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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 40
This page should have 2021 through 2022 Sonic clothes.
Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Lenticular Sonic Classic Yellow Tee Another Lenticular tee, maybe the 2nd or 3rd?
Either way, it's a cream-tone yellow with a classic theme. The lenticular area here is round, and depending on the angle it shows hands on hips or finger waving classic Sonic. Below the feature, is the classic logo in full color. This may be an Old Navy item (as the first one was), but it is unconfirmed for store or price.

Lenticular care: Some listings will call this 'holo' it is not, it is a ridged plastic that shows different designs at different angles and has nothing to do with rainbows or foil. This must only be hand washed (don't put in the washer) and hung to dry to preserve the plastic.

Cool Idea:
Make an actual 'finger waving Sonic' animated lenticular tee by repositioning the finger/hand into 2 or 3 positions so it would look like the art on the shirt was actually animating, instead of just switching between 2 totally different designs.
Metal Sonic Raglan Adults Tee A Metal Sonic solo item!
The Metal fans will be excited for this one, as he doesn't usually show up on merchandise alone. In this case, it's a Raglan Tee for any adult sizes. (Raglan refers to how the arms are also the shoulders of the tee/it is how it's put together) This is a fall 2022 Sega Shop USA item.
The art for him is new, with one hand down and one fist up. It has his name spelled out vertically down the right, and a sort of blue arrow curving around it. It's an interesting enough design, with good big (Fresh) art and a simple stand-out look. It is probably 25 dollars because it fits adults.
Raglan Tails Hexagon Adults Shirt Tails gets a solo tee in 2022 too!
This is another Raglan from Sega Shop USA. It has a cheerful smiling front-facing Tails portrait as the main design. The face is shown in a hexagon with various border stylings. His name is in red at the top, and there's a smaller gray hexagon to the right. The writing style and hexagons kind of give this a tech/console type of look, which is appropriate for everyone's favorite inventor. This is a good choice for Tails fans, as there's nothing else that looks like it. It is probably 25 dollars because it fits adults.
Print Pocket Tee Sega Shop This is the "Print Pocket Tee" from the Sega Shop Online.
It's a plain navy blue tee, with a pocket of fun. The chest side pocket has patterened fabric. Among blue diamond shapes you can see circles with a classic Sonic face, ring, speed-shoe design and the invincibility stars icon.
Having just a pocket with the design keeps it a bit subtle (possibly one for the "Subtle Sonic" category) and the busy fabric being limited to a small area keeps the shirt itself from being too busy. It's an adult size tee, and should be about 20 dollars in fall season 2022
3 Pack All Color Face Tees STK Here's another Tee 3 Pack (from Amazon) but...
Don't mistake this one for the very similar one on Clothing 35. This one comes out in 2022, and here, the shirts are all the same color as the face. (The other 3 pack has the sleeves a different color) You get a blue for Sonic, a yellowish for Tails and the red for Knuckles. Everyone here has the 'determined' facial expression, and none of the faces have borders. Each one has the modern logo in full color under the chin of the face. They're ok, if you like the borderless look, and it does mean that Tails and Knuckles do get a solo shirt.