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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 40
This page should have 2021 through 2022 Sonic clothes.
Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Lenticular Sonic Classic Yellow Tee Another Lenticular tee, maybe the 2nd or 3rd?
Either way, it's a cream-tone yellow with a classic theme. The lenticular area here is round, and depending on the angle it shows hands on hips or finger waving classic Sonic. Below the feature, is the classic logo in full color. This may be an Old Navy item (as the first one was), but it is unconfirmed for store or price.

Lenticular care: Some listings will call this 'holo' it is not, it is a ridged plastic that shows different designs at different angles and has nothing to do with rainbows or foil. This must only be hand washed (don't put in the washer) and hung to dry to preserve the plastic.

Cool Idea:
Make an actual 'finger waving Sonic' animated lenticular tee by repositioning the finger/hand into 2 or 3 positions so it would look like the art on the shirt was actually animating, instead of just switching between 2 totally different designs.
Metal Sonic Raglan Adults Tee A Metal Sonic solo item!
The Metal fans will be excited for this one, as he doesn't usually show up on merchandise alone. In this case, it's a Raglan Tee for any adult sizes. (Raglan refers to how the arms are also the shoulders of the tee/it is how it's put together) This is a fall 2022 Sega Shop USA item.
The art for him is new, with one hand down and one fist up. It has his name spelled out vertically down the right, and a sort of blue arrow curving around it. It's an interesting enough design, with good big (Fresh) art and a simple stand-out look. It is probably 25 dollars because it fits adults.
Raglan Tails Hexagon Adults Shirt Tails gets a solo tee in 2022 too!
This is another Raglan from Sega Shop USA. It has a cheerful smiling front-facing Tails portrait as the main design. The face is shown in a hexagon with various border stylings. His name is in red at the top, and there's a smaller gray hexagon to the right. The writing style and hexagons kind of give this a tech/console type of look, which is appropriate for everyone's favorite inventor. This is a good choice for Tails fans, as there's nothing else that looks like it. It is probably 25 dollars because it fits adults.
Print Pocket Tee Sega Shop This is the "Print Pocket Tee" from the Sega Shop Online.
It's a plain navy blue tee, with a pocket of fun. The chest side pocket has patterened fabric. Among blue diamond shapes you can see circles with a classic Sonic face, ring, speed-shoe design and the invincibility stars icon.
Having just a pocket with the design keeps it a bit subtle (possibly one for the "Subtle Sonic" category) and the busy fabric being limited to a small area keeps the shirt itself from being too busy. It's an adult size tee, and should be about 20 dollars in fall season 2022
3 Pack All Color Face Tees STK Here's another Tee 3 Pack (from Amazon) but...
Don't mistake this one for the very similar one on Clothing 35. This one comes out in 2022, and here, the shirts are all the same color as the face. (The other 3 pack has the sleeves a different color) You get a blue for Sonic, a yellowish for Tails and the red for Knuckles. Everyone here has the 'determined' facial expression, and none of the faces have borders. Each one has the modern logo in full color under the chin of the face. They're ok, if you like the borderless look, and it does mean that Tails and Knuckles do get a solo shirt.
Journeys 2 Blue Sonic Classic Style Tees Both of these blue tees are likely to be Journeys store exclusives. While they specialize in shoes, they often have a somewhat selection of kids size tees. (So older teens/adults--it might not fit) The left side tee is called (appropriately) Sonic Rings, and it has a fully shaded neo classic (Even the shading is done in a neoclassic way) looking back/running Sonic in a circle of rings shown at different angles. The right side tee is called Sonic Charge, and it uses the (lesser used) Japanese 3 point stance/crouch Sonic but adds
sort of zig-zag lightening bolts and little star bits into the background. Both of these have the logo in the collar area for the branding. Price is unknown, but they are winter 2023 items
3 Pack Modern Sonic Tees Amazon Here is a 3 pack of modern tees from Amazon.
They're only sold as a set, and they are kids/teens sizes. It is quite reasonably priced at 22 dollars for all 3 of them, which is nice. You get a blue tee with STK in the middle of a black checker background with the modern logo in yellow at the top, a red tee with profile running Sonic, but the blue part is horizontal line-screen (and the logo small in blue/white at the bottom), and the gray tee has running forward Sonic with 3 rings and the slogan "Way Past Cool."
This is slightly interesting because Way Past Cool was a slogan from SatAM Sonic which is not modern, and super old by now so it's odd to see it getting brought up again on a tee.
This 3 pack is a winter 2023 item, and probably exclusive to Amazon. It's one of those things that just has the logo stamped in the collar/not particularly branded nor paper tagged.
Classic Style Amazon 3 Pack Tees Another Tee 3 Pack from Amazon!
This one is all classic styled, with decent variety. You get a black tee with "Sonic" in outlined thick font repeated in the background. This one has a sort of 'opposite' profile running Sonic where the white/light areas are black/the black areas are white, and the shaded & blue areas are blue. It's an interesting enough effect.
The next tee is raglan type with the different/dark blue sleeves & middle blue body. This has running forward Sonic with a ring for the background, and the title at an angle over the feet area. The third has the slogan "Team Speed" in 2 different fonts, and square portraits for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles stacked vertically. This shirt is a nice all-over dark blue.
It is 30 for all 3, still a good rate at 10 dollars per kids/teens size shirt. This is likely to be an Amazon exclusive and it appears in winter 2023. (Third shirt's the coolest, calling it now)
30th Anniversary Yellow Tee Here's another 30th Anniversary tee.
This one is a mild cream-yellow color (so, a bit unusual) It uses the full 30th Anniversary art, and adds the 30th logo near one of the main Sonic graphic feet. Because the anniversary art is so good and cool to see, it makes it very easy to have a great shirt by just placing it on there. The yellow of the tee isn't bad for the background either.
This is an Amazon exclusive in late 2022, 2023 or so until it runs out. It is an adults size tee. As with most Anniversary (any year) stuff, it's a good idea to grab this right away when you see it if there's a chance you want it at all. Stuff like this does not last long and tends to gain value later on.
Classic Youre Too Slow Toddler Tee Another one where it's "Too bad it's for toddlers"
This toddler-only size tee is a Journeys store exclusive, and has a fun design. It has the uncommon classic laying down/gesture Sonic in front of checkers and a large ring. The slogan is "Sonic Says You're Too Slow!" The whole tee is dark blue, but Sonic only uses blue/white/red for the art (so no peach color areas) which makes him look a bit more stylized.
Price is unknown, but it is a 2023 winter item.
Journeys Classic Group White Tee A very classic tee from Journeys.
However, the fun bit is that it uses all neoclassic art for every character. This helps keep the art fresh, even though people likely already have something similar. This has flying Knuckles, jumping twist Sonic (but its the newer neoclassic one) looking back Amy, profile running Tails, and 3/4 view arms crossed Eggman.
Including Amy & Eggman is a great move too, it adds good color and will help fans enjoy it more. (It's odd, there's just something somehow more classic when Amy is included in the design. You can understand not wanting a villain on everything, so it's ok that Eggman isn't always all over the place.) This is a kids/teens size and should be 15 dollars exclusively at Journeys stores. It's a late 2022/2023 item.
Baby Snap In Let's Roll Clothing This clothing item is called a "Baby Snap In".
This is probably the first Sonic Snap-in to exist. It's called that because that area between the leg holes has a series of snaps hidden under the seam. You just basically stuff a baby up the tube and then snap that bottom part shut over the diaper and they are dressed. How comfortable is it? Well you can't ask a baby.
What's interesting here is that it uses the "tough guy" pose/style of art for Sonic Tails & Knuckles, and then the active slogan "Let's Roll" for basically baby which is neither of these things. Anyway, no one so young can be a fan so this is purely for parents who are also Sonic Fans and want to get started as early as possible with a child wearing fan-stuff.
This is a Journeys store exclusive, and should be about 15 dollars in 2023.
Retro Speed Team Black Tee This is called "Retro Speed Team Tee".
Interestingly the 'retro' part of it is how the text and design is done (kind of mid 80s arcade witht he pastel 'echoes' behind the words/speeding objects (rings) among the design. The characters though, they chose the modern art for Sonic, Tails and Amy. They're all in nice action poses that work well with the action-styled design. The slogan "Speed Team" is split between the top and bottom, and the modern logo is in white at the bottom.
The black color for the shirt contrasts, and completes the retro look. Having Amy as the third character, plus the background design keeps this shirt fresh, probably not much is like it in a shirt collection. This is an adult size tee at Amazon in winter 2023
Freeze Tees All-over Grid STK Shirt Freeze Tees produces a new shirt for Spring 2023.
It's an all-over design type with scattering of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles modern stock arts, with 2 poses for Tails & Knuckles and 3 poses for Sonic. Interestingly, there are also white line-work / grid 'maps' of some of the topography from Green Hill Zone (and probably a similar zone from a different game) scattered around as well. This seems to be a new thing, first appearing here on this shirt. It also has the modern logo in full color on the upper chest area.
The grid art of the stages brings a fresh element to the design here. It's slightly busy with the characters also scattering in every direction/all over the place, but it is still an all right design. This has been spotted on Amazon for kids/teens and should be about 19 dollars.