are called the "Classic Characters Sonic & Tails Socks". They seem about a bit less than 'crew' height, and are indeed very classic looking with sewn-in simple character designs. You get forward facing hands on hips Sonic on an aqua blue background with mid blue heel, cuff & toe areas and cheerful waving Tails on a yellow background, with red for the cuff, heel and toe area. The logo is sewn in under the foot arch part of the sock. Because the designs are big/all-over, there's no 'jagged' looking edges or distortion of the art or design. These look quite nice.
And they had better...because somehow this is 18 dollars for 2 pairs of socks? 9 dollars per pair? That's oddly expensive when there's 3 pairs for 25 or 5 pairs for 20 in some instances. (Various companies, of course)
Target Squad 3 Pack Cls Style Socks In summer 2023, Target gets another pack of Sonic Socks. These are adults sizes (fits anyone) but they are in the VIDEO GAMES section of the store, NOT the accessories or clothing section. Target starts including accessories like socks, hats, etc if it has a video game theme in with the electronics instead of where you'd expect, so be sure to shop.
This 3 pack has 1 pair that really stands out: the first black pair with "Squad Unstoppable" as the slogan. It has 3 strips of color for the leg part, with just the character eyes-section. The foot part of the sock has scattered letters S T K for who is on there. The other pairs are more ordinary- a white with all-over forward-facing Sonic and a gray with running twist neoclassic Sonic on the leg. This is in the SonicGear collection.