Australia had a large selection of plushes in various sizes early on in the history of Sonic. This was mainly due to the Segaworld in Sydney. It had loads of plushes of each of the SatAm Sonic show characters available for visitors to buy. Since everything at that time was very TV Show focused, you'll see the different look it created for the characters in many of the plushes here.
Australia continued making/having plushes after the Segaworld shut down, so you can find modern items here too.
Australia Sonic Plush 1 *
Segaworld Sydney Big Plush Turn Here's a turn-around for the 'big size' of the Segaworld Sydney Sonic plush. Now, you can finally see it from all of the angles and keep revealing that...
It's not the best.
This size lets you see how they just weren't...paying attention to Sonic, I guess?
This would be on 'mutant gear' but really it belongs here as there were just so many of it at the theme park. Mitten hands: WHY? Their other dolls got fingers/it makes no sense. Then, the belly dot isn't a dot, it's the 'apron' of a teddybear. The ears are also wrong, they're tucked at the bottom and literally nothing else did this? What animal has that type of ear? The art has them as these obvious literal triangles. The nose is also an oval for some reason, which, ordinarily it wouldn't be too bad but then look at the side view, the face-front is super duper flat. It's also unlikely that just 'oh someone smooshed him in the bottom of a box for years'.
The tag in the right side photo has the usual copyrights/Sega but the date for it is 1997, which is pretty darn late for something this inacurate to have gotten made in mass quantities. It's interesting to see, even though it comes across a bit more as 'teddy' than Sonic.
Segaworld Sydney Extra Large Sonic This one is Segaworld Sydney's Extra Large size Sonic plush. And, interestingly, it fares a bit better than their 'large', although you'll note it still has most of the mistakes going on. There's the mitten hands, belly apron, odd oval nose, wrong style of ear and large lower face looks like it's stuffed a lot better and the head is much more round. The shoes are also in a bit better proportion. Are the wiggly eye tops mis-sewn or are they a product of the doll being slightly squished?
It is interesting to see how the 2 sizes differ. This one is photo & owned by NathanCollects Twitter