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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 35
This page should have 2019 through 2021 Sonic clothes.
With the 'Boom Ban' gone, the USA can branch out into modern style Sonic stuff again. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Happy Go Lucky St. Patricks Day Tee Here's a bit of an odd tee...
This is the first time that Sonic has appeared on something for St. Patrick's Day. In this case, it's an odd mix of St. Pat's and somehow army-camo-print? Well, both things generally have to do with the color green but...seems a little strange, especially when Sonic himself is colored in the print too?? This tee actually looks like a bootleg because Sonic's skin/beige color looks like it was done in gray...but it isn't, it's simply cut-thru with no ink to the mottled gray of the tee. But him not being blue PLUS the 'gray skin' makes him look rather off-model.
The tee itself has army green cammo sleeves, but a gray body and collar.
The slogan here is "Happy GO Lucky", so, with the green, there's no mistaking it for St. Patty's. The "go" is written quite large and done with yellow ink so that Sonic can come out of the 'o' like a gold ring, and to also emphasize the 'go' part of the saying--because Sonic is always 'on the go/going fast'. So, thought was put into the design...but it still comes across as a tad odd with his off-colors.
This is a Target 2021 item, in the kids/teens section.
Flippy Sequins Fad Sonic Sunglasses Tee It's a flippy fad!
Sonic gets to follow a fad here with this tee. "Flip Up Sequins" are a fad on shirts for kids (or probably anyone--but it's mostly for kids) in 2020 and 2021. Probably 2019 started it. With this gimmick, sequins are sewn onto the shirt in a special way that they can all lay like
fish scales. However, since they're fastened in the middle, they can be brushed at with a hand and made to lay the opposite way, revealing the color on the other side of the sequin. In this case, it's a bronzy gold on one side and on the other they're metallic reddish. By setting the sequins into the 'lense' area of the sunglasses, you can choose how they look for classic Sonic.
They use forward-facing Sonic from the waist up for the stock art here & have his name spelled in a block/comic book type font below.
ANY item featuring such sequins should only be washed by hand, not in the washer.
This shirt, as it has a gimmick may cost a bit more than usual at 12 or 13 instead of Target's usual 9 or so for a kids/teens tee. This is a 2021 Target / winter item.
Old Navy Modern Scatter Sonic Tee More scattered Sonic designs...and this time it's from Old Navy.
Old Navy releases this white tee in 2021/winter season (for some reason), with various poses for modern Sonic scattered in any direction as an all-over print for the white fabric tee. It's all stock art (no cg), but the poses have decent variety, and are large enough that you can tell what's going on with them and it doesn't look busy. The fabric being printed this way means that the front, back, and sleeves will all have Sonics all over them.
Old Navy items tend to be exclusive to the store, so you'd have to go there to get this. The printed-in collar tag also has the Old Navy logo. It's in the boys/teens area and will depend on sales how much it costs. (Generally around 8 or 9 or so dollars)
Walmart Checker Square Sonic Tee 2021
Here's probably another Walmart exclusive tee in 2021 / winter season.
This dark gray tee appears in the boys/teens clothing area. It has thumbs up monder Sonic on a square of blue/white checkers. He's all in color, and the modern logo appears under one hand at the bottom in black. With the Sonic art nice and large, plus that it overlapps the edge of the checker-square, it gives some nice action to the design. The collar tag is another of those where it doesn't really have a company, just the modern logo up there. It should be about 9.99 if you can find it...distribution for it didn't seem that great. The largest sizes should fit teens/some adults so it's worth looking around for, at a good price.
Scatter Sonic Tee Modern Mask As the virus continues to be a thing, companies catch up with masks!
In this case, it's a Sonic tee but packaged with a non-Sonic (Generic) cloth mask in kids-sizes. The tee is mottled gray, and has various poses for modern Sonic scattered all over it. Since it's an actual fabric print, that means the design is everywhere/front/back and sleeves too. They've kept him big enough that the design doesn't appear too busy.
The mask is made to match it, with dark blue, light blue spatter paint effect and some red blob shapes to create an abstract design but one that at least uses Sonic's colors.
This is reported to be an Old Navy item for 19.99 , but it may be online only? It's a spring 2021 find.
Chili Dogs Blue Hot Topic Shirt Hot Topic adds a bit of an odd tee for 2021...
This is "Sonic's Chili Dogs Tee". It's adult sizes only (notice how long the torso part is) and a bright blue color, with only white ink. It uses neo-classic 'chili dog eating' Sonic for the art, but makes it look like the art/logo for a company/restaurant on purpose. The checkered oval says "Since 1991" and the bottom text is "Speedy Fast Delivery" which is somewaht redundant.
It's trying to look 'retro' and all that, which it succeedes at decently well, but making Sonic all about 1 food or that he would want to run a food business or be a delivery boy seems a little...out of character or something.Whatever the opinion is though, this is at least 23 dollars at HT.
Cool Sonic Circuit Roll HT Tee This is called the "Cool Sonic Roll" tee at Hot Topic in 2021.
But should it be electronic-Sonic, or circuit-Sonic instead? What's odd about it is that it uses a strange off-model 'stylistic' Sonic for the art. What's he doing with his fingers? It looks like maybe metal-horns (heavy metal fans) because the fingers aren't far enough apart for surfing/hang-ten? Then, the ears have the detail deleted, and all the spikes on his head are changed to triangles...which makes the lone-normal back-spike look strange. Adding black/white sunglasses also helps to kind of obfuscate the Sonic design here.
The logo is done in a circuit font, and the slogan next to him is "This is how I roll". The other side has 91 and his name spelled out in Japanese...but usually it's not turned sideways in exactly that way. The rectangle/background has rings, 4-point-stars and emerald-outlines scattered around. This one is a bit of an odd bird. It should be 20 dollars in store and online.
Pink Purple Squares Classic Style Sonic Tee Here's a tee that uses a bit of an unusual color...
It has Sonic on pink and purple backgrounds. Sonic mixed with either green or purple is uncommon in merchandise across the board. It doesn't look terrible, but for whatever reason, they just don't seem to do it. There's a row of colored stars at the top, and different rectangles for the large pattern. Each one has a different expression or pose for classic Sonic. The classic logo is large at the bottom, and also done in pink. It's bright and contrasty on the white of the tee.
Where is this sold? It seems to be a 2021 item.
Ultimate Power Sonic Hot Topic Tee A bit of a confusing tee from Hot Topic...
Again with that odd 'electronic Sonic' off-model art going on. It's actually just the head without the body from the tee above, but colored all into hot pink for whatever reason. The pixel glasses further abstract-ify him as they're pink too. The slogan here is "Ultimate Power!", but usually, that's only associated with Shadow? Why use it here?
Then, the font used to spell it is 'ransom-style'/magazine-letter-clip-out. If you look closely, you can spot almost-hidden Eggman there, but he's in black ink on the black tee and sorta-behind the lettering so he is hard to find. They use the regular modern logo in white at the top. It's another 20 dollar item for summer 2021, but it's somewhat strange as well.
Classic Friends STK Hot Topic Yellow Shirt
Something yellow at Hot Topic?
How strange...but here it is. This is called the "Classic Friends" tee. And, as advertised, it is quite a bright, light yellow color. It has neoclassic fully shaded art for leaping Sonic, feet up Tails and punching Knuckles. The shading is meant to look like the early shaded art that was probably from Japan, but each character only had 1 pose when done in that specific style. The neoclassic does look good here, its authentic looking and the trio makes for a good, colorful design. Hopefully the shirt is released in more than just the yellow, though. This is a Summer 2021 item at Hot Topic, in adult sizes and should be about 20 dollars.
2 Shirts Silver Square Variants An uncommon sight!
A shirt variant pair, sold exclusively by 2 different competing stores. While tee color variants (same design, but shirt is a different color) are fairly common, design variants of this similarity aren't so common. The left side shirt is an Old Navy exclusive. The right only is sold at Kohls. They're both black with the same modern Sonic face under a 'layer' of checkers.
Alternating squares are somewhat opaque, while the others are transparent. But, the Kohls store version mixes in shiny silver ink for some of the squares that appear over the Sonic face, while the Old Navy one does not. It's curious how this happened, usually stores don't like each other having the same design like that. This shirt should be about 9 dollars in summer 2021 in the kids/teens section. Both shirts are in the SonicGear collection.
Annoyed Sonic Tie Die Old Navy Tee
A shirt that's annoyed?
Not an annoying shirt annoyed Sonic shirt. This Old Navy exclusive tee in Summer 2021 is white with an allover blue tiedye pattern. It has just a plain, forward facing standing modern Sonic in the middle (fairly large) for the design. But, for whatever reason, they've chosen a stock art of him where he's annoyed /frowning with one eyebrow raised.
The sort-of-swirly theme continues a bit onto the Sonic art as you can see it has some dark blue/light blue mottling going on for the head and a little on the legs. It's an interesting take...if you don't mind him looking like that. It should be between 10 and 13 dollars (depending sales) in the teens area of the store.
Target continues to be wild about Sonic in 2021, and no one's complaining!
With fun designs like this one, their tees seem to be succeeding. This bluegray tee has the whole classic cast on it, and looks fresher for it. The logo is printed in a dark gray/sort of blocky large font at the top. Slightly overlapping it is some nice neoclassic art for Eggman where he has 1 finger raised but arms crossed. You've got neoclassic jumping twist Sonic, gliding Knuckles, neoclassic looking-over amy & classic profile running Tails.
Seeing Eggman in a new/calm pose is fun and he makes it different/more colorful design. Having all the classic characters in-action and leaning on the neoclassic art helps keep the tee fresh.
This is in the boys/teens area of summer 2021, and should be about 10 dollars or so. A nice design for tee collectors and Egg-fans alike.