Sonic Boom Clothing of All Types
This page will have all of the Sonic boom theme clothes, no-matter what type.
This can include tees, pj sets, winter wear and even accessory-type clothing like socks or hats, if any are produced. Most Sonic Boom clothing will be from the end of 2014, when the show started and merchandise began to appear, and 2015.
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Sonic Boom Pajama Set The first official piece of Sonic Boom clothing to be found at retail is this boy's Wal Mart Pajama 2 Piece Set. It's 11.97 in the fall of 2014. It has a soft fabric long sleeve top & fuzzy fabric pants. The design has just Sonic & Tails scattered over it, with the Boom logo on a red background. The button-front top has a large CG image of Sonic on a pale fade with the logo on half of it. (The pants kind of blend in with the top in this photo) It's a bit busy, but many kids pj's sets are. This will be in the boys/teens area of Walmart.
Gotta go fast Boom STK Long Sleeve The first Sonic Boom shirt to appear, is this long sleeve one in December of 2014. It has a mottled gray short sleeve, with red long undersleeve. Sonic, Tails & Knuckles are all in CG, in a screen-tone dots background circle with the logo at the bottom. "Gotta Go Fast!" is written in gray above them.

Because a designer "looked at the internet" and stole a meme without knowing anything about it. "GTG Fast" makes fun of Sonic X - it has nothing to do with Boom. The portrait of STK looks good, with friendly Sonic, winking Tails &...standing there Knuckles? At least the design is pretty fresh.

This is a JC Penny item, in the boys/teens area. It should be between 8 and 10 dollars, depending on any sales they may be having. It has no paper tag, but the Boom logo is in the collar.
Red Sonic Portrait Boom Tee This bright red boys-teens size shirt features a big CG portrait of Boom Sonic. The background is green & blue checkers. They use a 'shadow copy offset' image of him in yellow to help highlight the portrait. The Boom logo is at the bottom, fairly large.
This was found in 2014 at The Childrens' Place, on sale for about 10 dollars. Photo & owned by Crystal Sonic Fan
JC Penny Boom Sonic Double Stripe Sleeve Tee This tee was found in winter 2015, at JC Penny stores. It's dark blue, with 2 sewn-on hot-green stripes for each short sleeve. It has Boom style Sonic (he's in CG) standing with hands on hips for the design. His name is spelled out vertically in more hot yellow-green, & the Boom logo appears small, under one foot. (That band of lines to the right of him is a size sticker)
It's difficult to see but it says "Full Speed" vertically down one edge near Sonic, giving the shirt it's name "Full Speed Sonic Boom". This should be about 8 to 9 dollars in the boys/teens area.
Yellow Boom Trio STK shirt This yellow kids tee features the trio of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, all in Boom style. Sonic is crouched/running forward, Knuckles is coming in with a raised fist, and Tails is flying in with a wrench there in the background. There are some black "grunge" type smudges/areas for the ground & a bit of background. The Boom logo is large at the top. This is likely only in kids sizes, and appears as a spring 2015 item. This can be found at Sears.
Boom Promo Bundle Tee UK This t-shirt is a promotional item, and can only be found bundled in with games in the UK. Purchasing a game bundle gets you the all-white adult sizes tee, that has the "Rise of Lyric" game box cover art for its design. They moved the logo from the top (where it was on the game) to the bottom, using it as an artistic end-cap for the enerbeam that Sonic is launching toward the edge. This is available at the UK Nintendo Store , but it only works on European consoles.
As with any promotional item, it will likely become uncommon, and also is unlikely to have a specific tag or 'licensed by' anywhere on it. Photo & info by ML1024
Awesome Sonic Tails Black Boom Tee This is a little-kids sizes only tee, so it won't fit everyone. It has CG Boom art for Sonic & Tails, standing on a screen-tone-dots circular background. Tails has his wrench & goggles, while Sonic is arms-crossed. (Shine area on the side of his face is a size sticker) The top says "Awesome!" & the boom logo is over Tails' foot at the bottom. The CG is supposed to keep the look fresh, but the Tails art has already been used on a previous shirt. This is a Sears Spring 2015 item. It should be about 6.99, since it is in the little kids section.
Black Stripe STK Boom Scene Tee This black tee has had some thought put into the design. The CG characters are within and overlapping the CG jungle scene behind them. The background to everything is worn blue horizontal stripes. The scene spills out of the 'photo like' off-center square and onto the background. Sonic and Knuckles are standing, while Tails is flying out from the sky area. The Boom logo is rather large at the bottom.
This is a boys/teens size shirt in fall 2015, but where can you buy it?
Boom Scene Gray Tee Energy This mottled gray tee somewhat resembles the UK promo item tee seen above. It's got Sonic using the blue enerbeam at the front, Knuckles following behind, and Tails flying in at the top. The background is a CG tropical scene from the game with plam trees and building. It says "Sonic Boom" in the bottom corner, in a thick font, but not like the logo. Notice that the 'photo' background does not have a border, unlike the promo tee. This is a good alternative, with a similar design, but less characters.
This is a boys/teens size shirt in fall 2015, but where can you buy it?
Red Tee Black Portrait Swipes Kids Here's a 3 portraits tee with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles.
The tee is a little kids size in dark red. (You can kind of tell by the proportions of the sleeves/body) 3 black 'swipes' of paint are used, and inside each one is the CG character portrait. The logo is moderatly sized at the bottom right. The swipe effect is nice, keeping the same CG from getting stale looking. This shirt appears in summer 2015, but where is it sold & what company made it?
Long Sleeve Red Double Tee Triangle
The second long sleeved item to appear for Boom is in stores fall 2015 with this double-type tee. It's a dark red tee with long black sleeves under the short sleeves for faux layer look. It has the Boom logo large at the top, with Sonic, Knuckles & Tails (all CG) below. A yellow stylish triangle fits in as the background, sort of echoing the way the characters are positioned and posed. This is a kids to teens size, but where is it sold?
Kohls 3 Blocks Boom Blue Shirt In fall/winter 2015, Kohls stores get this blue Boom tee. The shirt is all a royal blue with Sonic, Knuckles & Tails on it. They're all CG, with various textured backgrounds in fairly trapezoid shapes. Sonic's got his hand up, Knuckles raises a fist & Tails holds up a wrench. The logo is large at the bottom, covering the characters' feet.
This shirt should be in the boys/teens area, and appears despite the winter season of its release. Usually Kohl's items will be exclusive to that store, so if you want this particular design, you would need to shop only there to get it.
Its Boom Time Tee
A slogan tee with "It's Boom Time!!!" written in big green font was released in fall of 2015. It's either black or quite a dark navy blue short sleeve tee. This is a kids/teens size item. The square contains a CG background from the show and you can see hand on hip Sonic, ready standing Knuckles & winking Tails (though he is a bit small and sort of in the background) The Boom logo sits at the bottom right corner. Is "Boom Time" watching the show?
Where was this tee sold?
3 Vertical Portraits Boom Tee A nice white tee with fairly simple 3 rectangle design. Notice, however that the sleeves have 2 small thin stripes of stitching, as does the edge of the collar (and possibly the bottom) This sets it a bit apart from a generic tee with a Boom style design on it. The design itself is colorful, with Sonic on a red background, Knuckles on blue & Tails holding up a wrench on green. The logo covers one of his tails at the bottom. This is a kids/teens size tee that appears in fall 2015, but at which store?