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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Pixel Frames Checker Wrecker Boss Art Pixel Frames must have succeeded with their first Sonic 1 themed wall decor/frame item, as here comes another. This one features Sonic vs. Eggman in his egg-o-matic with the wrecking ball...but is something missing?
This boss configuration from Green Hill Zone got the nickname (was it ever official?) "Checker Wrecker" because the ball was checkered like the ground...but here, the ball is just blank and brown? Strange.
The rest of it looks good though, with the layers inside the frame creating a shadowed/3D type effect that helps imitate the look of the game. (Also probably the parallax background too)
This seems to be sold at Walmart...but only in their online ship to home section for whatever reason. It should be about 25 dollars. This is a 2022 item.
Bath Towel Wash Cloth Set Walmart The nice and desirable trend of homegoods Sonic continues at Walmart in summer 2022 with this set. It's a bath towel and wash cloth pair for only about 11 dollars!
That's a great rate for a large towel you could probably also use at the pool or at the beach. Each one uses CG for all the art. The towel has flying forward Tails, gliding profile Knuckles, and leaping/reach Sonic. They're in front of the usual 3D styled 'Green Hill Zone-esque' background with the rock tower waterfall. The wash cloth uses a different expression for Sonic...but his face looks almost exactly the same? (His arm is down, and his mouth is open) the background here is also fairly similar. You'd think they'd want quite a different look for him to create variety on the wash cloth--and CG can do just about a bit odd. This is still a great pair of items at a very nice price. Good to use or to collect.
Chia Pet Ceramic Sonic Head Planter The internet's wacky gimmick idea comes to life for real??
It's true! "Silly ideas" often drawn for gags or memes would feature Sonic as a 'chia head' and now it seems that the Chia Pet company (Does it operate on pure nostalgia and irony? The world may never know) believes Sonic popular enough to make a chia head for him.
As is the usual, it's a glazed ceramic object with a hole in the top and a textured area where the green is expected to grow. Pouring water in the hole allows it to seep and disperse within the unglazed ceramic part which in turn waters the tiny seeds. They then sprout to create a fuzzy look as seen here. In this case, the green part is to be grown on classic Sonic's spikes...of which he seems to only have 3 because he probably had to be simplified to use in this instance. One can argue if it's tacky or not, but it sure does exist now!
The Chia Seed:
This tiny speckled seed produces interesting transparent gel on the outside when it is soaked in water. This allows it to stick to drier surfaces. That's why you can 'spread' the seeds onto the sculpture. The seeds are also very vigorous, the tiny dicotyledon appears quickly and grows tall. (So the image on the box does not last very long, it rises up like grass)
Further Chia Seed:
If you get food-grade seeds you can actually eat them. They are very good for you, and so is the gel. But they don't taste like anything. You can also eat the sprouts of food-grade seeds...though they are rather spicy.
Knuckles Head Pillow Mochi Is this.....a knuckle-head....?
All puns aside however, the Mochi pillow company that keeps making these..only a head...somewhat strange pillows now adds Knuckles to their line up. And, out of the three (Sonic & Tails as the other two) he's...the least accurate? The way the head is built is odd, it's not like the plush dolls, it's constructed such that it looks like he has sort of a 'hair band' going across the top of the head, or that the spike is some kind of long horn or hot-dog that wraps over the top of the head. They also super-shortened his spikes (a main feature) which also doesn't help. The face/expression and proportions of that are fine, which makes the whole spike/head situation even stranger. Why can they get 1 thing very well, but not another?
These head only pillows seem to be at Target (but in electronics) and all 3 may still be on shelves in late summer 2022. Photo by Mochi Pillow, discovered by Taaron
Pixel Frames Impatient Sonic Wall Decor Pixel Frames must be succeeding, because here comes another.
In late summer 2022, it releases the "Impatient Sonic" pixel frame. This has, as you'd expect, 16 bit Sonic in his waiting /foot tapping pose where he looks somewhat annoyed. It has the usual well done Green Hill background with the layered (it was paralax scrolling) background, and palms/flowers for the foreground.
These are decent on their own, as a small art piece for the wall, but if they keep doing them, some kind of tiled arrangement of them on the wall could be like a cool GHZ scene you could put together or re-arrange. This may appear in Game Stop, on Amazon, Walmart online stores, and possibly the IGNShop. This is the factory photo for the item.
Bamboo Sonic Cutting Boards A Sonic First!
These are most likely the very first Sonic themed official cutting boards! Slice safely in the kitchen on sustainable bamboo boards when you have these. It looks like they are laser etched to get the neat and tidy designs. They are both classic. The left has Knuckles, Amy, Tails & Sonic
in a ring of stars. The right has a circle of rings around the title screen winged-ring, with finger-waving Sonic in the middle. Each has the usual sealed-together smooth bamboo plank design with the normal oval handle hole. Each one is 30 dollars and appears in the Sega Shop Online USA in late 2022.
Opinion Zone:
Very fun! 'Exotic' Sonic items are always something I like to see. Having him on something as 'mundane' as a cutting board is very interesting. You can cut, then use Sonic bowls, cups and plates to serve. Having it of sustainible bamboo is also an excellent choice.
The Sega Shop Online adds "Hawiian" to their list of patterns, and starts it off with this metal water bottle. The pattern appears on other items too, in summer 2022. It has hibiscus flowers, rings, swirls and the 'thumbs up' modern Sonic stock art modified to be wearing sunglasses. This pattern repeats all over whatever item gets the Hawaiian treatment.
In this case, it's a red metal water bottle with black plastic cap. It is 30 dollars
Personalized Glasses Classic Designs Usually personalization is something to beware of (as fakers use it as a gimmick quite often) but in the case of these glasses, it's the Sega Shop Online offering the service.
(So, they clearly have a glass stamper/factory type stamper available) The glasses come in 2 varieties, regular pint shape and the new 'soda can' shape. There are 2 designs to choose from, and the name area goes in a blank bar/banner at the bottom of each design. The other side of the glass always has the classic logo. You can choose Sonic, Amy, Tails & Knuckles in a circle, or title-screen Sonic in the star/wing ring with rings around it. Everything here is classic, colorful and looks good. Because it is a service, it is 30 dollars.
Wow Pods Classic Sonic Tails Collect & connect? It's Wow-Pods.
Wow Pods are unsurprisingly from "Wow Stuff", who has recently aquired lots of brands including modern & classic Sonic. (As well as others like Fall Guys & Marvel) They feature a 3D fully painted display figure in a hexagon shaped 'pod'. However, when you wave a hand in front of it, the pod lights up blue and shows a secret background! Then, you can connect the pods together to form structures on the wall of your favorite characters.
(You could probably also use the tops as mini shelves to put more figures for display) These are battery operated. You can choose finger waving classic Sonic or peace sign classic Tails. Both figures look decent in their photos here, on model and nicely painted. They appear off and on at Amazon for about 15 to 20 dollars but it seems inconsistent if it's in stock. It's a winter 2022 item.
Wow Pods Modern Hexagons 3 Here is a photo directly from Wow Stuff, the company behind WowPods.'s clearly sort of prototypical. Why? Because the odd situation of a photo of something being actually rare on the internet. Because even a single image can be click n' saved and reposted infinite times, you'd think the concept of a 'rare photo' would be difficult to have in this age. But it is.
In this case, it's the actual product photos for Shadow & Modern Knuckles as finished items. The Shadow one was breifly pictured on Amazon but they tore it down after probably 2 days. Of course, it won't stay rare, the company will release them, but it's an odd situation in Winter 2022.
Why prototypical? There's no background, and the edges of the hexagons aren't finished with any of the graphics. However the figures are in their final state, so it can appear here. Shadow & Knuckles will be added to the page as real entries later when they do appear on the market.
Modern Sonic MIB Wow Pod The packaging for the modern characters' Wow Pods is different.
Instead of a hexagon item in a square box, the box is now also a hexagon. You can tell the border is the same. For their Modern Sonic, they really went...SA 1 style, taking off from the stock art and including the 'sorta crazy eyes' and the 'bdg=big dumb grin' with the offset teeth. Sure he's dynamic but it fairly dates itself and is slightly odd looking.
On the edge of the box you can see how they hook together, and also a picture of the other modern characters you can get (small, to the left) it also advertises the 'swipe to light' feature.
Wow Pods Light Up Sonic Decors Well, what does it look like when you do "Swipe to Light"?
The answer is nice! The backgrounds reveal a blue glow, and individualized design for each character. In Tails' case it has the slogan "Time To Fly" added as well as rings, arrows and icons. This photo also shows how the logo is half-printed (as are rings and the speed boost chevrons) so that when you 'collect and connect' they'd complete each other.
It's a fun gimmick, and they've chosen some cool poses for each of the characters. The varied backgrounds and lighting features add more style and more value. Someone was clearly thinking of good design when they did these.

This is a 2022 winter season product, likely on Amazon and probably about 15 or so each.