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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 30
This page should have 2018 through 2019 Sonic clothes.
With the 'Boom Ban' gone, the USA can branch out into modern style Sonic stuff again. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Sonic Mania Plus 6 Tees
6 more tees from the Sega Shop & they're for Mania Plus.
Sonic Mania was a real success, so Mania Plus added even more fun with Mighty the Armadillo & Ray the flying squirrel. The Sega Shop added tees to celebrate the game. The first & second shirts are variants. The first is white, the second a dark royal blue. They have the character art (fully shaded) for Mighty, Ray, Sonic, Knuckles & Tails, all kind of overlapping for a colorful design. The next 2 shirts are also variants; one royal blue and the other black. This has the Mania Plus 'box art' (game never had a box, it was a digital download) with the added characters & a geometric background.
The middle tee is Knuckles themed. It has classic Knuckles' forward-facing neoclassic face & his chest crescent shape stripe...but that's it. No outline for the body or anything else. This is an unusual choice of something to do for a tee, but it doesn't look terrible. The last shirt is all white, with tiny Sonic, Tails & Knuckles classic solid color faces all in rows, all over it. It almost falls in the 'secret-Sonic category because it's not apparent what they are at first glance. Each of these is about 26 dollars, and is a late 2018 - 2019 item in the SegaShop.
All Chao Hero Dark Black Tee Wow! A Chao!
This is a SOLO chao tee, featuring 4 little friends from the garden. This is a Sega Shop tee, and they say it is for Team Sonic Racing...but really it could be from anything with chao in it or if you are just a fan. It's certainly cute enough. It has pink 'zooming' stars for the background and features a neutral chao, a dark chao, a hero chao & last is Omochao the robot. They're cute and colorful, and each one has a different expression & a different pose.
It's good to see chao get into the spotlight with some nice stock art that looks good and dynamic. Hopefully this means more items can have a chao or two on them in the future because they do have plenty of fans. This is a spring 2019 item, releasing along with TSR, and is 35 dollars in adults sizes only.
Uprising Sonic Forces & Eggman Empire Tees These 6 tees are all basically variants of 2 designs. They either have the Sonic Forces Uprising logo with the stars in a shield shape, or the Eggman Empire logo which is in the circle with the 'globe' taken over in the middle. The logos are your choice of big in the center of the tee, or smaller only on one side of the upper chest. No matter the tee color (red, black, or gray) the logos are always printed in red. These are all Sega Shop online items in 2018 and are 25 dollars each in adults sizes only.
Because the tees are pretty small in the pictures above, this is a close up of the logos so you can get a better look at them and read them. The Sonic one has "The Uprising Sonic Forces" with sheild, leaf, and star theme. They may count as 'subtle-Sonic' if they're small and only on one side of the chest area because neither features a character, just words and a logo. Logo Upsrising Close Ups
Looming Eggman Bio World Tee Bio World keeps making unique looking tees in 2019.
Here is their "Looming Eggman" tee. It's an all black tee with a CG design of green hill, large in the center. It is stamped out & through to create the designs & words. First, there's Sonic's name spelled out in Japanese (the checkered ground part) then, the main circle stamp has a line-art Eggman where he is 'looming' over the design. The Sonic is a fun choice too, it's the seldom used 'sarcastic-shrugging' pose. The white parts of his detail are filled in with blue so he doesn't dissappear into the colorful GHZ scene behind him.
This design clearly took some working up to be able to create, and there's no other tee that looks like it at all. It's a unique one! It is on Amazon for 21 dollars in adults sizes, but is it anywhere else?
Character Rings Classic Style Baby Tee A tiny tee for babies...
This gray shirt only comes in baby and toddler sizes. You can tell it's for little kids because of it's different proportions. (The torso area is shorter) It has a colorful and fun design, though. There's a big central classic Sonic face & large classic logo. But around him are large & small rings. In the bigger rings are classic characters with neoclassic art. You can see cheerful waving Tails, 'fists up' Knuckles, hand-up Metal Sonic, clench-fist Eggman & peace-sign Amy Rose. Metal Sonic isn't often featured on classic style stuff, so he's extra fun to see here, as is classic Eggman with his wacky mustache. It's a nice shirt for toddlers to get to know cool characters in 2019.
91 Blue Modern 5 Character Tee This blue tee has a bit of an odd mix.
It uses 5 modern character styles, but has the number "91" quite large in the background. 1991, of course the year Sonic got started...but usually when merchandise brings it up, it uses only Sonic himself, or, classic characters only. It doesn't look bad or anything, it's just an unusual thing to do.
Eggman is large in the background, Tails holding a tail, Sonic thumbs up, Shadow 3 point landing, and fist-out Knuckles are in the front, standing on....a blue line. But look...they didn't align the characters' feet quite right either, Knuckles' shoe-bottoms are below the line, Shadow has his fingers below it too, but Sonic & Tails are fairly right on it. It's a colorful tee with a nice selection of characters, just it's presentation is a little bit strange. This is on Amazon (probably) in summer 2019
Angle Lines Black White Sonic Mens Tee
This is an adults sizes only modern tee.
It has an interesting modern-style look, in all black and white. Sonic is on a rectangle of angled lines with the 'jumping twist' stock art pose. It has his name in pixel type font at the top, and then at the bottom it spells it out in Japanese in a regular block font with some small arrowheads.
The lines make it a little bit busy with the pixel font, but the over-all look is new and fresh. You can tell it's pretty big too, because of how long the torso portion of the shirt is. It's branded with that 'Sonic' only logo stamp thing in the back of the collar. This should be an Amazon item in summer 2019
Propaganda Style Adults Sonic Tee Shirt This is called the "Propaganda Style Sonic Tee".
It's a black tee in adults sizes only in 2019. It's probably an Amazon only item. The design is meant to look like a big poster that would have been plastered on outdoor walls, so it is rectangular. It has neoclassic ready for action Sonic on a background of yellow & red rays with black 'lightening bolt' type shapes toward the top. His name is spelled out in a blocky font at the top.
The 'propaganda' refers to they style of the background. A busy, bright background of lines was often used to attract people to look at a message ("made you look" type) on a poster, legally pasted up or not.
The neoclassic art with its action oriented pose & unusual background make this a good addition to shirts of 2019.
Old Navy Adults Mens Red Sonic Tee This is a tee that's an Old Navy store exclusive in spring/summer 2019.
It's reddish orange, and is in adults/mens' sizes only, so it should fit everyone. It's kind of an odd combination though, because it uses Modern Sonic, but then mixes him with a very 1970s style thick font & text layout. (The 'the' is sideways as was the fad at the time) They also use the (over-used) faux-wear or 'weathering' to scrape away part of the design to make the shirt look old and used, as if it too, could be from the 70s.
This overly-old-style styling is generally only done with classic Sonic because he fits in a little more with the era and they're trying to promote 90s nostalgia with him. However, the mix of new vs old is unusual and interesting to look at. Photo & owned by Katie
Team Sonic Racing Personalized Jerseys For Team Sonic Racing, the Sega Shop is offering something all-new: Personalization on an official item! How unusual...but is that a good thing? Either way, you can choose from a jersey of each of the 4 teams in the game.
Each has the team's colors, plus accent color for the edges & sleeves, plus a 'checkered flag' fade for the bottom. The shirts are not made of regular cotton/tee material, they're probably a lycra blend of some type. The back of the shirts in the photos display "Racer Name", so you could put your name, or, for value later, add a character's name instead like having "Shadow" on the Dark Speed one, or "Amy Rose".
It's a neat enough concept, but the combination of personalization and a more exotic fabric makes the shirts fairly costly at about 40 dollars each.
*Why might it not be a good thing?
Because bootleggers LOVE personalization. They use it as a huge tool to fool parents/grandparents into buying items with stolen art all over them. Some people love personalization, and will buy fake stuff just to have their name printed on it, as well. So: personalization was usually a very good indicator of fake stuff, because no official company bothered to offer it. (With the exception of a few party goods and possibly 1 mail offer exclusive) It's costly to do, and can be difficult, it also takes more time for a company to make money doing it. There's nothing inherently wrong with personalized stuff, but it just means to be double-sure to check for authenticity.
More tees from 2018 in the Sega Shop. Here they have another set of tees where each one is 25 dollars, in adults sizes. They are all also classic style.
The first 2 are variants of each other, one on a dark gray, the other black. The "gold line art" is in reference to the geometric, detailed GHZ traingle seen in better detail (up close, etc) on other pages of Gear.
The third shirt is "Gold Crest" which is more of the very detailed almost Art Deco geometric type design that seems to be exclusive to the Sega Shop & only appeared in 2018.
The next two shirts are variants of each other, one in light gray, the other in dark. They have 'figure-8-peel-out' Sonic which was introduced in Sonic CD & the rhyme slogan "Born To Run Since '91". The last shirt is called 'navy', but it must be quite a dark one because it looks almost identical to the black shirt's tone above it. It's the most colorful, with 16 Bit pixel style flying Tails & running Sonic. They're on a floating bit of land from GHZ, & have a giant pixel ring with clouds as the background. This lot really shows their variety, with the use of neo-classic stylish art for the top 3, classic for the next two & a good use of 16 Bit for the last.
TSR 2 Teams 2 Tees Red & Blue 2 Teams, 2 Tees!
Team Sonic Racing is still ruling at the Sega Shop in summer 2019. Now, they have 2 tees so you can choose Team Sonic or Team Dark. The Sonic one is blue, & features full color art for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. Look at the Knuckles though, it seems to be a new pose for him, where he's faced partially away. They're all behind the winged logo for the game. The edges have lightening bolt shapes in white. This shirt
has a "01" at the bottom for some reason. (Why only it? Why not the other one? Why a number at all?) The red shirt is all about Team Dark, with Shadow as the star sort of pointing in the middle, over his dark logo. Rouge the Bat may also be in a new pose to the left while E-Omega is on the right. They're uncommon to see on merchandise or tees, so it's great that Team Dark gives them a chance in the spotlight. This tee also has the white lightening bolts in the background.