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Sonic the Hedgehog Plush Dolls USA Page 21 - Modern Plushes
This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era from 2010 and onward) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2022-2024 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, KidRobot, JakksPacific, Toy Factory and more. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target plush availability seems to be on the rise.
Toy Factory Super Sonic Plush
Toy Factory starts off 2024 with a Super Sonic plush.
Toy Factory makes prize plush for things like arcade ticket prizes and other games. (They may also make retail dolls, it's unknown which this one is) This one is likely also made to be a prize plush, as is evidenced by the super simple construction (small very basic feet, flat minimum detail hands, oval/round body despite it being 'modern', glove cuffs & socks are just white fabric straps, and untextured fabric everywhere)
Despite being basically constructed, he still turns out ok. You have the appropriate/frown/serious expression, the embroidery is good, and the head shape/up spikes are all well done. Notice the ears are 3D as well, and there doesn't seem to be any errors with any of the seams/details.
Info pending on where this will appear.
Ruz Boquet Amy Sonic Valentines Plush A Valentines plush that's not on the (infamous) Calendar of Crud? The company Ruz makes it so!
For the first time in a number of years, a company will release holiday related Sonic dolls and in 2024 that first holiday is Valentine's day. So, a perfectly normal classic style Sonic & Amy are packaged together with plush hearts (says 'be mine' on them) in a red flower-boquet-paper shaped cloth item tied with a bow.
They're simpler little dolls, probably about the 8 inch or so size with embroidered details. They do HAVE the details though, you can see Amy's headband, shirt sleeves/collar & the gloves look normal too.
*That red bit on the edge of Sonic's face is actually some piece of lint or fuzz
that they got on the doll at the factory and then whoever took the photo (this is a factory photo) didn't pick it off before taking the picture. (So, it's an error, if an uncommon one) This is confirmed to be sold by Walmart for about 18 dollars starting in late January, however it's unknown if it's an online only thing or not. It seems like an all right deal at 18 for 2 dolls in a seasonal packaging situation.
GE Egg o Matic Eggman Plush 8 inch
GE Entertainment will release an Eggman in the Egg o Matic plush in 2024.
It's a wacky 'mini' version of modern Eggman with big-head design, and drawn on details/arms. The egg o matic has a clear soft plastic wind screen in the front, and slightly shaped details. Eggman's nose, mustache, glasses and goggles are all 3D/sewn on felts. It's pretty good detail for how small it is, which is only 8 inches...however, it's retail price is set at 30 which is high for a small size plush like this that lacks limbs completely. GE is usually really reasonable, why's this one so high?
Play by Play Pop Comic Classic Plush This is the Play by Play Pop Comic Classic Plush Sonic Assortment.
Play by Play Plush makes arcade prize type dolls, and these are included in the 2024 line up. As you can see, they're simply made, and meant to come in several sizes to attract attention. There are 30cm and 70cm sizes. (only red and multicolor are 70, tho) 
The 'pop comic' refers to the all-over printed fabric which has comic style words/art/graffiti sort of collaged onto it. The background is either red, blue, or collage.
Look at the frabric, especially for the shoes, it looks like that slick/shiny stuff, same with the eyes. They may have an interesting feel. The design is ok, with 3D ears, big enough shoes, and nothing looks too out of proportion or withered, unlike other 'carnival' type plush. The red one does look kind of fake though because Sonic isn't supposed to be red at all/so if you see him out of context it's going to look suspicious. Yeah they did it for 'variety' but...
Play by Play Flat 8 inch plush line At a toy show in Germany in 2024, Play by Play (who sells all over the world, or at least Europe & USA are confirmed so far) had a booth to show off their new plush wares from various franchises, including modern and classic Sonic.
And this set is called the 8 inch Flat line and they are....debateable.
It's more of that attempted 'chibi' styling to get away with less detail and make things all distorted and simpler to sew/an excuse to not have the characters look like they do in the games. This VERY nearly went on Mutant Gear because look how awful Knuckles looks! Your three dimensional objects need to look at least ok from ALL angles!
The front facing photo at the top, they look ok and you can see how they got green-lighted if that's all anybody saw of them...but then in real life at the show it's...well less than great. Horrible flappy felt spikes for Knuckls' nasty monkey-head, withered nothings of tails for Tails, Sonic just looks like a hoodie sweatshirt gone wrong. Its unknown where these will be sold, and both photos are Play by Play's.