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Playing Sonic games at home is great, so playing them at arcades should be fun too! All pages are a mix of new and old. However, if there's something about these consoles, they seem rather well made. Don't always rule out the older ones as being 'long gone'. For some reason, arcades/gaming areas can keep them around for quite some time. Also, when a game is retired (for whatever reason) it usually filters into the hands of collectors. Old arcade games are often sold to dealers of them, who warehouse them somewhere, and then sell to collectors to restore. The area or country where each item is found is listed in it's description.
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Segaworld Sydney Stamp Pass Cover SW Sydney Stamp Card Inside
Often, arcades or casinos will have some kind of 'loyalty program' where you can earn freebies by doing certain things and collecting stamps or stickers. Sega World Sydney was no exception, and this is their Coca Cola Loyalty Card (folds open) and it's stamping system. Notice they like to use the 'blue arms accident Sonic' on lots of stuff, and this card art is no exception. When you get meals, drinks, pay the admission fee, etc, you collect a stamp. (round thing) Then when you fill the card up to a blue box you get the prize in there. Prizes include free Cokes and something that was abbriviated. Photos by: Sonicfan3841
Quad Hockey Air Hockey Table What's more exciting than a regular Air Hockey Table? Try a QUAD Hockey Table! This special, giant air hockey table has 4 goals for 4 players all at the same time. It's got great Sonic themed art all over, from the fun stars in the center to the different characters in stars for each of the corners. You can see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Amy. There's the Sonic & stars graphics on the sides too. You can see the 'spin' like blue shape over the logo which lets you know that the
Quad Hockey Sonic Star Detail table is made by the same company who made the regular Air Hockey & arcade mini basketball (on page 3) . Want to see it in action? Use Quad Hockey Video! There's LED lights for score indicators in the middle/points, the puck-return & new players can join at any time. It also plays music, & can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 players. Hear the game with a Youtube Quad Hocky Video 2, discovered by CrystalSonicfan Photo discovered by JordanxSonic
Segaworld Sydney Gold & Silver Tokens Here are some tokens from Segaworld Sydney Australia. You've seen tokens before, but these were made in TWO colors! There's a brassy/gold tone one with a Sonic face & stars, plus a silvertone one with the Sega logo & finger wagging Sonic. The first says "No Cash Value" & the other says "For Amusement Only". Did they have different values while the park was open, or were they just from different eras of operation? A cool collectible either way. Photo & owned by: JayBrewer
Speed Star Sonic Car Kiddie Ride This isn't a game per se, but kiddie 'rides' like this one can sometimes be found in arcades. You put in a coin and then the ride makes noise and tilts around in some way. These aren't as popular as they used to be, so it's surprising to see a brand new one in 2012. This is Sonic's car The Speed Star from Sonic Sega All Stars Racing. It has been modified to have 2 seats instead of one, & a Sonic statue is Sonic Sega All Stars Racing Kiddie Car Ride
'riding' on the back. This thing can provide fun photo opportunities for fans...if you can find it. Do you know where one of these is? Write in for credit! Discovered by Sonicboy19
Notice the smaller air hockey table in the background of the right side photo. It's Sonic themed too, but it's not the same as the table on page 3, as the Sonic design is smaller & there's no blue plastic center guard. Right photo from a trade-show, taken by Liberty Games. See it in action? All Stars Racing Youtube Video (plays strange song though) discovered by CrystalSonicFan
Sonic Live Pachislo Machine Photo Sonic Live the Pachislo Machine
What is a Pachislo? It seems to be a combined word of Pachinko & Slot (but without the T) A pachinko runs on balls instead of coins, while most slots run on coins. However, a pachislo runs on tokens. For some reason, token gambling is not considered direct gambling in most areas. (why not? you buy tokens with money...)
This particular machine is in a Japanese arcade somewhere. You'll notice it has Sonic merchandise perched atop it to attract people to gamble on it. It also has a sort entertainment as part of the experience. As you stop the spinning wheels (like a slot) Sonic jumps from pillar to pillar. If something special happens, it plays a video of Sonic, Tails & Amy in band & Omochao tells you something. You can also see Big, a UFO Catcher with dolls & a chao garden. The video doesn't seem all that relevent to what's going on with the wheels...and not much of interest happens in the video until about 3 minutes in. The video portion is supposed to make the slot more entertaining...but...does it succeede? Video found by Shadowfoxx757
Sonic Allstars Racing Chair Here are 2 (slightly) different arcade consoles for Sonic All Stars Racing. At left is a normal one, & at right is a 'twin'. The Twin machine is sort of attached, & does head-to-head racing. The single can be connected in a line of up to 8 stations to race against eachother. The sides & chair itself also light up/flash etc. for each machine to draw attention. Any machine can do ticket payout for winning too. This is probably a UK item, but may appear elsewhere. They have 32 inch screens, & you can race with your choice of 13 characters from the game on 13 courses. It's likely like AllStars Racing 1, just with (upgraded?) graphics & the fun car seat/pedals/wheel type interface that you can't get at home. Both photos discovered by Shadowfoxx757 Sonic Allstars Racers Twin Machine
Segaworld UK Leaflet Brochure Here's another item that's probably seldom seen...these days. It is a brochure / leaflet for Segaworld UK. You'd get something like this at the door, to help explain & advertise what's going on inside. The problem is, most of them were probably thrown out & not kept. Naturally, Sonic's on the cover, which says "Free Entry". It also says about the 7 rides it has, and the different floors with different themes. Plus over 400 different kinds of arcade games you can play. On the 4th level there's a full liquor bar (the 'now open' flyer) The 4 images one says "New for 99", and showcases 4 of their more popular games, with a Sonic face in the middle. The dinosaur is a part of a 3D glasses experience, with state of the art (at the time) glasses so it'd really look 3D. This is an interesting Arcade Artifact! Brochure photo & owned by UltimateFreiza
Sonic Athletics Treadmill Games Look at this new kind of arcade game! It appears to be a treadmill. The set is "Sonic Athletics", likely some kind of Sonic/Mario Olympic Games offshoot. It looks like you would race against other players in the set, or, likely NPCs. Each machine has a number & character.
You can spot Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Silver and Blaze (she's on the far end) These look like fun, they are at the Tokyo Joypolis. You can race the 100 meter sprint or do the 110 meter hurdles. But how do you jump? The above right photo is a CG mockup of the actual games. It includes the "Sonic Athletics" logo. Discovered by Taaron, right photo discovered by Banana. Set has a page at Sonic Athletics, but it's in Japanese.
Tomy Ecuador Gacha Keychain Machine Here's a gacha type ball dispensing machine in Ecuador! It's a Tomy machine, & dispenses little colored plastic balls with flat rubber character shapes keychains. Tomy operates in several countries (European ones & the USA also) so this machine may show up elsewhere, which is good because Tomy Flat Character Keychain Selection
at only a dollar each (an Ecuador dollar) they're likely a bargain. Look at all the choices you can get too, Knuckles, Super Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Sonic, Amy, Silver & Eggman too. They use some less common poses too, which is nice to see. The text on the machine reads "Personalize with your favorite heroes" . Photos by Crystal SonicFan.
Sonic Sega Arcade Paper Tickets Here is part of a strip of paper tickets. These tickets were commonly found at amusement places. If you bought the tickets, usually they were used for rides.
If you won the tickets, usually they would be spit out by an arcade machine. You'd collect the strip as it came out, then exchange the tickets for prizes at a prize counter later on. Each one has a nice blue finger-waving Sonic & the Sega logo. These are thought to be from a Segaworld Japan, but there's no evidence yet.
Chuck E Cheese Commercial Arcade machines sometimes appear in commercials! Here is a screen shot from an ad for Chuck E Cheese. They make sure to show the kids having fun at the Sonic spinner wheel game. It appears blurry because it is in action.
Using Sonic as an attraction / to promote places or items is pretty common because he is so well liked. The spinner game was also pretty common at all Chuck E Cheeses. Screenshot located by Crystal Sonic Fan
Here is a better look at the Sonic Token Roller. It's an older game for sure. The front has the instructions, Sega logo, token slot, & Sonic standing graphic. It has checkered accents like Green Hill Ground. You can see the red bubble light on top, how the interior 'game board' lights up (Its hard to photograph because it is under glass) & the nicely decorated side-pannels, complete with a graphic of a "Sonic Token" With the second photo, you can read the instructions & know how to play. You may be able to find this game if you use the Arcade Finder page. Photos & finder info by:
Sonic Token Roller Instructions