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Playing Sonic games at home is great, so playing them at arcades should be fun too! All pages are a mix of new and old. However, if there's something about these consoles, they seem rather well made. Don't always rule out the older ones as being 'long gone'. For some reason, arcades/gaming areas can keep them around for quite some time. Also, when a game is retired (for whatever reason) it usually filters into the hands of collectors. The area or country where each item is found is listed in it's description.
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This is an air hockey table from the "Sonic Sports" Line. It's a large arcade size table with an all-Sonic theme. The pucks have the Sonic X face logo in black and white, the strikers are blue & red, and the side of the game says "Sonic All Stars" on the side with a stars graphic. The table top Has a very big all-over graphic of modern Sonic.
The top features a 'spin' like decoration and headline as well as the scoreboard, and score lights. The clear center divider says "Sega" on it. Above is the factory photo for the game, which is large. It's 70 inches high and 87 inches long. It also weighs 385 lbs. The top is polycarbonate, the sides are aluminum with edge bumpers. It uses chaser LEDs, displays score & time, and can be set for 2 or 4 players as well as having a ticket dispensing option Want to see it in action use Air Hocky Video.
The spec sheet (at right) describes all the features and shows that it is from Sega Amusements Europe, even though it is in England. (So, it could appear at arcades throughout Europe) Highway Games may sell this game (if you are an arcade) This looks to be a stylish, sturdy and cool game to play. Hopefully it appears at many arcades starting in 2009! It has a webpage at Liberty Games Photo discovered by Kirbycrew.
Arcade Ad Paper This isn't an arcade machine...but rather an ad for one. This is likely to be a full or part-page ad that would appear in a trade publication of some sort. (As in, a magazine that is not for public sale) It's here to advertise the odd machine seen on Arcade Page 2, back when it was new. The bottom text reads: "You don't ask for higher collections, you capture them". Meaning that the game has the ability to earn you more money when you add it to your arcade. Colorful enemy art from Sonic 1 and the more Japan style title/logo give this ad an interesting look. Discovered by SonicBoy 19.
You can see the actual game, & part of the play area in the photo below. Photo discovered by Dustin Lee Autry
Sonic number game arcade item
Japanese 1991 UFO Machine Ad Here's an ad for a UFO catcher that's all in Japanese.
What makes it interesting, is that it's from 1991. This was, of course, the first year of Sonic which shows that they went into merchandising almost right away. The dolls it dispensed are pictured in the ad (and can be seen on Sonic Plushes Japan) and it does include 'string legs' Sonic which was known to be a very early plush. You can also see that the machine itself is Sonic branded with pictures of him on the dispenser flaps as well as on art in the back of the machine. The bottom graphic illustrates how a user might be able to grab a doll from it. It's an interesting ad to see because it is so old! Discovered by Berzerker.
Segaworld Australia Sally Game Card This card is from Segaworld Australia. It's an arcade pre-paid to play card, and it's made of plastic. You'd put money on them at a counter, then slide it into machines to play. Once it was done, you could then keep and collect it. Several characters were likely featured on the cards, but as you know, Sally was super big in Australian marketing at the time, so she gets her own. Photo discovered by: Calistine
Sega Sonic All Stars Racers Chair Machines With these great machines, you can try Sega & Sonic All-Stars Racing action in arcades too! Of course, you can play the game on your home console, but it does not have a light-up color-changing console & special light up chair. It also doesn't have real pedals and racing wheels for real arcade action. The top of the machines have light up Sonic & Amigo graphics as well as markers (1 and 2) because the machines can race eachother. They have 3 modes: Vs. , Vs AI ghost, and a type of story mode with 3 areas. The games look very modern and attractive for players. These are seen in a Chuck E Cheese in the USA. Sega intends to roll these out in 2011 at various arcades. Info & photo provided by ArcadeHeroes
Sonic Sports - Allstars Basketball Ad This basketball game is 2nd in the Sonic Sports line. As you can see, it has the same ad style, and graphic elements as the above air hocky table. You can link up to 15 of the units to create a head-to-head type battle of points, it plays its own hip hop mix music out of bass speakers that are built in, & it can dispense tickets when you set it up. It is 103 inches high, and weighs 573 lbs. The hoop can even move to make it harder! All the balls are blue and have SEGA branding on them as well. It is at Liberty Games & has its own page for you to read more!
This is a spec sheet/ad that describes the game and has contact numbers for if you are an arcade & want one. It too is made by Sega Amusements Europe (operating out of England) so these will likely appear in EU arcades during 2010. Ad discovered by SonicBoy19
Arcade mini basketball game photo
The right photo shows a slightly different machine (notice the basketball graphic on the front and different coin slot area) it may have just changed from ad-sheet to final product. This new angle gives you a look at the side of it. Want to see it being played? Use Basketball Arcade Video. Right photo discovered by Piplupfan77
Cromptons X Factor UFO catcher This machine appears to be called "Cromptons X Factor" and it is full of modern Sonic plushes. You can see Shadow, Tails, Knuckles & Sonic in various sizes all waiting to be won. (the other half of the machine appears to be Mario things) The second machine (seen below) is much smaller and only contained classic style Sonic & Tails plushes. Cromptons X Factor Interior
Both of these machines were found in Seton Sands Haven Holiday Caravan Park in the UK, in 2011. (So if you stop by, you could win) One of the machines is 1 pound for 5 credits or 20p per play.
Seton Sands Classic UFO catcher Classic Sonic Tails prizes Sonic prize doll side view Sonic prize doll back & Tag
The Sonic at left was won from this machine, & you can see the classic style checkered tag. However, his ear color is a sticker, so the card-tag puts a big hole in it. He is about 12 in. tall. All photos by: DuckyJr1337
Joypolis 20th Anniversary Statue Machine This is a special 20th Anniversary UFO catcher grabber machine. It only has 1 item inside for you to win, and that's the special Sonic Display Figure Statue. It can be seen on SonicGear at Display Figures (in, and out of box) Given that there aren't many in it, and that the figure is expensive on aftermarket, it must be fairly difficult to win, or have expensive play price. The figure has a value of about 60-90 USD, and is only seen on Yahoo & Ebay Japan auctions, likely also only in 2011 while the machine is active. It will likely become a rare item. Photo by StaticTheHedgehog
Gameworks Arcade Sonic Party Plate Yes, this is a party supply (it's a paper party plate) but it is also likely super rare, and arcade exclusive. This plate can only be gotten at Gameworks arcades, and then, only if you rent the party room and have a party with food/cake. Because that's an expensive thing to do, and also because it's considered a disposable item/gets cleaned up by cleaning staff or just thrown out by guests, it's also a rare item. This was a spare plate that was unused, and collected at an opportune moment. It's great to see that Gameworks has chosen Sonic to star on their stuff, and that they've chosen a nice new stock art for him too. There are likely to be other party goods (napkins, cups etc) with this same theme. Photo & owned by: SonikkuForever
UK Coin Token Sonic Sega Centre This is a coin token from the UK.
Like all tokens, it's somewhat uncommon. Usually with tokens, you had to trade them in after the gaming to get prizes, or they only worked in the games on site. This has raised detail with Sonic standing on either fluffy ground, or a cloud. For some reason there is a cloud on his head too. But why? It's sort of odd. It has the Sega logo and the word "Centre" , but where exactly was it from? The tiny word at the bottom appears to say "Soup License" but...why? It could be from Segaworld London. Owned & photo by Dustin Lee Autry
Sonic the Fighters Arcade Machine Sonic Fighters Console Side Here, a fan has managed to do the nearly impossible! To collect something that's among the rarest of the rare! An entire Sonic the Fighters / Champions Arcade Cabinet! Notice that it isn't in an arcade somewhere, it's in a room as it's been collected. The top has the logo (Sonic with fist in a flame) and the very faceted polygonal art of everyone in the game. The theme of the cabinet color is blue streaked with white. The instructions / move lists for everyone are posted above and below the screen. You can see that the console part of it isn't loaded with buttons. The sides of it have the characters again, but for some reason it leaves out Bean but keeps in Bark. There were very few arcades that had these machines, as not many were made. This would be a star in any collection!
STF Basic Instructions for play Sonic Tails Espio Fighting Moves List
Amy Bark Moves Chart Fang Bean Knuckles Moves List Arcade cabinet owned & photos by: Kenny Ryan
Here are the panels of instructions for the game. The top left has the basic moves, like jump & run with how you tilt the stick. The others are the character-specific moves which you can read here, along with how to do them. Espio has toungue attacks, Sonic spins, Knuckles has a variety of punches, Bean pecks & throws bombs (Terrific Peck Attack?) Fang jumps/kicks & shoots, Bark punches & throws, Tails uses his tails and Amy works with the hammer a lot. Her "What's that" is a trick move, to distract an opponent.
Hello Kitty Sonic UFO Machine & Display Here's the display & UFO Catcher machine for the Hello Kitty Sonic plush. It's Kitty dressed up in a cute little Sonic costume, to which she's added her iconic bow. The glass case has a single doll on silver tinsel, with a framed/paper description / explanation card that features art of the doll. Next to it, you see the machine where you can hopefully win one. The top of the machine has been decorated with loose dolls for the photo op. It's nice to see the presentation for the doll moving right along. You can see better details of the prize on Japan Plushes here on Gear. Photo discovered by Taaron