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Sonic Boom Action Figures
This page starts off the Sonic Boom style action figures. This will inclued all the figure sizes & also any vehicles, playsets or any accessories the figures might come with. There's also Boom Figures Page 2
Sonic Boom Launcher Playset With Eggman Here is some kind of launcher playset. It has a 'cliff' in the style of the show, with 2 trees and a bit of path. The cliff launches that wheel thing that Sonic is in. With how Eggman is positioned in the egg-o-matic there in the background, it's implied that he comes with the toy as well. (But he doesnt!) Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Burnbot Wheel Set Here's another 'wheel' themed toy, but where's the launcher for this one? It comes with a "Burnbot" (that robot from the previews of Boom--does it get the colors all correct?)

These are ToyWiz photos & they have a (fake) date of August 2014 for release, which makes no sense because the show is to start in December. Also listed at 28 dollars each, which is a tad steep. Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog

Eggman Figure in Egg o Matic E3
This photo of the Eggman in Egg o Matic figure shown at E3 2014 is likely to be the final version of the figure. There's nothing missing or unpainted here. The sculpting looks really good (note wrinkles in clothes, raised folds, accessories & mustache detail) though he only has shoulder and hip joints. (no elbow or knee) The Egg o Matic itself looks really good too. You can spy some raised controls in there, caution striping on the side, the front headlight & some imterior detail through the clear windshield. Discovered by: Segasonic3039
Eggman & Orbot Cubot These figures were in display cases at E3 2014. The Eggman here appears to be the same as the one in the Egg o Matic above (could it be a set?) The Tails & Knuckles are different from their prototype forms seen on the Proto Page. Knuckles with red ray & Tails Figure
But look who's here! The fan-favorite wacky badniks: Orbot & Cubot! And they have not been inexplicably changed for Boom! So even if you don't want "Boom style" you can still enjoy poseable figure Orbot & Cubot here. Knuckles has been given his red "lightening magic string" seen in the game demo (running in the background) that the characters use to grapple and grab enemies. Tails' accessory details seem good, as does his face sculpt. Discovered by: Segasonic3039
Robot & Sticks Figures Here is the E3 shot of the robot figure (seen above) but look there beside's Sticks the badger! With her in there for scale, you can see that the robot here is actually really huge. It also shows you how it will stand, you have to use the arms & the legs to keep it standing since it does not particularly have feet. Discovered by: Segasonic3039
The figures below this area are UN SORTED
Because no one really knows what "classifications" of Boom figures will be made yet, everything is just lumped into this one section/page and will be sorted out later. Examples include sorting by "figures & vehicles", large 7 inch size figures, 3 inch figures, ripcord racers, etc" Starting the Boom line means throwing a batch of different toys onto shelves & likely watching to see what does well vs. what doesn't. Once the figures form into "lines" and differentiate themselves, the Boom Figures pages will be created.
3 inch size Sonic Sticks Orbot Cubot Here are Tomy's out of package 3 inch line figures (factory photo) for Sonic, Sticks & Orbot Cubot. Each one appears to have hip & shoulder joints & neck, but nothing else. Jazwares' figures were 3.75, so these are smaller. Orbot & Cubot are not pose able at all though they look like they should be. They are sold as a pair. The other 2 are individuals. Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog. Each pair should be about 7.99
Boom Knuckles Figure Carded Tomy This is likely the final package / card design for the 3 inch size Boom figures. It has Sonic & the logo across the die cut top, with a labeled (whoever is inside) bottom front card with a picture of that energy cord stuff from the game. The background is a CG tropical scene from the game. The dot says "Articulated Joints!" while the white space says "Collect them All".
Remember "articulated" here is a pretty limited term with their 3 inch guys. They're a step down without knee or elbow joints. Wrists don't turn, bandage paint is textured, head can barly move due to big-body & dread/spike positioning. Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog, info added by CrystalKitsune The figure by itself should be 5.99
Ripcord Racers Eggman Sonic Knuckles
These are Ripcord Racer type figures. (Ripcord Racer is a term, like wind-up-toy, pull-back-n-go, etc, not the name of a line) The blue axe-shaped thing (meant to look like energy?) is the ripcord. There's Eggman in his Egg o Matic which will roll along the table, Sonic running in a 'swirl' which is launched from a handle & Knuckles on an Extreme Gear hover/rolling board. Each should be about 12.99 What size are they? Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Vehicle Toy Airplane Is the airplane in Boom still called "the Tornado"?
If it is, this looks like the toy for it. It looks like a combination propeller plane with jet engines in the wings. The "Tails" symbol is still on the tail fin. The plane seats 2 figures but ONLY comes with the Tails figure. (Why show the Sonic if he's not included?)
The plane can shoot that clear/blue energy beam there out of it, likely with a spring loaded button. How big is the plane? Likely to fit the 3 inch scale figures. Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Energy Pair Figures 2 Sets Here are "Energy Pair Figures". They come in 2 packs. Sonic comes with Amy / blue energy & Knuckles comes with Tails / red energy. The energy is a semi-transparent tinted plastic with sort of open ends that fits on/around the figures' hands. These are probably 3 inch scale & have limited articulation. Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Light Up Shoe Sonic Boom Big Figure This figure is larger than all of the others so far, at 7 inches. (That hand is likely there to show the size, it seems kind of tacked in there) The gimmick for this figure is that the shoes light up blue with a real glowing effect. It also has sound effects like zapping noises and tapping / running sounds.
At 7 inches, you'd think it would have elbows & knees, but it doesn't. When you push his spike on his back the legs go back and forth to make it look like he is running. How much will this cost? Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Launcher Rock Mint in Box Here is that launcher rock thing from the top of the page. You turn a crank on the back of the 'playset' (its not really a play set) to wind up the wheel & then push the grass tuft on top of the hill to set it rolling. You can see the gear on the side of the wheel at left. The box back says "Collect them all" and shows both normal figures & the ripcord racers. Keep in mind this item is 29.99! It's expensive!
Sonic Ripcord Wheel Launcher Here is the MIB shot of Sonic Ripcord Wheel Launcher. You can see the little figure in there (dot says 'removable figure'), the silver colored launching handle thing & the other dot says "glowing wheel". Does it light up? Does it glow in the dark? The figure there is their 3 inch scale one, but the whole toy is 12.99 at Toys R Us. Photo by Taaron
Sticks 3in Figure MIB
Here's the first MIB shot of the 3 inch scale Sticks figure. The packaging for these looks like it will all be the same, just with the name changed at the bottom. The bottom card covers the figures' legs & feet which is unfortunate on a toy that really has a design focus on shoes. She looks pretty dynamic here, but remember these do not have elbow or knee joints. How much does this figure cost? Owned & photo by Dustin Lee Autry
Game Stop Sonic PreOrder Figure Did you pre-order Sonic Boom (for any system) at Game Stop? If you did, this figure was your pre order bonus. It's the Tomy 3 inch size Sonic, but with the exclusive item "The Ancients' Crystal" which is that purple clear thing there in the close up. That little rod that's in there with it is a holder that it snaps onto.
The back of the box has the usual picture of some of the other figures. The only thing different on the package is the "Game Stop Exclusive Power to the Players" sticker & the note about the Ancients' crystal there at the bottom. A figure is always a good idea for a pre-order bonus, & one that comes WITH something, rather than being the exclusive itself, is likely nicer. (Exclusive figures exclude people who couldn't order for whatever this still lets you collect Sonic whether or not you ordered, but the pre-order people do get the special crystal) Photo & owned by Dustin Lee Autry
Boom Plane Launcher W/Tails Figure This is "Tails Plane" but it will be labeled as "Sonic Boom Plane Launcher". Remember the photo above, it launches that clear blue energy beam thing (you can see part of it there in the box, there are 2) It comes with the Tails figure you see there (the dot says "With Tails Figure", the other dot says "Seat Launcher"). It's shown here at Toys R Us, and it is 30 dollars for the plane & figure. It seems a little steep for a not-that-big plane with 1 spring-loaded-action feature...but, there it is. Notice how the box doesn't really have a front. The whole toy is pretty much exposed. Is that going to cause a problem with damage, dirt, or collectibility? There is a trigger under the plane that spins the propeller. Photo by Taaron
Battle Damage Boom Figures Normally, these would be called "Battle Damage" figures, but really they're "altered look" figures from specific episodes of the Sonic Boom Show. You can see "Unlucky Knuckles" from the episode where he thought he was unlucky & got hurt a lot (the 1 thing Boom figures more bandages!) There's "Slimy Sticks" from the episode where she found a garbage dog that would barf out green goo, as well as "Oily Tails" and "Green Eggman" (he's a ham! These were seen at Toyfair 2015, in February, so the Green Eggman & Oil Tails episodes did not yet air when the figures were shown.
Missing Stolen Tails Figure Notice something missing from this photo?
That's right, there's no Tails figure. You can clearly see the plastic 'hole' he went in there by the plane, but he has been stolen. The figure is strapped in with tough plastic ties, but, because of the box's open design, these are simple enough to slice or clip in the store to steal the figure away from the plane. This is extra bad, because some un-knowing parent could buy a no-figure plane & dissapoint the kids. *Boxes should be BOXES on purpose, you couldn't steal Jazwares' stuff easily like this because they bothered to enclose their toys. Photo by:
Boom Booth Metal Sonic & Shadow photo
At the 2015 NY Toyfair, this confirmation photo appears, letting everyone know Tomy will be doing a Shadow & Metal Sonic figure for Sonic Boom. It's small, and blurry, but the up-turned spikes, darker color clearly give Shadow away. Metal is also pretty un-mistake-able up there on his clear shelf too. Will the figures releas alongside their show appearance? Photo discovered by Dustin Lee Autry