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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 32
This page should have 2019 through 2020 Sonic clothes.
With the 'Boom Ban' gone, the USA can branch out into modern style Sonic stuff again. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
All Blue Sonic Target Tee 2020 A new tee from Target in Summer 2020!
Ready for summer with a new short sleeve tee, this one appears on shelves around June. It's quite a deep royal blue color, & features modern Sonic from about the waist up. (Maybe this is jumping/twist stock art but hard to tell) He's not colored/inked anywhere he is blue, as he uses the color of the tee to fill that in. He's in a black ring/circle shape that goes to the
"Sonic the Hedgehog" words which are spelled out in a thick black font, but it is not the logo font. The paper tag is just Target's, telling you the shirt is normally 8.99. The collar stamped tag just has the Sonic logo. Interestingly, this one is made in Haiti. This is in the kids/teens section, so as usual the L and XL could fit some adults so you can look for this one if you like. This is in the SonicGear collection.
Checker Circle Face Sonic Shirt 2020 This is the "Checker Circle" tee.
It's new for 2020/summer season. The all black tee has a yellow/black checkered circle in the middle, with the standard classic style Sonic face in full color. A font similar to the logo's font spells out his name curved below in blue.
It's a simple design, but with the bright checkering & classic face it just has a very....classic feel / if they were going for a nostalgic type of tee it does succeede. This may be an Amazon item.
Digitize Mens Sonic Tee Bio World Bio World is back to shirts in summer of 2020 with this new black tee.
Interestingly, this is mens' sizes only (so it will fit anyone), and appears on Amazon (and probably elsewhere). It's called "Digitize Tee", and features classic Sonic hands on hips standing. The background is a grid pattern, but the Sonic graphic is 'digital effects applied' over where he is at the edge of the grid. (So it looks blurry here in the photo where the image effects are going on--to make him look 'digitized') It spells out his name in Japanese letters vertically down the right side. It's an interesting take on classic art.
Kanji Gray Mens Sonic Tee This is called "Kanji Sonic Men's Tee".
But, it would be more helpful if the title was actually telling you what the letters there say before you wore them around. It could be nonsense? This is an off white/pale gray tee with only shades of blue ink. It uses a lesser-used Japanese 'finger waving' classic Sonic, but one where his mouth is open as if he were scolding or maybe talking? The expression is kind of ambiguous here as to if he is annoyed. It spells out "Sonic" at the top, but a big blue bar down the left has likely several words in it, plus letters too. (Example: the last letter there is Mi--but the top 2 items are likely to be whole words) What does this say? You can write in for credit.
This is in adults sizes only, and is at Amazon in summer 2020.
Toddler Size Blue STK Tee It goes from big tees above, to small here with a Toddler Tee.
This all blue shirt is in baby and toddler sizes only, so it will hardly fit anyone. Which is kind of too bad, because it's cute and colorful. You've got modern jumping-twist Sonic large in the front, standing Knuckles in the back & Tails up high. There's a bit of Green Hill background (but from a more modern game, maybe Generations) & the modern logo at the bottom. Sonic is made to look 'popping out of' the graphic as his foot crosses over the logo obscuring the N.
Freeze Classic Style Black Sonic Tails Tee This is called the "Freeze Classic Black Tee".
It's a teens tee (so, fits most) for summer 2020. It's all black, but the design for the front is huge, going all the way to either edge with bright colors. (Tee seems not appropriately named but...) There's neoclassic jump/away Sonic, and neoclassic flying Tails in the upper/background. They're over a brightly colored Green Hill zone scene. Sonic's name is spelled out vertically in big blue & yellow Japanese letters down the right side. With big yellow borders & yellow checkers across the bottom, this is a bright and colorful shirt. The neoclassic art keeps it feeling fresh and different as well. A good design to collect for sure.
Classic Blue Shadowed Tee This is called the "Shadowed Classic Tee".
Unlike above, this one is appropriately named. It has classic arms-cross Sonic in full color, with a shadow of him behind in black. It spells his name vertically up the left side. Because the blue of the tee is used to color Sonic himself, the black shadow behind & name to the side give it a bit of a depth-effect that's pretty neat. The fabric tag in the collar just has the classic logo on it. The design is huge, going all the way from the collar to both sleeves & the bottom. The size gives it a fresher look & more impact. This is a summer 2020 item.
Made in the 90s Slogan Classic Style Tee
Here's a slogan tee for summer 2020 with some...maybe? Neoclassic art work? The slogan is "Made in the 90's", which is true for Sonic, but because this is a kids wouldn't be true for whoever was wearing it so...oh well. The tee is a dark blue, and the design does use 'weathering' or 'faux wear' on the edges of the design to try and make it look old/worn / perhaps if it was from the actual 90s.
Is the classic style Sonic art old or new? The arm position seems neoclassic, as do the buckles on the shoe (USA Sega art of him always removed the buckles for whatever dumb reason--so he wouldn't have them if it was actual-old art) but the head/neck proportion seems a little odd like how some actual-old art had it. With blue, hot green, and red, the design comes off a bit garish...but who made this shirt?
Old Navy Mannequin Old Navy Shirts Display Let's take a look around an Old Navy store in summer 2020!
As you can see, Old Navy is really stepping in where the loss of other stores made Sonic spaces to take a hit. They've got their sights set on classic style Sonic, and so can you, if you shop there in this season. Here, you can see a kids mannequin wearing the 'lenticular tee', and a shirts display with 2 other Sonic tees available for you. (The location of the display will vary, but it is always there)
Old Navy items tend to be exclusive to themselves. You may have to watch for sales, or get coupons though, because the lenticular ones will be at least 20 dollars each. They have men's sizes AS WELL AS adults socks with Sonic--so scour the whole store if you're in the mood for something new to buy. It's really great to see a big store like this spotlighting Sonic with multiple items to choose from, as well as displays to see & things in many sizes. It's been a while since that's happened anywhere--and with stores like Kohls closing, Sears being gone, and KMart shut down, Sonic outlets have been lesser lately. Hopefully Old Navy leads the trend of bringing him back a bit better.
Old Navy Mens' Japanese Letters Tee This is a men's/adult sizes only tee at Old Navy.
It's pretty cool! It uses the very good classic Japanese 3 point stance for Sonic & a cute neoclassic twirling Tails, who is in a fun circle in the corner. The tee is Sonic's blue color, so the only color of ink used here is white. Interestingly, they chose to fill his sock & shoe in with white as well--which looks fine, but is generally not chosen by designers for whatever reason. It spells out "Sonic" at the top in Japanese letters, but then look at all the words down the edge, and under the design. The denser characters (more lines) are whole words in Kanji...but what do they say? You can write in for credit if you know.
Played In The USA Lenticular Tee
This is the "Played In The USA" Old Navy kids short sleeve shirt.
The big paper sticker there says "Hologram Tee", but it is NOT Holo! Hologram items are truly 3D, or are always rainbow/shimmering somehow. The real word for what this is, is "Lenticular". It's essentially 2 layers of textured plastic that when the lines line up, they show different designs/so moving around makes it seem to shift from one to the other.
In this case, it's neoclassic jumping/hopping Sonic as a line art, but he's filled in with blue/red/white checkers & his name OR the regular art for him, depending on the angle you see it at. It's a fun effect.
The slogan here is "Played In The USA", which is fine, but then why put him on top of the Flag of the Netherlands? It's probably just meant to be 'oh its stripes' but, its Netherlands. This is 20 dollars, in kids sizes only, in summer 2020.
Web of Lines Kohls Tee Thumbs Up Here is a Kohls exclusive tee.
It's a dark navy blue, with Modern Sonic. But, he's made out of kind of...webs of lines? The line art border is there, but the color is filled in by radiating lines that come out of many different center points/kind of criss cross around a little bit. He's full color too, but the interior line kind of 'webs' make him a little bit abstract. He's in the newer thumbs up/kind of jump pose. You can see the printed logo label a little bit in the back. This is in the boys/teens section (so, could fit most) in 2020/summer season.
In 2020 Kohls in general/stores on a bit of shaky retail-ground as to whether they'll stay open due to the virus. If yours is still open, do go because it has at least 7 Sonic items in 2020. (All items can be found here on Gear)
Spray Paint Trio Tee This is called the "Spray Paint Trio Tee".
It's a classic style tee with a great new look! The line art borders for Knuckles, Sonic, & Tails are done with thick 'spray paint' effect that has spatters and drips. The paint colors are character coordinated. Knuckles is in his classic standing, Sonic is in the Japanese 3-point/pose, & Tails is neoclassic, running forward but looking back. They DO have eye/interior details, just the line work for them is thin & harder to see on this smaller image. With the black interiors & colorful spray effect, this tee is able to give the classic art a fresh and lively look for your shirt collection. Very nice!
This could be an Amazon tee in 2020, but is it / or, where else could it be?
Ring Pocket Sonic 2020 Shirt Something fun, cute, and new!
This tee uses a new style (it has a pocket) & a cute new gimmick, which is to print a ring onto the pocket. Most modern tees (of any sort, Sonic or not) are free of pockets (why?), but a pocket can be a design opporunity or a way to stand out, even if the pocket is not very useful. This tee is 2-tone, with a darker blue for the top to the armpit area, and a brighter blue for the lower portion. The pocket is gray so that it will stand out. Knuckles, Sonic & Tails, all modern, are in full color/large at the bottom. They also chose less-common poses with looking-back Knuckles, fists out Sonic, and peace-sign Tails. "Sonic the Hedgehog" is written in big block outline font at the top, but the pocket goes over part of the words. This all adds up to be an interesting & unique looking shirt. But where is it sold?