Australia had a large selection of plushes in various sizes early on in the history of Sonic. This was mainly due to the Segaworld in Sydney. It had loads of plushes of each of the SatAm Sonic show characters available for visitors to buy. Since everything at that time was very TV Show focused, you'll see the different look it created for the characters in many of the plushes here.
Australia continued making/having plushes after the Segaworld shut down, so you can find modern items here too.
Australia Sonic Plush 2 *
Super Cute 4 Inch Chao Plush Look how cute this is!
It's some sort of chibi chao plush that's only 4 inches high. The detail is nice considering the size, as it has yellow tips for the hands, feet & head. The expression is very happy which adds to the fun. But where could you find this? Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
Classic Amy Rose Plush Is this a Jazwares Classic Style Plush?
This Amy is far better than any of the plushes Jazwares has released to the USA so far. She really looks like the prototype/toy show photos that JW released for their classically styled line. But, why would they retail her in Australia first? (The order JW usually goes in, is USA then Canada, then Australia, then Europe or sometimes England is right after Canada) Photo discovered by: Annalise
Rouge the bat small TN plush This small Rouge the bat doll is new in 2011 . It is made by ToyNetwork (they used a round tag) It's only about the size of a standard comic book. Construction seems sort of poor, especially on the face, but she's small. The body is just sort of a small round dot. This was found in a Toys R Us. Is it also in the USA? (TN's usual selling area)Write in if you know! Photo disc. by TJthegreat
Like Rouge? Want to see a whole collection review including this plush? See OrangeHedgehog2012's Rouge Review on Youtube. (about .5 hr, covers many sizes of dolls) review discovered by VictoriaVaporeon
Hairy Eyes Small Sonic Plush Here are 3 of the 'small size' plushes from Sega-World Sydney. How small? You can see the Sonic fits into a regular size mug! (Mug also from Segaworld) The Sonic is semi-cute...if you can get past his rather hairy eyes...They used wooly/fuzzy cloth for the whole plush so the Segaworld Sydney Small Doll Set
fuzzyness of it gives an unfortunate effect vs. his plastic eyes. Notice how he has mittens instead of gloves, the mouth is open & his ears are super small. There's also their small Robotnick, who's face is fuzzy & makes use of the long hair/fur fabric for his mustash...which is a bit big and results in it looking like a sideburn or something.
The rest of him is remarkably well put together with regards to the AoStH show, complete with the low boots. The once again their most mutant thing. In fact, it is SO mutant and un-Tails-like that this tiny one joins the larger size version over on Mutant Gear. Also, see how big he is here. These are all the same set too, its not like that's "medium Tails" in with a mini Sonic. Regardless of their construction, all these dolls shown here are rare. The Robotnick one is also really costly regardless of the size, when it appears for sale. All photos & owned by Or@ngeHedgehog2012
23 inch Segaworld Sonic plush You've seen other plushes here around Australia Items that are like this, but none that are this big. This is their 23 inch size from Segaworld Sydney. It's supposed to be the biggest size. You can tell it's from a same/similar pattern as the others with the odd oval nose, distinctive 'cartoony' sort of eyes and open mouth with red toungue. However sometimes bigger dolls are more distinct (sometimes worse too) in other ways. For starters, look at his wierd ear. It's more like a horse ear, on the side of his head. Then look at how the sock & glove cuffs aren't attached. (easily spot ankle & wrist color) They could have been tack-stitched on and broken later, or just never attached. With a doll this big "mitten hands" are a no-no (unless it's Knuckles, of course!) but it looks like this one's got 'em. He's cute, if not totally on-model though. Photo & owned by Kai Avalon
Small Size Sally Plush with tag As you've seen on the previous pages, Segaworld made plushes of several characters in several sizes. This is a close up shot of their smallest Sally doll. The back view exposes they used only 'fabric hair' rather than sculpting her hair and stuffing it. Also, her tail is hair as well. The face is a little squished, and the body is a little short/wide but it still mostly looks like her. The tag is still attached, and it is a diecut of the colorful Segaworld logo. Photographed & owned by Annalise
Happy Sonic Mini Plush Segaworld Here's a simple little plush from Sega World.
As you can see by the ruler, he isn't very big, but he sure is happy! The plush has a few minor things, such as no fingers, just mittens and no blue neck, but it still looks fairly Sonic-like and cheerful. The back/spikes are pretty accurate as well, especially with something quite this small. If you recognize the expression (open mouth, oval nose, large mono-eye) it's been used to design the plush backpack, and another larger (similar) plush. Photo by Biscuit298
Cartoony Cute Segaworld AU Sonic Plush This plush is from Segaworld, probably one of the mid-size ones.
It's a somewhat unusual looking little thing, very 'cartoony' styled and 'cute'. Notice the very small ears, mitten hands and very close together eyes. This has an oval solid plastic nose, rather than the stuffed/plush noses on most other dolls. Also, his mouth is open to enhance the cute styling. This is an interesting and different looking plush for your collection--if you can find it. Photo courtesy of Rhia.
Sonic Plush Back Pack Does this look familiar?
It might, if you look above on this page. Unlike the plushes above, this is a back pack. The interior of the plush is hollow, so you can put things inside. Likely, it zips up in the back. You can see the shoulder traps here. While not large enough for school things, it's probably still a good tote.
The wide mono-eye gives him a cartoony look, along with the very oval pupils. The body is rather 'fat' but in an oldschool way. Despite being larger, this guy still has 'mitten hands' with no real fingers. As above, his mouth is open, he has small ears and an oval plastic nose. Over-all, this is a cartoony and cute Sonic plush container. Photo by Rhia.
3 Eggman Robotnik plushes
Hooray for um. Eggman/Robotnik. In 3 sizes, no less. Notice that he is without that robotic arm they ended up giving him in the SatAm show. This is more of an Early UK adaptation of the design.

The one to the right is the 'medium' one, and you can see he looks a bit disgruntled, but is pretty accurate to the AoSTH style. The moustache is 'fur' rather than a cut-out, and his detailing appears to be felt. Rt. Photo by: Rhia.

Medium Size Robotnik Plush AU
Sally Acorn Plush assortment Princess Sally Acorn Plush dolls! It looks like the larger these get, the more mutant they become. Even Australia was not immune to mutant plushies. And these are the official photos for their site, so you can bet they tried to make them look their 'best'.
The problem seems to be with using hairy 'fur' fabric to try to make her hair from the show. The largest doll also has 'big body' and they did not seem to give any of them any fingers at all, so the arms are just kind of stumps. The eyes don't appear really blue in the photo either, which was a stand-out feature of the character.
AU Sally Acorn Tails Plush SatAm Dolls Someone finally bought a Segaworld Sally...but look at their Tails! He's awful! The tiny beady eyes, the thread-like nose stripe...and what's wrong with his cuffs? This thing IS an actual mutant item! (You can see it over on Mutant Gear) They weren't even trying with this terrible Tails. But at least you can get another look at the rare and interesting Sally Plush to get an idea of about how big both of these are.
Large Mutant Australia Sally Doll With this close-up, you can see that their large Sally was really...not that great. She has no fingers, frizz-hair and a sort of scowling look about her. This one is a bit old, as evidenced by the paint chipping on her eyes, and the missing vest.
Photo by Rhia.
Segaworld Plush Large Backpack Doll A better look at the backpack!
This is the large backpack plush that appears above on this page, only now you can see all the angles, and how it's put together. They've removed Sonic's back spikes to make him easier to wear, & you can see how the red straps are attached to his head & bottom of his body. The hand & modern small plush also give an idea of the size.
You can see they don't yet grasp the 'belly dot' concept as it seems to go right up to his neck without the blue part across the front area. The nose is also likely a 'leftover' from something else, as it's a wide/horizontal oval shape that nothing else uses. This, the mitten hands, 'big body', & wide 'eye' all contribute to keeping the very cutsie cartoony look that this Segaworld liked to portray for him. Photo & owned by TheShnizNite
Australia Prize Plush Sonic 2018 Here is a win-able prize plush from 2018.
This can be an arcade or carnival prize. It's an ok medium size doll of modern Sonic. It has nicely embroidered eyes, which does include the eye-border. The ears are 3D, not just flat flaps. He has string-defined fingers & the face shape/spikes are also pretty decent. The flaw is that his feet are actually really tiny, but they're correctly colored & shaped. Notice the paper tag. It has copyrights on the back, but has also been seen on other
products in other countries. The tag with the stars logo is for It's just a website that sells assorted carnival items like showbags (Which are 'prize bags' or booth prizes at trade shows) Notice that there's a cloth tag on him as well with the logo. It was won at a prize from a nationwide Australian arcade called PLAYTIME Arcade for 1600 tickets. Getting this for winning a game seems like a good deal! Photo & owned by Polkadi~
A hand puppet is sort of like a plush...
This Sally hand puppet appears elsewhere on Australia Items, but here's a closer look at one that seems in a little better condition. It's a plush head, on a simple 'glove' with the 'chest fur patch' for the body. Because Sally wasn't designed with gloves she gets no hands/fingers here, the arms just kind of...end. This likely uses the same plastic eye pieces as the plushes do, as she looks angry/annoyed with the lowered eyelids. The other plush here is a cheerful, small Sonic with his mouth open on one side. It's likely to be the one seen in the mug above on this page. The bottom item is the Robotnick bendy that's also among these pages, but seen here, you can tell it's pretty large for a bendy figure from the era. Photo & owned by Carlo
Australia Prize Dolls Big A new company joins the prize scene in Australia in 2019!
It's "Bensons", and they are producing variously sized modern-only character plushes for use in carnivals, this 'showbag' place, and probably arcades too.And, as expected, they seem 'okay'.
Bensons Sonic Knuckles Prize Dolls Bensons Prize Plush Shadow
The nature of a prize is to give it away, so naturally it has to be made as inexpensively as possible. This often leads to horrible, low quality items or shifty practices like the Kelly Toy noodle limbs or rotten ToyNetwork Trash. This is all avoidable though, with decent pattern work & Bensons seems to be at least all right at it. The Shadow has ambroidered eyes, the correct arm/leg/eye markings & spikes going fairly correct. The feet are super tiny though & the shoes lack sole detail for the hover holes. These use a common paper tag that many other companies also use, but the branding is on the back.
His ears aren't stuffed, and the eye-white fabric is 'plastic-like' on the surface. The cuffs for gloves/socks are super minimal & the eyebrow ridge is kind of crinkly. As you can see, they've got Sonic Tails Knuckles as well, seen hanging at left. Their largest size dolls are in the photo above, but in this case they were folded in half and hung from the ceiling, making them really difficult to tell how good they are. Like the Tails looks like it has a huge snoot while the Sonic appears somewhat shrivelled...when this may not be the case because that's hardly an ideal way to display. The large Shadow though, is clearly better than the other dolls, which is also unusual.
But, game-players be alterted, Bensons is out now and seems to be doing a good enough job that you'd want to win one of these. These photos were at the Perth Royal Show. All photos by , Shadow owned by . ravingMaverick
Wrinkly Rouge Bad Dolls Prizes What's this doing all the way in Australia?
It's a pile of wrinkly Rouges! If her poorly pasted on eyes and withered stuffing seem familiar to'd be right! She's a ToyNetwork plush from over on Mutant Gear. But...up until now it seemed like Toy Network only made plushes for the USA, so what's this one doing filling up a fair prize booth here? Nobody really knows. Maybe they didn't all sell/win in the US so someone bought them off cheap?
The main distinguishing features to note here are the plasti-ink for the eyelids and the distinctive 'velvet-look' texture for the pants. No other doll had that, in combination with the very flat/understuffed head. Photos by: ravingMaverick