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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 42
This page should have 2022 through 2023 Sonic clothes.
Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
9 Characters Art Tee White A fashionable and diverse tee starts the page off right. This is the "Sonic 9 Characters Shirt", an appropriately named white teens size tee with a nice mix of characters included. The colors here are slightly lighter than normal, and each character seems to only have 1 color, black and white, which simplifies the design in an interesting way. Their full-body artworks are backed by a series of gradient lines. Newer and interesting poses for each character include peace sign Tails, 1 finger Shadow, ninja gesture Espio, hands down Amy, peace sign Sonic, listening Vector, flying Metal Sonic, waving Charmy bee, and fist out Knuckles.
The modern logo is a line art at the bottom under Charmy. This is an Amazon find in summer 2023, and is 13 dollars which is pretty reasonable for a teens item.
Collage All-over print color Tee Busy Fun! This is the "Sonic collage allover tee"
And they do mean all-over, every centimeter of this shirt is covered in either character art, slogans or rings/logos--there isn't a space to spare. Some of the art is on-color, others are off-color on purpose: notice odd shade Espio and green Eggman. There's some Sonic line art in there too, as well as Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, Tails, a Dark Chao, "Time to Fly" slogan, the word 'fast' and probably more on the back. The full color modern logo is the only uniterrupted thing, large on the chest area. This shirt is a summer 2023 item, but costlier than others at Amazon, it is 23 dollars.
Hot Colors Gotta Go Fast Outfit Kids Outfits are incoming for summer of 2023. These are 2 little kids only sizes outfits with a top and matching shorts. The left one has a theme of hot colors including hot yellowgreen for the shirt, and teal/pink/green for the horizontal stripe shorts. The top has classic arms crossed Sonic with 'gotta fast' slogan and his name in 'graffiti style' font, plus some paint drips for the shadow. The shorts have scattered line art and wavy patterns.
The right outfit is modern, with a short sleeve top that has a hood (unusual)
Mesh Shorts Checker Outfit 2 Piece
Why? It's a 'sun hood', meant to protect kids' head from the sun if you can't get them to wear hats or sunscreen. (But if you can't do that, and they get hot, they're going to push the hood off anyway soo...) The hood has the little 'costume' features of flappy felt tiny spikes and little ears. The art is pointing modern Sonic, with his name behind him. The shorts don't have Sonic content but they are blue/white checker with mesh (probably for the interior) These are both Amazon items and are 20 dollars each set.
Name Split 4 Pack Kids Tees A 4 pack of tees appears on Amazon in summer 2023.
These (as you can see by the proportions) are little kids sizes only tees. Each one has a solo character head portrait right in the middle, and the character's name split into 2 parts/above & below the face. Each tee is the characters' main body color so only the detail colors are printed on/the shirt fabric is the main color. You get Knuckles with a spatter gray font, Sonic with a thick stencil spray type font, Tails with a wide white font and Shadow with a blocky red font and some red drips/spatter. The Tails portrait is especially cheerful here. Knuckles looks skeptical, Shadow aggrivated and Sonic is the usual 3/4 view. The names & solo characters keep these different enough looking. It's 33 dollars for all 4 in the pack at Amazon.
Thumbs up Character Hood Shorts Set Another misnomer from Walmart in 2023, they call this "Sonic cosplay 2 piece shorts set"'s not cosplay at all. Even the 'character theme pjs' are mor cosplay than this. This is just a simple character hood on an ordinary short sleeve shirt. That aside...
The set is ok, with a simple blue and white and checker theme. The tee is white with blue sleeves and a line art/blue only thumbs up modern Sonic with the logo. The hood is the bare minimum thing with super tiny cheap flat flappy ears and 1 row of tiny spikes. The shorts are blue with white checkers and his name. So, Sonic content on both pieces which is nice.
Because it has a hood (I guess?) its 30 dollars, which seems high for a kids shorts set like this, especially at Walmart.
(And a hood on short sleeve item? Kinda odd. Do kids still throw trash into hoods of others to be mean in the 2020s?)
Can't Stop This Cloud Wash Tee Tee a tad familiar?
That's because Bio World seems to be using this slogan quite a bit in 2023. They have a previous all blue tee that also uses "Can't Stop This" and modern Sonic in a circle. (But it was solid blue)
This is the Can't Stop This Cloud Wash Kids Tee. Cloud-Wash is the name of the style of tie-dye that's used here where it's pale/blue white with random pattern. It has jumping twist modern Sonic in a red circle, with the slogan at the top. This is only in mid-kids sizes (so no toddlers nor older teens) which is slightly unusual for bioworld, who ususally sizes for kids to upper teens (where some adults can get into the XL size anyway) This is a summer 2023 item, likely at Amazon, but anywhere else?
Kanji Kohls 2 Tees Modern Black Here are 2 tees from Kohls (probably exclusives) with a similar name. They're Kanji Let's Roll & Kanji Team. However, the one on the left is mis-named because there doesn't seem to be a Kanji (it's that complicated symbol, a whole word in 1 thing) on that shirt. These are both adults sizes and should be 19.99 or so, unless they are on sale.
The left shirt has a slogan in Japanese, jumping-pointing modern Sonic, a grid background, an Eggman small
portrait in a sunburst in yellow, the "Let's Roll" slogan, and then his name spelled out in Japanese all the way at the bottom. So, it's a bit busy.
The right tee has probably a slogan as well, but this time it is actual Kanji and so can't be read at all (If anyone translates this, it'll be added to this entry) It's above a full color/shaded Eggman portrait in a circle. Below has Sonic Tails & Knuckles all with their "aggrivated" stance and expression for the stock art. There's also a word in Japanese written vertically. They're interesting enough, but it'd be nice to know what they say.
Kohls Japan Style Mens Classic Gray Tee Another mens shirt from Kohls (likely exclusive) This is the Japanese Style Classic Sonic Gray Tee. And, it has a bit more than 'Japanese style' going on here: if you look closely the classic Sonic art is distorting and pixelating interestingly on purpose along with the white tiny-grid background. His name is spelled out in Japanese vertically down the right side.
The dark gray shirt would be pretty ordinary/a repeat of everyone's collection if it didn't bring in the interesting pixelization of the design/warping of the art. It's kind of a retro-future/glitch type effect that makes the tee more fun. A good idea from whatever company produced this. (No tag, no collar stamp & they didn't list it on the website.) This is a Summer 2023 item.
Medallions Characters Tee This is called the Sonic Characters Medallions Tee.
And, with good reason, it features 4 circles each with a different character inside. However, it adds variety by varying the size and the amount of each character you see in the circle. Tails is flying/full body, Knuckles is 3/4 view, Shadow is just a side portrait, and the largest/background one has almost all of Sonic but he's also a lot outside of the circle. (And for him, the background is blue/black checkered, not just a solid color) With the modern logo in color at the bottom, and a nice big design this is a good and colorful tee. This is a kids teens size, and should be on Amazon, but how much is it? It's a 2023 item.
Sakura Shadow & Amy Tee Shirts Sakura shirts!
With...Shadow? He's the last character you'd think to associate with pink cherry tree blossoms, but here he goes on a 'traditional Japanese screen print' type design theme. His shirt is black, red and pinkish with a full red moon, traditional 'wide thin clouds', the flowers, and his name at the bottom. The expectable shirt is pink with hammer swinging Amy, a branch, the flowers, and her name at the top. The script word spells out "Spring"
which is interesting because both of these shirts are Fall 2023 releases. They're at Hot Topic in adult sizes only for 25 dollars each. They're both cool and unusual, each in their own way. No shirt previously has done this with these characters/design so they're good to collect. Clearly whoever is designing for these is really thinking things through as well, sure they're both sakura themed but they're also so different and reflective of each character. A good move.
Ice Cream Bar Character Tee Segashop This is the Sonic Ice Cream Tee
It's a Sega Shop item in (oddly) Fall of 2023, despite ice cream bars being a summer food. The shirt is also somewhat 'meta' in that it makes fun of itself / a poorly product. As everyone knows, the Sonic Ice Cream Bar/pop whatever it was called in the area was notoriously wonky looking. The 'gum ball eyes' would be randomly applied by the machine and the face would be sort of randomly set up because ice cream and precision aren't all that compatible. The Internet thought this was pretty funny, so it became a meme or a joke to show art in the style of the silly looking food.
This shirt capitalizes on that (literally) but makes up a whole fake menu of bars including the Sonic, an Eggman, Shadow, and Metal Sonic with the slogan of "Green Hill's Favorite" across the bottom. This is adult sizes only and should be about 20 dollars.
Checker Ringer Sonic Adults Shirt
This is called the Checker Ringer Shirt from Box Lunch.
The 'ringer' part refers to the different color/type material being used for the collar. It's an adults size shirt, so fits anyone, but it is also a bit more expensive at 35 dollars as well. The Sonic patch there is embroidered on though, which adds another step of quality.
This looks slightly like it would be the uniform for something, doesn't it? Maybe a sport or an old fashion shop of some kind, it's somewhat nostalgic but for a time that was before Sonic was invented. The design is still interesting though, with vertical stripes on one side, checkers on the other and a nice big patch with him and his name. A good choice, because nobody has something that looks similar.
Sonic Jersey Youth Box Lunch Blue Knuckles Jersey Youth Box Lunch
Box Lunch produces 2 classic themed sports jerseys in fall 2023.
They're made of sports jersey fabric (so, not cotton, its that kind of slick-ish stuff that's a bit shiny as seen here) with short sleeves and v-necks. The first is a blue Sonic one, where he is an embroidered patch at the top. The slogan there is 'gotta go fast' written under some rings. His name and 1 ring is spelled out in a red bar to look a bit like a team logo. The back has his name and the number 91, for when he first appeared in a game.
The Knuckles jersey also has him as an embroidered patch, but this time adds an emerald patch to the other side of the chest area and the slogan 'no time for games' which is ironic because...jersey is for games. His name is spelled out in a sort of checker/rainbow line but that makes it look a bit more like a car racing than a sports type jersey theme. The back has his name again in an arch, another embroidered patch (head only this time) and the number 94, which is when Sonic 3 came out and he first appeared.
They're both a cool and different enough sporty design, and the real embroidery details really steps up the quality here. They are each 29 dollars at BoxLunch.
French Terry Kid Cartoon Set This is called the "Sonic French Terry Kids Cartoon Little Kids Tee Shorts Set". Quite a title, but appropriate enough for the set. The French Terry refers to the material it's made of, and it is indeed little kids sizes only. The top and shorts have the same busy all-over pattern of classic characters, monitors with various power ups in them, ring clusters, star bumpers, lines and dots. There's running Sonic, flying Tails and fist down Knuckls. Is it trying to have a bit of a Keith Herring vibe? (a modern artist) This set is 18 dollars on Amazon in winter 2024.
Tank Top Speed Set Modern Here is a little kids sizes only Tank Top & Shorts set.
Which is a bit too bad, because the design here is modern, different and fun. It has a 'splashy' half-and-half look where one side is dark blue and the other white, with a wavy divider. Notice that there is pale line art in the white side too, to add more interest. Sonic is forward facing/slide on the top, which also has a "Gotta go fast" slogan patch in the bottom corner as an added detail. The shorts have a fairly large face with "Sonic Speed" above/below it on one leg.

There's plenty of Sonic content here, it's very modern looking, and the design is likely not something anybody already has. This is 23 dollars on Amazon in winter 2024.