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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 27
This page should have 2016 through 2018 Sonic clothes.
With the 'boom ban' in place, modern selections are less common. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
12 Classic Poses Red Sears Tee This is the "12 Classic Poses" red Sonic tee.
It is seen here, at a Sears store in the boys/teens area. It lives up to the name with 12 poses...but you can also notice that quite a few of them are the Japanese poses that are from the era, but were never really used much outside of Japan. You can see 'looking out', 'running with chin up', 'balancing' and more are in that slightly different style from an early artist.
Despite being all-classic all the time, these "new to you" poses keep the shirt looking fresh while still being classic. This was probably around 8.99 or so, and likely to be from 2017 or very early 2018. Remember, Sears is closing up many stores throughout 2018, removing the ability for fans to buy tees which were exclusive to Sears.
Bio World Bro Bump Sonic Tails Tee Here comes an attempt to be trendy with this "Hash Tag Tee".
This is by Bio World (good to see them back in the game in early 2018) as you can see with their blue tag there. This red tee is only for little kids sizes, which is too bad because it uses some neo classic Tails art. They're attempting one of those Twitter hash-tags with the slogan "Bro Bump!" Where the normal running Sonic is tilted to look like he's doing a fist bump with the Tails art. It's a tad "how do you do, fellow kids" but because it's only for small children no one is likely to make fun of it from that angle. This is seen here in a Sears store, and was likely 6.99 when it was on shelves.
Old Navy Light Blue Classic Type Tee Old Navy stores are known for pretty standard looking stuff, and this classic style light blue tee is no exception. It's just a plain pale tee with a simple side-view running Sonic in a simple circle. It has the classic logo at the bottom, and some of that weathering / faux wear to the paint to make it look old before its time.
There's nothing outstanding about the tee good or bad. It's found in the boys/teens section in 2018...and is an all right one to get, if you didn't have anything just like it already. It does not have a 'maker tag' of paper anywhere, and the print tag in the collar doesn't really name a company other than the Sega copyrights.
Burlington 8 Character Spatter Sonic Tee Here are 2 Burlington Coat Factory (Or just "Burlington") Sonic tees with a 'multi character' theme. They are in adults sizes, so should fit anyone and appear in later 2018 for 6.99 or 7.99 each. Great price! Burlington 12 Character checker Tee
Priced right, fits anyone AND has lots of people's favorite characters?
You can't go wrong at Burlington with these new tees! The left tee is gray with a black spatter paint all over. It has 8 modern characters in overlap-rectangle portraits. It includes Sonic, Eggman, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Knuckles & even Big the Cat. They're all labeled with their name in white under the art.
The right side tee is blue with a black spatter all over. It has 12 characters, but this time they are full body art, applied over 3 strips of black/white checkers. It has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Big, Amy, Shadow, Metal Sonic, E-102 Gamma!, Eggman, Silver, Vector & Espio.
E-102 Gamma is VERY RARELY on ANYthing, making this a pretty special shirt to own. Why'd they pick him over Charmy (who would have completed the Chaotix) or Blaze, who usually appears? Who knows, but it's an interesting choice.
The mystery:
What company is making these shirts? The paper tags are Burlington-only. The printed collar tag just has the material/Sega copyright. It's clearly the same one doing everything Burlington has in 2018, and they're doing a good job on both thoughtful design and price. These are in the SonicGear personal collection.
Burlington Graffiti Style Sonic Face Tee More fun from Burlington in 2018! Here are 2 "Graffiti Type" tees you can find in the men's shirts area if you comb through the racks. They're by the same company as the above 2 tees. Burlington Graffiti Style Drip Sonic Tee
These tees bring cool Graffiti style to Sonic art! Someone's actually paying good attention to design here, and coming up with colorful new ideas. That's always great to see, especially with the return of Modern Sonic in 2018. The first tee is white with an all-over blue spatter paint effect. It has a large forward-facing Sonic head, with big black 'paint drip' effect coming from the bottom. Instead of his usual blue though, he's filled in with line art, colored art and character names as well as other characters, all in a big collage. The eyes, lower face & ears are all filled normally, to give it continuity.
The second tee is medium blue with light blue all-over spatter as well. It has 'peace sign' standing Sonic, with big 'paint drips' in black coming off the spikes and one hand. This one is filled in with a character collage as well. You can spot Eggman, Knuckles, gold rings, other Sonic art and Tails in here as well. Each of these should only be about 7.99, which is a great deal for adult tees! Grab these while you can in fall 2018!
Burlington Modern Checker Sonic Mens Shirt Get ready for a Burlington Bargain!
Grab this shirt for just SIX dollars! And it's MENS so it'll fit anyone. There's no excuse to buy this whether its 6 (normal) or on sale for just 5 bucks. You can't really beat this Burlington bargain for an adult size Sonic tee. This appears in fall/winter 2018, so it could be a gift as well. It's pretty simple, a white tee with black/white 'finish line' type checkering & running modern Sonic in the checker area.
There have been similar items, but for 5 dollars you really can't beat it. It's worth shifting along the racks to pick this one out. This shirt is in the SonicGear collection.
Burlington STK Trio Spatter White Tee Another Burlington Coat Factory tee, found among the very many men's shirts on their plentiful racks.
This one seems to be the last of the 'spatter company' fall 2018 designs. It's an all white tee with all-over black paint spatter effect. The design features Sonic, Tails & Knuckles all with very new modern stock art. Each of these is a fresh for 2018 pose with Sonic arms-out running, Tails flying with hands in new positions & Knuckles running forward in profile while hitting his fists together in front of him. There's a black/white checkered square behind them, and "Sonic the Hedgehog" in square/blocky font fairly large over that. The spatter effect & colorful characters with dynamic poses make this shirt seem colorful & fresh.
Notice the inset at the bottom right...that's all the documentation the tee has: Burlington's price tag & the Sega copyrights/materials in the collar back stamp. This shirt should be about 7.99 or 8.99
This shirt is fairly standard...but it has a "Sonic Generations" tag. You can see it there in black, in the collar back. However, the shirt itself isn't particularly 'Generations' themed in any way. It has 3 rectangle fades of color, each with 2 characters. Sonic & Tails, Shadow & Eggman and Knuckles & Amy. Each character has a black 'name card' above or below it. Only Eggman is cut off (design wise) he's missing his feet.
The Sort of odd/bland/matching colors for the backgrounds & cut off Eggman make the design seem a little sub-par. (Reduce him in size so he fits and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb design-wise!) The shirt is a nice bright blue...but why it was produced 'for' Generations is unknown. This is thought to be an Amazon item in 2018, if you can find it in kids/teens clothes.
Japanese Logo White Designs 6 Char Tee Here's a cool tee with an all-white design.
The shirt itself is kind of a muddy greenish brown (why?) but the white & line-art design is cool. It has Eggman & Shadow at the top, both in a lesser-used pose. Eggman has a fist up, and Shadow is pointing to one side with a thumb. There's the Japanese version Sonic logo in the middle (It spells out Sonic The Hedgehog under it in the letters) Below are Knuckles (fist out) Sonic (thumb pointing) Tails (backward pointing) and Amy (shoulder looking)
With the characters in solid white & the line work as a cut-thru to the shirt color, the design has more impact. Two simple geometric 'corners' make up the background. It's a nicely different shirt, but where is it sold? How much does it cost & what company made it? This is a 2018 item...but not a whole lot else is known, so do write in if you have details.
Green Hill Zone Adventurer Line Design Geometric Line GHZ Triangle Sonic Design These are both t-shirt designs, but they are so detailed & complicated that the whole shirt doesn't fit in there with them / has been cropped away so you get design close-ups. The shirts are just plain black anyway, with no other design element but these, printed large on the fronts. These are both Sega Shop online shirts that appear in 2018, and should be about 20 dollars each or so, in adults sizes only. The designs are both the same off-gold color, and no part is filled in, they are all linework.
The first is "Green Hill Zone Adventurer" with modern running Sonic in proflie. There's Japanese text at the top, but it involves lots of Kanji characters so you can't read it /guess it. Lots of tiny lines make up a loop, rings & 2 sunflowers from GHZ. There are also rays, stars, a hidden Emerald, and speed lines as well as shader lines on Sonic himself.
The second is more Green Hill, complete with polygonal palm trees, another loop, 2 kinds of flowers, uneven ground, rings, and cloud background. Sonic here is the jumping thumbs-up art of Modern Sonic, and above his thumb is a ring and some sparkles.
Both of these shirts are really unique and just packed with detail. No previous shirt uses any sort of similar design, so if you're looking for something very fresh, either design is a good pick.
Rings in Sonic Target JP Letter Tee Target gets a new Sonic tee in 2019.
Your monitor does not decieve you in this case, it is actually a light/vague pinkish color (for some reason) It uses the very old/classic Japanese running/profile Sonic art for its design. This is the version where he has no eye-shine dot (as most of the black part is hidden) but it makes it look kind of flat. They have decided to pattern Sonic with various sizes of shaded gold rings everywhere he is blue.
It's a bit of an odd design element, but it hasn't been done on anything else before really. At the bottom you can see his name spelled out in a simple black letter Japanese font. They really seem to be looking for 'the Japanese effect' by using the lettering and also choosing a very old / distinguishable art. It's a little unusual for the boys section at somewhere as mainstream as Target, though. Photo & owned by Marcel Ramji
Tails & Mania 6 Tee Selection The Sega Shop adds 6 more tees in 2018, and most of them are dedicated to just Tails, which is really nice to see. The first 2 are just variants (and very similar to prior releases) it's a black & dark blue version of the original Mania team with geometric shapes & the logo.
The third tee is a 25th Anniversary celebration tee featuring only Tails in the winged ring, with 25th logo & his name replacing the Sonic logo at the bottom. The gray tee has a 16-bit pixel Tails as his 'in flight' sprite...and the next tee is the same, just black. The final one has a simple orange/white
Tails face on the upper right chest area. (Usually stuff like this appears on the left....) It's the 'silouhette' type art where just the eyes are white/no other detail. All of these are about 16 dollars each in the Sega Shop in 2018.