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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 38
This page should have 2021 through 2022 Sonic clothes.
Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Freeze Tees Airbrush-look Sonic Shirt Now here's an odd one from the new company on the scene in 2022: "Freeze Tees"
This is an official item that's trying to look like a bootleg? Now there's a strange choice. This all white tee has an "air brush look" for the shading, font, name & 'stars' background for modern Sonic. It's got the typical shiny 'bubble letters' to spell out his name at the bottom. Doing the 'glow/fade' border around an art is also a hallmark of air brush work.
The thing that sets it apart is the obviously non-air-brush "S" on one sleeve.
*There used to be a much higher prevlence of 'air brush' stands or mini shops at the beach or
in touristy areas. An airbrush artist would then use art skills to create tees on the spot with copyrighted characters. Often, they'd then be personalized with the child's name. Is this super terrible? Not really. But doing it en-masse every day forever kind of isn't the right thing to do, either. So, this is a shirt that looks slightly fake even though it isn't.
Freeze Tees Checker Modern Sonic Shirt Freeze Tees comes in again with another modern design. This one has quite a fresh feel because of the almost-all-over blue/black checker pattern coming in at an angle over one sleeve & half the tee. It has the modern full color logo as a large design feature slanted along in the middle. They use jumping-twist Sonic stock art but he's so cut off's a little "clausterphobic" in the design? The checkering overlapps him, and most of his limbs are off the edge of the shirt. It's supposed to be avantgarde but...making the art smaller probably would have reduced the confusion/clausterphobia of the design. This is a 2022 item, likely on Amazon
Modern Remix Bio World Tee
This shirt is called the "Modern Remix" by Bio World.
It's a 2022 winter item seen at Amazon (but anywhere else?) The shirt seems to be either black or a super dark navy blue. It has forward facing modern Sonic (with a lesser used expression? 'challenging'?) but with a sort of horizontal 'static' sort of lines effect going through it and white/light side and dark blue 'shaded' side. They also replace the peach areas with blue-green giving the whole face a kind of shadowed look? The modern logo is below/large and has horizontal striping through it as well.
It's an interesting and fresh enough look, so unlikely anyone already has something similar. It's good to see Bio World getting the modern license back because this type of creative thing is always good to see.
Rings All-Over modern Sonic Tee This is the "Sonic Rings All-Over Tee"
It is likely to be another Bio World offering at Amazon in winter 2022. It lives up to the name, using a fun fabric for the entire tee that has variously sized gold rings printed all over it. The shirt itself is white. They use a large size 'pointing forward but looking back' modern Sonic, who takes up most of the entire right side of the shirt. It looks like 1 hand and some of his spikes may wrap around to the back.
The combination of fun yellow rings and large off-centered but dynamic looking Sonic art make this shirt a fresh and fun one to collect. A good design choice by them, once again.
All About Love Amy Tee Hot Topic
An unfitting tee from Hot Topic...
Not that the shirt won't fit (its adult sizes only) it's that the design is for Valentines Day and is not fitting for Sonic content. It's from that "It's All About Love" stupid slogan time period of unsuccessful merchandise. It uses a rather inferior re-draw of the Sonic CD era art of Sonic carrying classic Amy while jumping. They've added hearts, flowers, and a big pink background. The shirt is otherwise white/plain.
The boring rectangle design is reminiscent of an iron-on or bootleg. It looks hasty and just slapped on. Notice that Sonic is annoyed in the art (he was in the original too) because while Amy may be all about love (which is good! loves nature, her friends, flicky birds etc) Sonic isn't: he's about adventure and saving everyone. The whole point of the early Sonic/Amy was that she liked him but it wasn't reciprocated which is also fine & kept them unique. This was 20 dollars in 2021
Gray Cloud Wash Bio World 4 Chars Tee This is another 'cloud wash' type of tee.
Cloud Wash seems to be a type of tie-dye, but in this case it's done with gray/black over a white tee. It has 4 modern forward-facing character faces. However, not everybody's expression is the same...Sonic looks determined, Tails is clearly annoyed, Amy is cheerful and Knuckles looks rather skeptical. The moder logo is in full color at the bottom. The mix of expressions is kind of...disharmony? Like the feel of the 'mood' of the art is kind of jumbled? Also seeing Amy/Knuckles spikes from the back of their head because they have no neck/body is also kind of odd. It's an ok shirt idea but it just doesn't quite...match or make 100% of sense maybe. This is a Bio World tee in 2022
Jumping Beans Kids Blue Sonic Simple Shorts Interesting! A pair of Sonic shorts alone.
Why are there not more themed shorts? Everything here is pretty much 99% tees or combo outfits. Sonic shorts, of course would go nicely with the tees but...they're just not that common. This simple pair of blue shorts is for little kids only, as it is by Jumping Beans Clothing. It's plain blue, with a cute neoclassic tilted-forward running Sonic in a ring of colored stars. He's in full color, and appears at the bottom of only one leg.
It's not a ton of Sonic content, but it's a good pair to choose with a busier top because it is simple. This is likely at Kohls (as they really like the Jumping Bean brand), but is it anywhere else? This is a 2022 item.
Dracula Bite Metal Sonic Robotnik Tees "Dracula Bite" is a tee company that makes shirts that have a 'heavy metal music' type of theme/look to them. This would appeal to metal fans, and fans of the various brands they add the 'metal band' look to.
In this case, they get a modern Sonic license and use it to make quite a few tees with a distinct and different look. Their first 2, are appropriately Metal Sonic (he's already metal!) and Robotnick (Interesting that it's not Eggman in 2022...) The MS shirt has a font somewhat similar to Metallica's (on purpose) with looming evil Eggman in flames at the top, and crackling energy around a Metal Sonic portrait in a circle for the main graphic.
The Robotnik shirt has a large giant egg robot boss (from Sonic 2) firing missiles and the drill hand at modern Sonic who is running away/toward the viewer at the bottom. This "Robotnik" is spelled out in a prickly font, somewhat typical of northern Europe metal bands.
Dracula Bite 6 Tees Characters With the success of their first 2 tees, Dracula Bite continued and made 6 more in 2022. None of the tees use stock art...they appear to use their own art (that was approved by Sega for the collaberation between brands) It mostly works for their designs. The first tee is Shadow looming among red 'flames' type energy as he holds a yellow flame in hand. His name is spelled out in a prickly hollow font. Knuckles stars in not one but TWO tees, just for him! The first has him standing in a circle, the second has him with his fists up in a boxing-ready position. Both use the same font for his name at the top.
Tails sorta-gets a tee, where he looks aggrivated/determined as he carries Sonic over flames while Sonic holds up the hand gesture 'metal horns' with his other hand. "Miles Tails Prower" is spelled out at the top. Eggman is the star of a tee, but Sonic is facing him at the bottom. This font looks somewhat Iron Maiden. The Sonic-only one gets the face a bit wrong and the body too...thus it resembles fan art more than something official. Here, he has the metal-horns hand gesture & his name is spelled out in a font somewhat like the band Slayer.
Rounded Cut Running Sonic Tee Walmart
Here's a Walmart tee in spring 2022 with a little bit of difference...
First, the fabric is some kind of thin, extra-soft material. It isn't made of usual tee shirt fabric. Then, look at the bottom of the shirt: it has a rounded cut that goes up at the side seams. The purpose of this cut is unclear, it doesn't seem to change much and is neither positive nor negative--it is just something a bit different.
The design is fun as well, with profile running neoclassic Sonic in a trail of slowly spacing apart blue squares. This is across the bottom part of the tee, to give it a different style. The classic logo is in full color on the upper right side chest area. This is another of those shirts where a maker/license isn't listed: it just has the logo printed in the back of the collar.
This is quite reasonably priced at aroun 7 dollars in the boys/teens area. The XL/L size may fit more than just kids. This is in the SonicGear collection.
Emerald Club Clover Gray Tee St. Patricks Day gets another tee?
Apparently with this HIS shirt at Target in 2022. This came out around the holiday, but does not mention it. Though, with the 4 leaf clover, you can tell exactly what it is for. This has altered stock art of 'getting ready to run' classic Sonic. He's been modified to have a shamrock added to one hand. Interestingly, they also put his shoes to green. The background has large gray checkers.
Notice the little diamond shape in the corner with "The Emerald Club" in it. It is likely included because it's a 'green element' to go with the St Patricks green theme going on here.
It's a bit cobbled together/somewhat forced for a design, but it's not terrible, it's just a bit odd.
Toddler 3 Tees Set Amazon Items A set of 3 cool tees...too bad for toddlers!
At least babies can be stylish if anyone gets for them these 3 fun shirts which appear as a set on Amazon in 2022. There's a red tee with fist-out Knuckles that has his name written across it (and as 'echoes' in the background), a black tee with pointing Shadow in a rectangle background & his name in yellow at the bottom, and a blue tee with jumping peace sign Sonic that has the 'echoes' lines behind him and his name in white at the top.
Each shirt is different enough from the next, and color-coordinating with the character is good as well. This is about 25 dollars for all 3 of them.
Classic Style Team 4 Pack Set Clothing Here's a set with some variety!
This is called the "Classic Team Sonic 4 Piece Set", and it can be found on Amazon in 2022. Unlike usual sets though, this gives you a tee shirt, sweat pants, shorts, and a sort of wide strap tank top. (Beware of tank tops, however, because they can easily lead to sun burn if you treat them like regular shirts)
The tee has "Team Sonic" on it with forward-facing standing classic Sonic & a background of yellow squares. The pants are all dark navy blue with a mid-blue stripe down the side. These have a forward-Sonic face only on the middle thigh area of 1 leg only. The shorts are also navy, but have a mid blue and white stripe for both sides, and the logo near the bottom of one leg. The tank top is gray with black sides and neoclassic very-forward-tilted running Sonic in front of "Sonicspeed!" written as a fade/multiple times from yellow to blue. The set has decent design, each thing has a Sonic element, and it is reasonably priced at about 30 dollars. Solid, if you didn't already have something similar.
5 Piece Ringer Tee Set Amazon This is called the 5 Piece Ringer Tee Set.
However, it has 3 tees and 2 shorts so it's not all tees, but it is all classic. The 'ringer' part refers to the colored collar and sleeves of each tee. The first is gray with the slogan "Still Unstoppable" with forward facing Sonic. The middle blue one has probably neoclassic Japanese running Sonic with the log, the last black one has that faux-weathering with getting ready to run Sonic and 'Sonic speed' slogan. The shorts have 'born to run since 1991' for the dark gray pair and finger waving neoclassic Sonic with the logo on the light gray pair. Both are elastic and drawstring for the waist.
It's a good set for the classic fan! The items all have nice variety, no 2 arts are the same, slogans fit well with the classic theme, and each has a decently sized Sonic element. This is at Amazon in 2022, and fits little kids through teens (so large may fit adults) A very good deal for 31 dollars for everything.