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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 37
This page should have 2020 through 2021 Sonic clothes.
With the 'Boom Ban' gone, the USA can branch out into modern style Sonic stuff again. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Classic Portraits Jumping Beans Tee Kohl's gets another exclusive tee from Jumping Beans.
Keep in mind that the brand Jumping Beans ONLY makes little kids sizes of anything. Basically if you can read this page/find it you're not likely to fit into it. (Which is a bit too bad because they do come up with good ideas)
This particular tee is a dark blue, with all classic theme. It's got getting-ready-to-run Sonic, and then 3 disks each with neoclassic portrait art for waving Tails, looking Amy & fists-together Knuckles. The Sonic logo is at the top and 'the hedgehog' is written in a classic/game top style at the bottom. It's nice to see classic Amy appearing on merchandise too. This should be about 11 dollars in late 2021
Modern Face Line Art Pale Tee A stylish tee for Kohls in 2021
This looks simple at first...with a full color forward-facing modern Sonic face in the middle, and full color logo below. But if you look closer at the pale blue tee you'll see slightly darker/middle blue line work used to have a scattering of different poses for modern Sonic all over it. This is a true 'all over' tee, the pattern is part of all of the fabric so it's even on the back and the sleeves. This was active from summer to late 2021 & may have gone to clearance at the end. It should be about 11 dollars also for some reason (less than their usual...but nice!) It is a boys teens item.
Hashtag Game On Classic Sonic Gray Shirt This is a shirt for little kids, as you can see by the proportions of it...but where did it come from?
It's possibly older, maybe 2019 or so, but not confirmed. There's also probably a similar shirt. It's a mottled gray with classic full color Sonic. The slogan here is "#Gameon" (hashtag game on) from when putting hashtags on like...everything was popular for a couple of months for whatever reason. This'll probably make the shirt end up looking dated, but that might be a bit interesting too. Price also unknown.
Gotta Go Fast Bio World Blue Tee
Bio World continues to put their classic-only license to good use.
Here, they use a dark blue tee with the slogan "Gotta Go Fast" written over a stripe/checker area. They use neo-classic jumping Sonic in a 'flag shape' of solid red and checkers. The art and the slogan are nicely done and large, so the shirt is colorful and dynamic looking. The design is tidy as well/good use of size and lettering. BioWorld really seems to know what they're doing with designs on these: classic but fresh enough for anyone to want.
This is a fall 2021 item, but where was it sold?
Jumping Beans Lycra Wavy Tee Now, Jumping Beans tries out lycra.
Lycra is that light-weight 'cycling outfit' kind of all-artificial slick material. Why they're making little kids tops out of it (maybe it's easy to clean?) suddenly is unknown. This tee is pretty nice looking though, the middle blue has darker navy blue 'tie dye' effect for the all-over fabric. Modern Sonic is shown running forward on a white wavy line and checker pattern, with the modern logo at the top. The Sonic art/logo is nice and big and the wavy background coordinates well enough with the tie dye theme. It's too bad JB always makes only small stuff. This is a Kohls item in 2021 and should be about 12 dollars.
Jumping Beans Sonic Lycra Black Shirt More lycra from Jumping Beans at Kohls in late 2021.
This tee has jumping peace-sign modern Sonic over fading strips of blue checkers for the background on the black shirt. The thread for the hems here is blue, so it stands out on the black lycra. (One of the ways to spot lycra without touching it is the obvious look of how it has to be stitched for the hems. Even if the thread color matches it always has to use this wider wiggly pattern to stitch them which does not look the same as cotton/whatever normal fabric shirts)
This is a nice one, with good big graphic, logo font and unobtrusive background. Good, if you didn't have something similar already. It should be about 11 dollars.
Kohls Kanji Text Tee Mens 2020 This is called the "Kanji Text Men's Tee" at Kohls.
It's a bit of a break from their usual, because it is an actual adult size/fits anyone, while they generally seem to specialize in boys/teens and little kids sizes. This slightly off-white tee has the old Japanese art for finger waving/mouth a bit open Sonic (that wasn't used much because maybe he looks annoyed) done in a grayish/faded blue. There's a darker blue vertical rectangle with white Japanese lettering in it but...
What does this say? (You can write in for credit if you know)
It does indeed have some Kanji in there, which seem to be the first 2 very complicated looking symbols. His name is spelled out normally at the top. It's odd when the item description at the store won't tell you what it says. Who would want to wear something that they don't know what it means? This is likely a late 2020 item.
Mighty Armadillo Classic 4 Faces Tee Finally, some Mighty merchandise!
This dark blue kids/teens tee has 4 neoclassic faces for the design, with the classic logo in full color. There's forward facing cheering Tails, usual 3/4 view Sonic, forward facing Mighty and above/3/4 Knuckles. It's great to see Mighty in a classic look like this, with the other characters. The design is 'old school' with just the faces there/nothing else, so he fits right in. The forward-facing art they have for him is decent as well, this looks good. This shirt is an excellent one to add to the list for Mighty fans. This is a Kohls 2021 item, and should be around 13 dollars.
Raglan Sports Style Classic Kohls Tee This is called the Raglan Classic Tee, and it lives up to the name.
It's a sports-type looking style, with white body and light blue sleeves with dark cuffs and collar. The cuffs are somewhat elastic looking too. There's actual extra fabric used here (unusual), if you look at the tops of the sleeves, there's a band of added gray fabric from collar to cuff. The design is an all navy-blue ink/white getting ready to run classic Sonic in a circle. His name is spelled out around the edge with some stars. Even though it's pretty much monochrome, they did fill in areas with the ink like the shoe-bottom for the lifted foot, and left other things as line-art such as the gloves/shoe tops. So, it's not line art but somewhere in between. It's an interesting look, but only when combined with the more complex style for the fabric of the shirt. This is a Kohls 2021 item in the teens area only.
Sonic Vs Shadow Shirt This dark blue tee is called "Sonic vs Shadow Shirt"
Rarely does much get 'vs' in the name, but it's fairly appropriate here with a lightening-bolt shape separating portraits for Sonic at the top and Shadow at the bottom. The background is charcoal/texture to kind of accentuate the faces. Shadow's name is done in the logo font at the bottom while Sonic's is at the top. Shadow looks aggrivated (as is the usual) while Sonic seems determined.
The use of both names, the lightening bolt, and black background with contrasting expressions all goes together to make it more of a 'vs' type thing. There's no stamp/tag in the collar, which is a little unusual. It does seem to be official though, but where is it sold? This is a 2022 item.
2 Pack Kids Classic Gamer Tee Shorts Set This is called the "Kids Classic Sonic Gamer 2 Piece Set"
It appears to be an Amazon Only item in winter 2022. It's a nice set though, with good design put into it to try and seem '90s' in its style. (At which it fairly succeedes) The top has red sleeves, black collar and white body. The graphic is arms-crossed Sonic with his name spelled out in the 'magazine cut' various fonts/backgrounds. The background for him is black/white texture and spray-paint spatter.
The matching shorts are all black with a scattering of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles line-art heads, his name, rings and little red game controller shapes. The Sonic element on each piece is strong, the matching is good and it doesn't look boring/like anything else. If this fits, it's a good choice to get it because Sonic on shorts isn't that common.
Bio World Cloud Wash Logo Tee
Bio World seems to have gotten the modern license back in 2022.
(That's great news!) They start off interestingly with this 'cloud wash' tee. Cloud Wash seems to mean a blue/white tie-dye type abstract effect all-over for the fabric. It's a fitting background for the modern logo as it is reminiscent of the SA1 logo background. The logo is done in a rainbow fade and has figure-8-peel-out Sonic line art in front of it. Because the logo linework is thick, and the Sonic linework is thin, he's fairly subtle on the design.
This is a nice tee (in adult sizes) as nothing else before it looks like if you want a unique one, this is a good choice. It's very nice to see them back with modern, as they do have good designers with a fresh look most of the time.
Bio World Camo 4 Character Tee
Bio World continues doing well with the "4 Portrait Camo Tee"
This lives up to its name, with black/gray wavy camoflage print all over for the fabric, and 4 fun character portraits down one side of the front. Each has a similarly colored square for the background, and their name below it in white letters. You get turning Sonic, waving Tails, fist-down Knuckles and jogging Amy. The colorful portraits liven it up and make the tee fun, without having it look kiddy. It's also great to see Amy on more merchandise, regardless of who it is for. This is a teens size (so, it fits adults too?) and appears in 2022, but where is it sold?