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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 31
This page should have 2018 through 2019 Sonic clothes.
With the 'Boom Ban' gone, the USA can branch out into modern style Sonic stuff again. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Drippy Sonic Face Collage Japan Logo Tee This tee is likely by the same company that released a whole batch of designs into Burlington Coat Factory stores early in 2019. It's just too bad it doesn't mark the clothes with any sort of brand...
This all black tee uses the color modern Japanese Sonic logo at the top (with name spelled out below) The design is a very large forward-facing modern Sonic face (smirk version) but with 'paint drips' added for a graffiti style look, especially at the bottom. The head has a texture/color look because it is filled in (anywhere he would be blue) with lots of tiny character art of Sonic/Tails/Knuckles and Eggman.
Because this is so nice and different looking by blending many elements it really brings something new to the table for tees. A good shirt to collect...but where can you find it? It looks like it may be an adult size item too.
Ring Japan Art Sonic Tails Tee A cool classic style tee with the best duo!
This all black tee has a really large design for the front. It's Sonic & Tails in front of a large, shaded gold ring. The classic logo is very large at the bottom, in full color as well.
The thing to note here, is that it uses only Japanese classic art. It has profile jumping Sonic & hopping/cheering Tails. Their classic Tails was always really cute & fun to see and the Sonic generally had good action and cleaner lines. A tee featuring this cool classic art is very nice because it usually doesn't get featured so large/well like this, so it's a good shirt for variety in style. This is a 2019 summer item, but where is it sold?
Sonic & Tails Sega Shop 3 Shirts Sega Shop selections brings you these 3 tees with a Tails theme.
The first 2 are variants of each other, one 'navy' the other gray with the same design. (Note that the navy is so dark it's nearly black) The design here is classic Sonic & Tails standing back to back. The Sonic is likely neo-classic, while the Tails seems more likely to be an older Japanese version of the art. Even if it is mix n match it still looks nice
because both are on model and nicely classic. They're done with blue outline (even Tails) and a bit of a 'drippy graffiti' effect on the blue/orange stars that surround them, and along some edges/the feet. It says "Sonic & Tails" at the top in a slightly graffiti inspired font.
The last shirt is a solo-Tails tee (still uncommon) with Sonic Adventure era art of Tails holding one of his tails. This shirt has been made before (so this is a variant) but that one was black. All of these are about 26 dollars each, in adult sizes and are Sega Shop exclusives.
Gray Spatter Sonic Tails Knuckles Tee A slightly confusing shirt.
This tee is a tad confusing for a few reasons. First off, it highly resembles another, previously released shirt. (Same characters, but more spatter/different positions) Next, what's the perspective doing here? Sonic is shown running/modern & very large in the center...and the Tails is clearly meant to be flying in overhead/behind, but what's Knuckles up to? They've got him in the kind of 'jumping' fists pose but he's positioned directly under Sonic's raised shoe. There is no background nor ground-line. So it just seems like 'characters & a logo are scattered here'. The shirt is gray, with all-over black paint spatter. You can see it has a black tag, but this is the as large a photo as was provided. Where was this sold?
Old Navy JP Art Lean Stars Stripes Sonic This is an Old Navy Exclusive Tee for summer/fall 2019.
This is in the boys/teens character tees section. It's an all-white tee that features the Japanese 'wall-leaning' classic Sonic. He's over a background of red and blue stripes with his name spelled out in the center. There are rows of red and blue stars outside of the stripes. He uses only 3 colors, red, blue, and black, leaving everything else white.
The shirt seems almost patriotic/America in its theme/color that they have chosen. However, that's to be expected from this store since that's kind of "Old Navy Style". You can see their logo & the copyright up there in the collar stamp. The lesser-used classic Japanese art makes this shirt more interesting to see / feel fresh with its added background.
Odd Collage Old Navy Mix Up Tee This Old Navy Tee is just....Odd.
It's a mix n mash up sort of...what, attempt at a collage? But the over-all result is just character confusion that doesn't look very good. The all blue tee has a series of horizontal, checkered rectangles in the middle. Each rectangle has just a portion of a modern character, and their matching colors as the checkers. So the top one has Shadow's ears & spike, the 2nd has Sonic's face & spike, the third has Knuckles' fist & body & the last has Tails' legs & feet. They all over-lap each other as if trying to make 1 mashed up character...but everyone clashes so poorly that the design doesn't make sense visually. With the fists cutting off, tails that go no-where, part of the chin just doesn't feel like a successful design. It should be about 12.00 in Old Navy boys/teens area in 2019.
Gold Rings Classic Style Shaded Shirt This shirt is new for Fall 2019.
It's an Amazon item, in adults sizes only. It's classic style, but brings something fairly new to the table which is neo-classic running Sonic art that's...super-duper shaded. The whole thing looks almost airbrush levels of shading. He's surrounded by a circle of rings which are also shaded & at different angles such that they do look very golden in color. The classic logo is also in full color in front of him.
For some reason this is rather expensive at 29.99 when you can find it. Why is it more costly than other shirts? It seems pretty normal in fabric/design/scale. It's a nice tee that manages to blend classic without getting boring or looking like a repeat item.
Old Navy 8 Character Portrait Tee 2019
Here's a much better tee from Old Navy in 2019.
This all blue tee is in the kids/teens area, and features 8 character portraits, arranged around a large "Sonic the Hedgehog" label in big white font. You can see Sonic, Eggman, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Knuckles & Big the cat. Each one is full color, modern, and mostly in a rectangle.
To add interest, some parts of each character are allowed to overlap the boundary of the rectangle and out onto the shirt. This creates a fun 'comic-booky' effect and makes it look more full of action.
This is a nice tee for Egg-fans, or Metal Sonic as well, since they don't get to appear on merchandise as much as others. This IS an Old Navy exclusive, and it's their own brand in the collar tag.
Game Icons Bio World Tee This is called the "Game Icons Sonic Tee".
It's a Bio World item appearing in Winter 2019. Does it seem familiar? It might...because this sort of thing has been done before on notebooks as well as shirts. What's a little odd is that it doesn't seem to actually use any real icons from a game. It has a Sonic face, a silouhette in a diamond shape, 1 ring, some squares, a lightening bolt?, a logo, and an "S" on a shield. These are all scattered around modern jumping-twist Sonic on a cobalt blue tee.
What's odd is that the games are actually full of real icons they could have used like 'speed arrows', extra life icon, Chao things, Eggman's stuff...the list goes on. It's an all right tee, if you didn't have anything like it already. This is likely to be an Amazon item.
This tee was made to celebrate the short animation "Chao in Space", that Sega did. As you'll know "Chao in Space" is the 'movie' that you always saw as a movie poster decoration around various levels/various games when they wanted a billboard or other 'advertising space' as part of the level.
Well, Sega decided it was going to actually 'make' it, and you can find/watch it on their Youtube. However, it turns out that it is all a dream by a neutral chao. This tee, in the Sega Shop at the end of 2019, is about 24 dollars and was produced to help hype the short.
It's a plain gray tee with black/line art only of Sonic sitting under a palm tree with coconuts, and the neutral chao that dreams up the story is sleeping next to him. Sitting/relaxing Sonic isn't all that common, so it's an ok and different shirt, even if it's not all that dynamic.
Ring Collector's Club Black Tee Shirt This is the "Ring Collector's Club Tee".
It appears in the Sega Shop in 2019, and is about 24 dollars in adults sizes only. This all black tee only uses 2 colors for the deign, bright blue and darkish pink. It has modern 'ready for action' Sonic, but he has unusual shading to make it look more dramatic. The slogan appears small at the bottom along with some checkers and '1991'. The year Sonic started usually isn't used when Modern Sonic appears.
The look of the design is almost 1980s style with the use of color/geometric shapes and shading...however this makes it unusual enough that it succeedes at being quite different and pretty stylish.
Forever 21 Tie Dye Tee Here's a fun, classic style Tie Dye Tee.
What's unique about it is that it's from 2019, and specifically for girls. Tees can generally be 'anyone' item if it's the right size, but sometimes you'll find one with a 'girls cut' to the fabric (goes in at waist a bit, generally has less material for the sleeves or has a longer torso area) though those differences don't matter much. This one was sold in Forever 21 stores, specifically as a 'ladies' item. It is in adults sizes, and was about 20 dollars. It has a fun pastel tie dye swirl pattern for the whole shirt. There's neoclassic art for Sonic jumping twist, flying Knuckles, and flying up Tails. The classic logo is large, at the top.
This is nice & different, conveying 'retro' without being most shirts don't usually have an all-over background design like this one. Photo & owned by:
Sonic Swim Top Target Boys 2020 A cool pair ready for fun in the sun!
This is a 'sold seperately' type thing, but they do match & are made to go together by the same company. It's a "Boys Swim" set...and the shirt brings something new:
It is special fabric (or specially woven) to block out the sun as a 'sun screening tee' so you can have more fun in the sun. It is made of a sort of lycra-feeling stretchy but very smooth cloth. It has blue collar, red sleeves & navy front. The Sonic is CG in a 'caution' triangle with red lightening bolts & his name above. This is likely a dye-sublimated tee so it can't peel/go wrong.
Sonic Swim Trunks Target Boys
The shorts are red on top, with jagged blue/navy lines going horizontally starting midway down. There's CG determined/ready Sonic on one leg (big good graphic) and the full color modern logo on the other leg. It has an elastic/draw-string combo for the waist. Each item should be about 12 dollars in 2020. (This SHOULD be a Spring item, but apparently it slipped out early so you can start asking about it at your Target store)
This is nice to see: something that's finally 'not another tee', but rather water-stuff with nice attention to design & good Sonic content. It's too bad it's not in larger sizes or for adults though...XL may fit a smaller teen so do check the section if they seem interesting.
Hologram Style Old Navy Sonic Shirt
Want a shirt with a hologram effect on it?
Then get to Old Navy stores in spring 2020! (If it is safe to do This classic style blue tee has a plastic patch sewn on in the shape of Sonic's head. It has a 'tie dye' style of blue/white streaky spiral lines and claims to be 'holo' but it kind of isn't? It's more of a lenticular type effect where the lines appear to move as you angle the shirt differently. The big red sticker says "Hologram Effect". It has the classic logo in color at the bottom. It's a kids size tee, but the XL may fit teens too, so test it out if interested because it's pretty unique.
Notice the paper tag. Usually Old Navy just kind of seems to make their own Sonic exclusives, but this is different, it's by "HIS" a new company on the Sonic scene. There is also the classic logo in the back collar area. An interesting tee, likely to be 18.00 though unless it's on sale.
Checker Pocket Tee Sonic Tails 2020 A tee with a fun new idea for 2020...
But where is it sold? This mottled gray tee brings a new idea to the table: fun pocket design. The shirt's single pocket has a black/white checker race flag all-over theme, with full color modern logo in the middle. Then, stamped as if they are inside the pocket, are Sonic & Tails. Sonic is shown in front of him, and, is that a new stock art? It could be a new one for 2020, where he is faced foward. (Pocket obscures the rest of what he's doing) the Tails looks like the normal 'hand out gesture' to the side Tails, but it fits in nicely here.
Do write in for credit if you know where this can be found.