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Sonic the Hedgehog Plush Dolls USA Page 20 - Modern Plushes
This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era from 2010 and onward) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2020-2023 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, KidRobot, JakksPacific and more. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target plush availability seems to be on the rise.
GE Motobug Reversable Plush Badnick A double first?
It seems like it, with this fun GE Entertainment Motobug Badnick plush. It's probably the first USA badnick plush...and it's the first reversable plush too! If you turn it inside out, the other side is a Flicky Bird. (So, you can play 'release the small animal from the badnick' like the games) Also, yes Metal Sonic has had plushes before but he is not a regular badnick and so doesn't count for the first. This is a factory photo, and they didn't take one of
the other side. That will be added to the entry when the Flicky Side of the plush is revealed. So far though, it does look good, they've got the exahust, the tire with texture lines, the little claws and 3D antenna. It is also a fun idea if the flip gimmick pans out. Likely to be a spring 2023 item.
Mephiles GE Entertainment Plush GE Entertainment surprises everyone with this Mephiles evil plush doll! The antagonist of Sonic 2006 gets a very complicated and well done plush with GE's expected quality.
This character is super wierd looking and detailed to begin with, he's footless, noseless and very crystaline/ craggy looking. He's of course somewhat based on Sonic/Shadow because he started as a rather formless thing/and naturally our gang being mixed up in the plot led to this boss creature appearance.
With the 'stitching' type lines on the eyeball surface, good embroidery, and attention to getting all the details this does look like the game, but if you were going to have a haunted doll of some sort this thing looks like a candidate for such.
Suggestion: This is really well done and reasonably priced. It should be on Amazon in 2023. If you want this do buy it because it is unlikely to be re-released. (Villain items seldom are unless its like Eggman or MetalSonic or something)