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Sonic Boom Action Figures
This page continues the Sonic Boom style action figures. This will inclued all the figure sizes & also any vehicles, playsets or any accessories the figures might come with. This page should be 2015 and later releases.
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LED Light Up Shoe Sole Sonic Here's a better look at that 'light up shoe' Sonic from page 1, that was a factory photo with a fake hand tacked in to show the size. Here, you can see someone's really pushing the button, and what it does. The under-side view shows that the bottom of the shoe still has the 'bandage' texture, but that the bandages are now somehow blue/transparent to let the light through. It's clearly a little LED there inside the shoe, that shines out through the sole. Is this going to be some sort of a gimmick in the show?
Transportation Feet Figures What to call this line of figures: Vinyl.
These 2 were spotted at ToyFair 2015. Both feature a 'transportation method' for their feet. Will all characters be released with something like this? Knuckles has sort of rocket (with propellor?) shoe clamps for his shoes, and Sonic is shown on a yellow hoverboard. (Carefully set up to not look like Riders, but to imitate it--accusations of 'cashing in' are thrown around--but really, Riders is old by 2015) These figures are supposed to be larger than the regular line, at 8 inches.
Orbot & Cubot Loose Figures Orbot Cubot Package
Don't these look like action figures?
They're not. They're static figures packaged like figures that are articulated. (So technically they are 'display figures' but...) Orbot & Cubot are pre-posed, and what they're doing there in the photos is all they do. Because they are robots they lend themselves really well to looking like action figures with the robotic joints/ball joints etc.
The package is a bubble card with Boom logo placed on the background & a 2nd one on the plastic figure-holder inside for a 3D look. The back says "Collect them all" & shows the other figure 2-packs (the enerbeam sets)

Figure Review:
Package looks good, never see any damaged ones or crushed bubbles.
Boom did NOT change the look of these henchbots from the regular Sonic cannon look, so you can collect these guys even if you are not a fan of Boom design/look.
Bases are fairly heavy so they stand up fairly well
Show accurate! These DO look just like Orbot & Cubot

Packaged to look like action figures when they are not
No Action / pose-ability*

Opinion Zone:
You know for a fact that if *Jazwares still had the license, these would have been action figures. They're to the scale of, and in the price range of, Tomy's other Boom figures that DO have move-able joints. They just didn't make the easy-pickings already robotic looking robots into action figures...what with their already robo-looking ball joints & etc.

Buy or not to buy?
Buy. Even as a static figure, these look good, without big paint flaws, flimsiness or anything that's plagued previous companies. Their poses are fun, and they're good if you like Boom or not.

Sonic Tomy Toys Metal Sonic & Eggman
Tomy releases the factory photo for their much-anticipated Metal Sonic action figure. Here, he's with their Boom Eggman, because they will be sold as a figure 2-pack. The new Eggman figure looks fine, naturally, because their previous one was.
The Metal, however, is somewhat lack-luster. No silver-tone paint? He looks drab in gray. No detail or texture for the chest engine? Even Jazwares tiny figures had that. Although he looks like he should have lots of joints, he probably won't, as Tomy does not bother with a lot of articulation like JW did. The paint (though gray) looks fine, and the proportions seem like the game. (Boom did not change much in the style of Metal Sonic, perhaps a little taller, but nothing super "Boomstyle" about it--so this could be a figure for everyone) Photo discovered by PatMac
Tomy has opened a website , to showcase their Boom Figures.
Vinyl 8 Inch Boom Sonic Board Figure Here are Tomy's 8 inch figures, these are made of vinyl instead of their usual plastic, and are much larger than their normal line. There's Sonic on a hover board, & Knuckles with some kind of propeller shoe attachements. Look at Knuckles face though, he's having a facial expression. (New for Tomy)
Despite the figures' larger sizes, they seem to still have the same quite limited articulation of the smaller figures. Hopefully vinyl means they're sturdier, though. (Knuckles photo has pixelation problem and black blob left in by factory edit) How much will these figures cost?
Vinyl 8 inch Knuckles Shoes Figure
War Paint Sticks variant figure
Here's the factory photo for "War Paint Sticks"
Once thought to be 'slimy Sticks' from an episode, it's confirmed that this is War Paint. Notice her 2 different colored shoes, differently textured socks, doodle on chest strap, 1 ear green, 1 arm green & various wiggly lines. This figure is supposed to come in a 2 pack with that un-altered Sonic you see there. (Why?)
Being able to have another chance at Sticks is good, as the first one from early 2015 seemed a bit in shorter supply.
Boom Shadow Tomy Action Figure Here's the first look at Boom Shadow!
Tomy releases this factory figure photo in 2015/winter, before the character appears in the show. As you can see, there aren't many changes from 'regular' Shadow to make him 'boomstyle' unlike with other characters. They added those 2 random tiny extra spikes, made his gloves & shoes a little more complex & made the body longer, but that seems to be about it.
This is a small size figure. Notice that the Sonic in this photo is EXACTLY the same as the one in the above photo, because he isn't really in the picture with the Shadow toy. Photo discovered by Lightening
Platinum Series Shiny Sonic & Knuckles Figures Winter 2015 brings the first (unannounced) figure re-release with the so-called "Platinum Series" figures you see here. These are the usual Tomy small line Sonic & Knuckles, but all their paint has been switched to shiny/hi-spec/metallic colors.
See the 'punching Sonic' sticker there on the edge of each box? It says "Platinum Series" around the edge to mark these as different. It has nothing to do with the show, but the metallic glossy paint is a fun effect and doesn't make the figures look bad/worse. It also does not appear to change their price. Photo by Taaron
Vinyl Sonic With Board MIB Here's what the Vinyl figures (Seen above) look like when mint in their 'box'. Sadly, Tomy has chosen a fully open front box. The figure is strapped in with plastic cord, as is the hover board accessory. However, open front boxes are rarely a good thing, because the figure can be easily scuffed, dirtied, scratched and broken...before you even get the opportunity to buy it. With a larger, costly figure like this one, that's the opposite of what anyone wants to see. Hopefully this package type will change. War Paint Sticks Sonic Enerbeam MIB
At right, you can see MIB Sonic & "war paint Sticks" with 'enerbeam' accessory. She's shown loose above, but will apparently only come on figure 2-packs with Sonic. (So, you'll have to buy him again, if you want a paint variant of her. How much are these items? Photos by Taaron
Boom Metal Sonic Figure Here's a fan photo look at Tomy's Boom Metal Sonic. He looks pretty much like the show, but there are some problems. He has the same articulation as all the other figures (knee joint is fake) but the arms only swivel, because of his shoulder cuffs. They also forgot to paint the engine in the back. All his fingers are fused, and the hand backs are flawed (wiggly rough areas) you can also see really visible seams on his arms (up the center/upper arm) the 'joints' are just painted on dots too, they're not actually detailed in. His nose is also quite blunt/not a pointy cone as it should be. Photo by SonicRanger!
Boom Shadow Action Figure The fan photo look for Tomy's Boom Shadow is fair as well. He's pretty show-like, with the additional 2 quills, extended glove cuffs & socks. However, they've printed the red bit that's supposed to be at the edge of his eyes....onto the white of his eye instead. His expression is fine though, with the mouth in the center. Photo by SonicRanger!
Tomy VS Jazwares Metal Sonic Figures Tomy VS Jazwares Shadow Figures
Here are some handy comparison photos so you can see Jazwares vs Tomy. Many people are surprised to find the less detailed Tomys about the same size as the Jazwares figures. Keep in mind the Boomstyle differences (longer torsos, etc) while looking at the figures faces/details etc. Metal Sonic's fused fingers, lack of metallic paint, & Shadow's wrongly placed red eye edge details stand out. Certainly, Tomy's figures are still fine, they paid attention to the Boom show style, so they're collectible enough, but they just don't seem to have the extra mile Jazwares did. Photo by SonicRanger!
Metal Sonic & Shadow Boom Figures MIB The MIB figures here look about as expected. The back cards are about like the previous wave's, with the name at the bottom. They look decent in the box, but they're not really posed much (MS is basically just standing there) There's plenty of room in the bubble, and there appears to be no accessories. This also proves that MS will be sold by himself, as well as with the Eggman seen above
(Why did thy not use hi-spec = metallic/sparkle paint for Metal Sonic? They used it on the "Platinum Series" seen on this page, so it's not like they don't own it) Photo by SonicRanger!