American Sonic Action Figures
These include true action figures as well as bendies. All of these are a fairly recent addtion to the Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise world. Unfortunatly, they are not so recent that you can expect to find them in stores today. Your best bet is Ebay, but some of these are becoming rare and collectible. If you have some, hang on to them, as prices (especially for ReSaurus) are rising!
This Just In: The Toy Island figures are being re-released and re-packaged with LESS accessories as a "Sonic X" line. These were originally from Sonic Adventure.
This Also Just In: Where are the new Toy Island figures?
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ReSaurus Sonic the Hedgehog Figures (Line 1 and Line 2)
Toy Island Sonic the Hedgehog Figures (Line 1, with Re-Release info)
Bendy Sonic the Hedgehog Figures (All Brands)
Giant Sonic the Hedgehog Figures and/or Talking Figures

Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, E-102 Gamma, Eggman, Chao, Big the Cat, Chaos Emeralds, Coconuts the Monkey, Froggy are all included in the figures of the above pages.