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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 33
This page should have 2019 through 2020 Sonic clothes.
With the 'Boom Ban' gone, the USA can branch out into modern style Sonic stuff again. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Jumping Beans Little Kids Classic Tee Here is a tee by the brand Jumping Beans.
This brand is pretty well known, but only makes little kids size clothing. It's interesting to see them choosing Sonic to add to their design selections in 2020.
The tee is all just-about-Sonic colored blue. It has neoclassic jumping Sonic set up where it looks like he is jumping out of a checkered circle that is the background. It spells out "Sonic the Hedgehog" in a fot that's pretty similar to the logo around the design. It's cute, simple, and a fun design for little kids. This is likely a Kohls item, but should also be found elsewhere Jumping Beans clothes are sold.
Graffiti Tag Face Sonic Tee Blue Sega Shop In the fall season of 2020 the Sega Shop online added a selection of "Graffiti Sonic" items.
This tee is a part of that, and it's called the "Sonic Graffiti Tag Face Tee". It's an all blue tee with a Graffiti Font in yellow to spell out his name at the top. It uses forward-facing modern Sonic, just the face for the art. However, he's interior-stamped with slogans & designs. You can read Emerald Club, Sonic Speed, and see a thumbs-up graphic too. The background has some arrows and black paint 'drips' to carry along the Graffiti style. It is a fun design, if you like the style. It should be about 25 dollars and only available in adult sizes online in the SegaShop
Sonic Ring Royal Blue Tee Sega Shop This is a classic style tee from the Sega Shop online in fall/winter 2020.
It's a darker royal blue color & uses the classic full color logo at the top. The art is neo-classic Sonic with a ring above his hand and hand on hip. He's shown in the usual stars-ring where he's 'through' it as part of the background.
It's a simple design, but done nice and large on the shirt. The neoclassic art is good, and the simple layout helps it to look/feel actually classic and fit in with the style. It should be about 25 dollars and only available in adult sizes online in the SegaShop
Peace Sign Sonic Graffiti Tee This dark gray tee falls into the category of "Subtly Sonic"
The whole thing is plain dark gray, except for the left front of the chest area that has this peace sign glove on it. Inside the glove where it would be white, is the tiny, busy art of characters/slogans/stickers and icons. There are black paint spatter and drip effects around the edges of a the glove as if it were 'splatt-ed' onto the shirt.
It is a part of Sega Shop's "Graffiti Inspired Selections" for fall 2020, and is about 25 dollars in adult sizes only. It's Subtle-Sonic because you'd have to know who's glove that is, to want to get quite close enough to inspect it and see all the tiny Sonic art in there. It's an interesting take on designs.
Art Guide Old Navy Sonic Black Shirt This shirt is an Old Navy stores exclusive in fall season 2020.
It's in the boys/teens area and the design's theme is sort of a type of art guide. The all-black tee has a grid of white, with some white line art of various Sonic aspects for the background. It has a full color modern Sonic in the middle, with the modern logo in white. The white squares mention things to note about the art. It's facts like 'the middle spike is the largest' and how 'the eyes curve at the bottom where the lower face is', it attempts his colors but lists red, yellow, blue and white, forgetting the green and black for the eyes and nose.
The reference-sheet type concept is a new one to use on a tee, so it's guarenteed that this doesn't feel like a re-run design. The 'analyze' angle is interesting, reminding of animation or comic book type reference.It's not a bad idea at all, and should be about 12 dollars in store.
2 Pack Little Kids Short Sleeve Classic Style Tees These are a tee-2-pack.
These two classic style shirts are for little kids, but they only seem to be sold together/you can't get a single of it. The first tee is black with gray shoulders and sleeves. It has arms-crossed classic Sonic in full color, with his name spelled out below in 'magazine various font cut out style' letters. There are gray textures for the background.
The second shirt has blue sleeves & shoulders and a gray body section. This has a large neoclassic line art of Sonic doing a thumbs up, but his arm is across his body instead, while his hand is on his hip. Is this the first merchandise that this new 2020 stock art appears on? (Maybe) At the top is a retro-style color oval around "Sonic the Hedgehog". (The retro style it is trying to be here is more of a 60s type thing than it is 90s so...?)
These are both ok tees for little kids, the top color adds interest. These may be an Amazon item in winter 2020
Watermark Gotta Go Fast Sonic Tee A watermark in real life?
This interestingly designed tee sure looks like it. A watermark is a semi-transparent stamp put over artwork or other copyrighted things to make them harder to steal...but in the case of this shirt the pale overlay of the slogan "Gotta Go Fast!" creates the look in real life by applying over the color Sonic graphic & the gray of the shirt itself. It creates an interesting look that hasn't been done before!
The tee itself isn't ordinary either, with its red collar, and one gray sleeve while the other is blue. Sonic is modern here, shown running forward. He's almost full color, but missing (on purpose) the yellow for his buckles and any of the areas that would be white. These are instead the gray background of the shirt. This is a teens size tee, but where is it sold? How much is it? It appeared in winter 2020
Bio World Sonic 2 Men's Black Tee A tee for Sonic 2!
This is an all black mens/adult size shirt. It has the Sonic 2 title screen art for it's design, with Sonic & Tails together in the winged ring with the banner. But, if you look closely, this is the Japanese art for it. The way it's printed looks like it either has that weathering/faux-wear to it or it was printed on purpose with thin or 'faded color' look inks.
The shirt seems to be trying to appear vintage as if from the actual Sonic 2 era, when it is really a winter 2020 release. This is likely an Amazon item, but how much does it cost? Is it really that 'weathered' stuff that was such a fad but only made shirts look shabby? (Hopefully not)
Retro Red Bio World Sonic Blue Tee This is called the "Retro Red" Sonic shirt.
But, the shirt isn't red, it's a lightly mottled blue. Sonic is done in a pale grayish blue, navy blue (for nose & eyes) and white instead of beige. Only his shoes are red, along with the background for his name at the top in a red rectangle. The art is forward facing, pointing up, neo-classic Sonic.
The thing to note is that the "Sonic" word in that font, spelled out inside the red rectangle with white letters is made to resemble the logo of a different fashion brand/probably something expensive. It's probably no accident the art they chose has him pointing up at it. What brand writes the name in white on red and looks kind of like that? You can write in for credit. This is a Bio World adults sizes tee shirt.
Football Style Stripe Sleeve Sonic Tee
This is called the Sonic Football Style Tee.
It's another Bio World classic style item, this time with red and white stripes on the short sleeves. It's these stripes that make it to be 'football style'. It has the fully-shaded Sonic name from the classic logo at the top, as well as fully shaded classic finger-waving Sonic in a gold ring for the design. This is likely a bit of an update? on the Japanese art for him. The tee itself is a mottled charcoal gray. Using full shading makes the design stand out/look a bit 3D while still fitting with the classic theme. This is a winter Amazon item, but it may be available elsewhere. How much does it cost?
Speed Zone Old Navy Blue Sonic Shirt
Here's a shirt confirmed in 2 places...
This is an Old Navy item, but what's unusual about it, is that it can also be found on Amazon. Generally, with Old Navy their stuff, if it is in their physical store is always an exclusive for them. You can't buy it elsewhere. But, this is confirmed in both places. It is an all blue kids/teens shirt (but the XL/L should fit most) that appears in fall 2020/winter 2021. Through positioning of modern stock art for odd pose Sonic, fists up Knuckles and leaning Tails, they're arranged to be interacting with the shirt's slogan. A sticker-look red/white rectangle "Speed Zone" is being 'peeled' by Sonic to reveal a black 'space area' out of which the Tails & Knuckles art are set to look like they are climbing/flying. It's a creative use for the design, which results in a fun scene that's not like other tees. This should be about 14.99 at Old Navy but they often have sales. This is in the SonicGear collection.
Can't Stop This Kids Size Sonic Tee
Bio World keeps active in 2021/winter season with this tee for kids.
It's all blue with the slogan "Can't Stop This!" in curved white lettering at the top. It has modern jumping-twist Sonic in a red circle. This design uses the weathering or faux-wear to create a worn, crackled look on the paint of the art. This is a bit unfortunate because modern Sonic doesn't need a 'vintage' look (Faux or not), and it helps the shirt look even more worn out, even faster. (Little kids often wear out their things)
This is unknown whether it's little kids only (as per model you see here) or if it's one of those where it's sized up through teens so more people can get it. Where is this sold? How much is it?
Checkered Name Bio World Shirt
Still more from Bio World, this is a 2020 release.
An all black tee with large full color modern Sonic design. He's doing a bit of a sideways peace sign maybe, while probably jumping. The shirt spells his name vertically/downward in an all red/white tiny checker font.
This is probably a teens size item. It's also pretty standard stuff. There are plenty of similar tees with similar designs...but it's ok if you didn't already have something like it. It's solid, it's normal, and it's Sonic merchandise. This is likely to be an Amazon item.