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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 39
This page should have 2021 through 2022 Sonic clothes.
Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Simple Set Amazon 2022 Classic Type Super simple: a shirt & shorts.
This 2 piece set appears in summer 2022 at Amazon, and you couldn't ask for much simpler or more classic. It's a blue tee with black shorts (with blue lines on the sides) The tee has running classic Sonic with the logo in color at the top. Not only does it use classic Sonic, but this is the kind of design / shirt set thing that they would actually do in the mid 90s. There's no real 'design work' it's just the art and the logo and that's it--which is fine, if you didn't already have something similar.
This is in the boys/teens sizes, so larger sizes may fit some adults too.
Freeze Co. White Shorts Shirt Set FREEZE is back with a white tee and white shorts Sonic set. Good for them adding fully designed shorts to a set too...too often (as seen above) the shorts are generic or have just a small icon somewhere. This set is all Sonic. The background has screen-tone dots, scribble line and wedges of color. The Sonic art is CG, but it's all blue toned...which...doesn't give the best effect? It makes the CG look old/outdated or something from like the Saturn era a little bit? Also, despite his pose being different, he has the same face on the tee as the shorts which is also a little wierd? This seems like it might not be the best art to pick for him, especially with large designs. This should be about 22 dollars for the set, and it is a summer 2022 item at Amazon.
French Terry Tee Shorts Set Modern Sonic This is the "Modern Sonic French Terry Set".
The 'terry', in this case isn't a name, it's rather for Terry-Cloth (which is usually fuzzy like a towel) but because it is french Terry it does not have towel texture but is instead cottony. So, this might be like a lounge wear type set with all soft cloth for the tee and the shorts.
The tee has jumping-twist Sonic art that's so large he goes off all the sides. The sleeves are dark blue, the collar is gray, and the shirt body is Sonic's blue so he is largely unpainted, but still in full color. The shorts are a matching gray, with various fairly large poses for modern Sonic scattered all over. They do have an elastic waist and also a blue draw string.
This is a nice set if you like the feel of French Terry, or you didn't already have something similar. This is an Amazon item in summer 2022, and it should be about 25 dollars. It is a boys/teens item.
Gamer Tee Shorts Amazon Set This is called the "Gamer Tee Shorts Set".
It's fairly appropriate for a classic gamer. The tee has red sleeves, white body and black collar. It has full color art for arms-crossed classic Sonic over a background of paint spatter & logos. His name is spelled out in large 'magazine letter cut' below. The shorts are all black with simple line arts for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles faces. There are also logos, rings and generic video game controllers in red scattered about. The pattern isn't very large, so it is slightly busy but not terribly so. It has a simple elastic waist.
This is an Amazon item for summer 2022, and should be about 20 dollars because the size does not go up that high/it is not for taller teens.
Swim Trunks Sonic Checkered Shorts Sonic swim trunks!
This isn't the first pair of Sonic swimwear, but it's new for 2022. This uses pointing modern Sonic on one whole leg for the art. The other leg is checkered in blue/white, with his name spelled out in red letters. The waist is elastic with red interior and red drawstrings.
It's a simple enough pair of swim shorts, and the large Sonic design is nice. Its listing doesn't mention if there are pockets. (usually it does) As swim material is more costly than regular, this is 30 dollars at Amazon.
Team Sonic 91 3 Piece Set Clothes This set is appropriately called "Team Sonic 91 the 3 Piece Set".
Of course, the slogan for the first tee is "Team Sonic" with a large 91 in bubble font. It uses what looks like neoclassic running Sonic on top of the number 1. The background here is small colored squares. The second tee has red on top of the shoulders, and the usual dark blue. It uses nose-touch Sonic in a ring with the classic logo below. The shorts are dark blue with matching red stripe up the side...but do they have Sonic content at all? If so, it's small/hidden by the other tee.
These are probably all made of sports/lycra type fabric, see how the shirts are slightly shiny. This is at Amazon in 2022 and is about 25 dollars. It IS a boys/teens item, so some of the larger sizes may fit adults.
You're Not on My Level Modern Slogan Tee A slogan tee with multiple meanings...
This modern tee has a series of gradient stripes from yellow to red, faux wear, and thumbs up looking back modern Sonic. The slogan is "You're not on my level", which could mean a misunderstanding, or that the viewer isn't good enough for Sonic. With the somewhat aggressive slogan, they choose a fairly friendly looking art for him.
Notice the shoe detials are deleted, (they obviously have yellow ink) the shoe soles and buckles are absent, letting the dark blue fabric of the tee show through. Where is this sold? It is a 2022 item.
Ring Toss Tee Shorts Set 2022 This is called the "Sonic Ring Toss Tee Shorts Set"
It has a light gray tee with the top half of jumping peace-sign Sonic. He's cut off at the mid-chest by an outline of his name in black. This, in turn cuts itself off for half of the first and last letter & uses negative space in the word to complete the letters. 3 shaded rings are scattered above him. The rings & art are shaded, but are not CG. (So, they do match and look good)
The shorts have a small size checker pattern with a scattering of solid blue Sonic faces all over. The checkers are navy blue over an uneven greenish/light greenish background. The shorts have a simple elastic waist.
This is an all right set that works well together. The shorts are a tad busy, but still all right. This is a boys/teens item and should be about 20 dollars on amazon in 2022.
Raglan Long Sleeve Modern Sonic Tees This is the "Modern Sonic Raglan Tee 2 Pack".
And, it is appropriately named because "Raglan" means that the sleeves attach to the collar of the shirt rather than the shoulder. This makes them fit differently and they have to be put together differently too. It is not as common.
The top shirt has black sleeves and a white body with jumping/falling pointing upward Sonic line art. His name is diagonal in black, and where the name crosses the art, it's filled in with dark aqua blue. The bottom shirt has white sleeves and a dark blue body. The art here is thumbs up Sonic in a rectangle with grid-lines background. His name is spelled in a retro 'neon' type font across the bottom. Sonic is full color, but the blue of the shirt's fabric is used for his blue areas. Both of these are stylish and unusual enough. These are teens/adults, not likely anyone could wear them. At Amazon in summer 2022 it should be 35 dollars for both (because they are large)
Busy Tie Dye Hood Tee & Shorts Set
In summer 2022, a new set appears at Walmart.
This is a bit of an odd one, with a super-busy pattern blue/white/navy tie dye top that is a short sleeve but somehow has...a hood? Why? Hoods are cold weather items to keep the wind off your hair/ears so why put one randomly on an obviously summer thing? No one would ever use the hood. Then, it's got that wierd 'sorta-costume' thing going on where it has rudimentery little flap ears and a small spike on the back. Yet...Sonic is not tie dye patterned so it would never 'look like his head' as is the so-called goal with these things. An odd choice.
The design for the tee is jumping twist modern Sonic, over his name in a wavy, gradient block font. The busyness of the tee slightly distracts from the design, though it is good/large. The shorts, fortunately, are plain navy blue with lighter blue vertical stripes up the sides. They have his name in light blue spelled down 1 leg. Sonic content for both items is a good touch. The set is 26 dollars, and a Walmart exclusive in the teens area.
Sonic Go Fast Speckle STK Tee This is the "Sonic & Friends Go Fast Tee"
It's a Kohls shirt in the boys/teens area, so the larger sizes may fit more than just kids...which is nice, because the design here is decent. The middle blue tee has light blue paint spatter speckles all over. It has full color 'at the ready' Sonic stock art in the middle, and line art for Knuckles on one side and Tails on the other. It uses a 'letterman' type font to spell out his name and the slogan, which is "Go fast!"
The ink on this one is slightly shiny, which gives a cool effect for the lettering and the lineart characters. It appears in summer 2022, and is likely to be a Kohls exclusive. It should be about 9.99
Burlington All-Over Characters STKS Tee This shirt was spotted at Burlington coat factory.
It's a bit of a 'department store' rather than just for outwear or winter wear. Paging through the racks of shirts will sometimes reveal a Sonic goodie that was seen at other stores first. However...this tee seems to be making its first appearance at Burlington. It's a dark charocal gray, with an all over design of reaching Sonic, flying profile Tails, profile jumping Shadow and profile running Knuckles.
This is very interesting because all the characters are profile arts but they are super seldom-seen ones. Was jumping Shadow even ever on anything else? Same with running Knuckles? Unfortunately...the color schemes of the characters don't really get along exactly well as a repeated and somewhat busy allover print so the shirt is slightly tacky. It's not terrible, but it also isn't stylish. An interesting piece in summer 2022, none the less. It is 9.99 if you can find it.
Gold Letters Classic Style Jumping Beans Tee Jumping Beans clothing for little kids continues with their classic license with a cute classic style tee. This one uses shiny gold ink for the "Sonic" word which is in a font in the style of the 'superman' font (but it is not that font) It has neoclassic jumping-over Sonic, with 'scribble stars' around him. Do notice a small slogan "Don't Stop!" there, but it's partially under the stick-on size tag.
The main shirt body is gray, the collar is black and the sleeves are a light blue. Combined with the neoclassic art, and fun frosted-gold color ink, this is a trendy tee--but only for little kids.
This is in Kohls stores in late summer 2022
All Over Old Navy Sonic Tee HIS Old Navy adds another (probably exclusive) Sonic tee in summer 2022.
This one is white, with an all-over pattern of various poses for modern Sonic. They're all in full color, and not so small that it becomes very busy. However, with it on the sleeves too...and him just oriented in any random's still a little busy. This is by HIS clothing, as noted by the ring shaped paper tag there.
This should be around 10 dollars or so, and it's in the teens section so it should fit more than just kids at the bigger sizes.
Jumping Beans All-over tie dye Sonic Tee Two all-over tees in a row?
Seems so as Jumping Beans adds this 'tie dye all-over Sonic tee'. It's a white tee with light blue vague tie dye effect. This one has various poses for classic Sonic scattered about. However, this one does not use any beige ink, so those parts on Sonic (and his shoes) also show the tie dye fabric through them. (This makes the red shoes extra...what...garish? overly standing out?)

Jumping Beans only makes clothes for quite little kids. This is a Kohls item in summer 2022