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This page should have 2022 through 2023 Sonic clothes.
Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Game Face Classic Sonic Tee Shorts Set Start off 2023 with the "Game Face Tee & Shorts Set". This has a gray top and blue shorts with elastic waist & black pull tie. The slogan on the leg is "Pur on your game face", written around a Sonic icon in a checkered circle. The tee and shorts use the same neoclassic, forward-facing 'at the ready' Sonic, on a distorted black checker background. Both also have his name in black written fairly large.
With the big panel (takes up the whole leg) of the shorts, this has plenty of good Sonic content going--too bad it's kids sizes only and doesn't even go into teens sizing so if you're reading this you probably can't wear it. Seen on Amazon in winter 2023.
Sonic & Amy Girls White Tee Bio World Bio World makes a girls-specific tee in winter 2022. This is the "Sonic & Amy White Tee". And...just as advertised, the slogan here is "Sonic & Amy" written in thick pastel letters. It uses arms crossed classic Sonic and neoclassic stepping classic Amy for the art. The tee is otherwise plain white.
Why is it a 'girls tee'? Because the sleeves are slightly shorter in proportion to the body length of the shirt. Why this makes it 'for girls' is totally unknown because really anyone who ships them could wear this and as long as the size is correct it's going to fit fine. It's colorful, it's classic looking, and it's good for Amy fans.
Digitized Kanji Mens Classic Style Tee A wrongly named tee shirt is here...
This is called "Classic Sonic Digitized Kanji Tee". It's wrong because there is not a Kanji upon it anywhere. (Japanese writing comes in 3 types, katakana, hiragana and kanji...and the latter is the big, complex (usually) symbol type ones. All this does is spell out his name phonetically vertically down one side.
Either way, this does bring a bit new to the table, the classic hands on hips fully shaded Sonic art is 'digitizing' into pixels over a grid background, so that it gives an almost blur-like effect. It's an interesting twist for old art. This is a Bio World item in Spring 2023 and should be about 17 dollars at Amazon.
2 Tees Tails Bio World 2 tees for Tails!
Bio World releases two adult sizes shirts that star Tails in 2023/spring season. The first is black, with the slogan "I Can Do It!" in red stamped across the art. It has angry/fretting Tails as the main color art, with ready for action Sonic & Knuckles in the background as white line art.
The 2nd tee has modern flying Tails with a simplified tropical background in a dome shape & some stars. The circle there has "Go Tails" written in it. The mystery here is
What's the Japanese text say in red there at the bottom? It starts off with 2 Kanji (always more difficult since each is a word by itself) and then part of the rest of it is covered up by his foot. Info will be added to the listing if anyone writes in.
The first shirt has a bad choice of Tails art...why pick the one where he's clearly aggrivated for the positive slogan? Like, it's a good idea, but they just didn't choose appropriate enough art. Both are 18 dollars and confirmed at Amazon (and elsewhere?)
Pixel Portraits Black Grid Tee This is called the Pixel Portraits tee.
Bio World adds this to Amazon in spring 2023. The tee is all black with a grid of 9 character sprites in 16 bit look pixel style. Each is in a zig-zag edge square. Rows of rings are at the top and bottom. There are 2 different poses for Eggman, Knuckles, Tails, and then 3 different ones for Sonic.
This is a boys/teens size item, and it should be about 18 dollars. (A bit higher than their usual for some reason)
Amazon 2 Pack Tees 2023 2 Pack Tees continue in popularity at Amazon in 2023.
This particular 2 pack is an all right deal for 23 dollars in the teens size category. (So, fits some adults) The designs are nice as well, with the top tee being a real 'something different' for the collection. It has 'post card' like squares with various Sonic art, the logo, an emerald line art, his name in Japanese, a large line art, and a smaller "Gotta go fast" slogan. This gives the middle-blue shirt a collage-like feel.
The second tee is more traditional, with large jumping-twist Sonic, and then the logo and character portraits in fully shaded gold rings. Pointing tails, fist out Knuckles, and determination Shadow are all there in full color. It's more of a standard tee, but the art is big and colorful, especially nice on the black background. A good pair of tees at a reasonable rate.
4 Pack Bio World Modern Tees It's good tee variety from Bio World in spring 2023!
They're bringing out this 4 pack of boys/teens size tees at Amazon. They're not sold separately, so if you want one, you've still got to buy the whole pack. Which isn't the worst, because it is fairly reasonably priced.
The first is a navy blue with 'comic book' style. It has his name wirtten with an exclaimation point, a starburst with "Gotta go fast" in comic book font in there, and a ring for the background. The art here is so large that it goes off the sides and bottom for an interesting crop.
The 2nd tee is white with jumping twist Sonic & 3 character square portraits down the side. It has Tails, Knuckles and Eggman in the bottom one. His name is spelled out in the logo font, but is colored green and blue.
The third tee is all middle-blue with a scattering of differently sized (but fairly large) different modern arts for Sonic only. This is an all-over print so some of them get cut off at the edges of the tee...but they are on the sleeves & back too.
The last tee has white body and blue sleeves & a geometric theme. There's running modern Sonic in a black rectangle with his name, and various triangles, zig zags and lines shapes all around.
Thought was put into these designs, and the variety is very nice here. A good pick at a solid price from BioWorld.
Sonic Duo Blue Tee Tails This is called the Sonic Duo Tee...
And, it's quite quality! It's a navy blue short sleeve with really big art of jumping twist Sonic and flying Tails for the entire front/body part. Then, there's an actual embroidered white silouette Sonic face up there too...and the detail just keeps going with the modern logo in white on one of the sleeves.
The combination of all this gives it a very modern but slightly sporty look? Whatever it is, it's unique enough and the embroidery brings a nice added touch of quality. This has been seen at Amazon in spring 2023, but where else?
Grahpic All-Over Panels Tee A tee shirt with a comic book look!
This is the "Graphic All-Over Panel Tee". It has a red square for the front, with full color art for pointing/presenting modern Sonic and aggrivated Tails. The rest of the shirt is black/white/grayscale. It has the logo in white, and some caution stripes set over panels/squares of various characters in various action poses. You can spot Knuckles, Sonic again, Tails, and at least 2 different poses for Eggman. They're set up to look like the shirt is comic book styled.
The allover design is nice...
Because it isn't used that much. This makes the back of the shirt totally Sonic as well. It makes this one different from most shirts that may already be in a collection. This is at Amazon in spring 2023, likely in the boys/teens sizes. It should be about 16 dollars.
Go Sonic Bio World Kohls Shirt Adults This shirt is called the "Go Sonic Black Tee"
It's a Bio World shirt in adults sizes. However, instead of Amazon, it was found at Kohls both in store and online at Spring 2023. It has various geometric shapes, with hand down modern Sonic (Looks a lot like a SonicX art) and flying Tails. The top left bar spells out his name in Japanese, there's 1 English word 'go', and then another word in Japanese.
The layout and shapes on the shirt give it a bit of a retro feel, without looking like something from the 'kiddie 90s'. It is decently priced at 18 dollars (because it is for adults)
Sonic Tails Japanese Art Classic Black Tee This black adults size tee uses some less-common Japanese art for Sonic and Tails. It has profile leaping Sonic and hopping 2/3 view Tails in front of a large shaded gold ring, and the classic logo in full color at the bottom. As the design is very large, taking up the whole front of the shirt, this has a classic and colorful look.
(It's kind of a shame these arts aren't used more often, they're dynamic and fun, and the expressions for both are playful) This is one of those "the logo is the brand" type tees, you can see it there in the collar, and there's not really a company other than 'sega' attached to it. This is seen on Amazon in summer 2023, but where else is it avilable?
Spray Sketch Sonic Rings Cls Style Tee
This shirt is called the Spray Sketch Sonic Tee...
And, it's appropriately named. Dynamic/running forward classic Sonic art covers the whole body part of the shirt, and has 'sketchy' black border lines. The paint for the blue area is meant to look air-brushed in, and so has some 'drips' on the back and edges. The whole shirt has black/white all-over spray/spatter areas, with 4 point stars and ring outlines scattered around. Speed lines behind him add to the sense of movement here.
This is a fun idea, that's really dynamic (more than usual for sure) for Classic Sonic. It does something new with him, while still looking 90s in a way, so it's a good and interesting choice. This is an Amazon item, but the release time is unknown.
Mens 2 Sided Sonic Characters Logo Tee This is called the Sonic Blue Blur Mens tee.
However...that's a poor title for it. Just slapping a nickname on there doesn't make sense in the case of this actually neat design. The front has the full color modern logo...but the back has a character collage where they're all overlapped in a colorful way that fills the whole bottom/middle part of the shirt. You can spot Eggman, Rouge the Bat, Shadow, Silver, Tails, Sonic and Knuckles...but did you catch Metal Sonic? He's in there too! Look carefully. (To the left) It's a fun idea with cool poses for the characters, and the overlap/collage effect is something nice and new. 2-sided-ness also adds quality and Sonic content. A good shirt that appears on Amazon in summer 2023, and should be about 22 dollars because it is adults sizes only.
Characters Ring Tee Blue Modern This is the Sonic Characters Ring Tee...
And, the title is nicely appropriate. It's got modern peace sign Sonic in the middle of a ring that is divided into sections. Each section has a character portrait that's full color. The modern logo is at the bottom in white. It looks like this may have a bit of that annoying 'faux wear' / weathering to the design which is dissapointing because it is otherwise quite crisp and nice. Character fans will also like it for the diversity. You can see Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, Metal Sonic, Silver, Espio, Rouge, Eggman and Shadow all around. The middle blue color goes nicely with it, and it's a new and interesting design idea. This is a teens size on Amazon in summer 2023, and is only about 12 dollars, which is decent.
Pocket Pop Funko Tee Bundle A toy and a tee?
This isn't the first time it's happened (the last time was at regular retail stores with the mini bendy figures from) However, Funko Pop has had fairly good luck branching out their merchandise with stuff like tees and even cereal. In this case, it's a black tee with a fully shaded art of the 'pocket pop' modern Sonic figure that you get with it. (You can see it down there in the corner window of the tee's box)
And, this is probably an all right match up if you like the look of pops but if you don't this art's not going to help because the angle it's drawn at manages to make the little goblin figure even wierder looking than it usually is. This is a summer 2023 item. This is a factory photo.