Sonic Boom Clothing of All Types
This page will have all of the Sonic boom theme clothes, no-matter what type.
This can include tees, pj sets, winter wear and even accessory-type clothing like socks or hats, if any are produced. Most Sonic Boom clothing will be from the end of 2014, when the show started and merchandise began to appear, and 2015 through 2016.
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Here Comes the Boom Shiny Black Tee This tee is somewhat unusual in that it appears to be made of some kind of shiny or glossy fabric. It's not regular cotton tee material. It's another slogan shirt, this time with "Here comes the Boom" and "Sonic And Friends" written in letterman style thick font. It has CG art for Knuckles, Sonic & Tails quite large across the front, on a small red background. The bright CG graphic is an interesting contrast with the different fabric of the tee. Where can this be found?
UK Rectangle Boom Long Sleeve Tee Here's the first Boom theme tee to appear exclusivly from the UK area. It's a blue-gray long sleeve tee without cuffs. The design is simple, just a CG of Boom Sonic in a rectangle CG background. (Similar to a promo tee, but without other characters) The boom logo is at the top. Notice the paper tag, it's square, does this indicate a new company? (Someone's been photoshopping it, they accidentally took out the back of the neck part too...) Where can you find it?
Enerbeam Theme Blue Cap Hat This blue cap hat has the theme of "Enerbeam" from Sonic Boom. It's an all-over print cap with a CG printed graphic of running Sonic on the front. He has speed lines behind him. The blue enerbeam from the game appears at the edges of the cap on both sides & at the edges of the brim. This cap should appear in summer 2016 or is a fall item. Where can you find the cap?
Sneakers Color Boom Shoes Sonic Boom sneakers?
Looks like it! AND maybe they're not those annoying 'toddlers only' shoes as well? That's good news too. This colorful pair of sneakers looks like it's trying to combine a couple of themes. The toungue has the Boom Trio, but the back has the Eggman logo & the upper lace holes are set in yellow plastic/look mechanical. Then, the toe of the shoe has a green/jungle scene on it while the exterior side has the boom logo. Then, parts of the shoe are styled after Sonic's shoe itself, red with white bandages printed on. The mish-mash of themes creates a chaotic but colorful look. The sole-edge has an enerbeam graphic on it except at the toe.
Different common shoe themes include branded (Where the shoe has logos/words all over), character themed (where it is covered in just characters/character & has only a small logo/s) and prop styled (where the shoe looks like something from the franchise) This one has decided to be all 3.
Where will these shoes be sold? What sizes will the come in? What will the price be?
BoomTime Hashtag Gray Tee This shirt continues the odd use of the hashtag #
The shirt's...'slogan' is #Boomtime , to try and capitalize on the internet trend/fad/over-used thing of adding a hashtag to anything and everything regardless of appropriate or not. Maybe it's ironically used here? Either way, it has forward running/punch CG Boom Sonic above the slogan on the mottled gray tee. You can see the stamped-in logo in the back.
This shirt is for little kids only. It says kids about 3 to 7 are who it's sized for. (notice its proportions as well) Where is this sold? This is a fall 2016 item.
Let's Do This Boom Red Stripe Tee Another Boom slogan tee, this one is "Let's Do This!"
The red tee is for little kids only, likely 10 and under. It has a bit of added detail though, there are 2 gray stripes sewn on for each sleeve. The slogan is in yellow at the top & it has a CG image of running forward Sonic, Knuckles & flying Tails with his wrench. There's a bit of background (jungle) in the square, but the characters are shown coming off the background/onto the shirt for a slightly 3d type of look. The logo is small, in the bottom right corner.
It's a nice and colorful shirt, and since the art is CG, it looks good. The slogan makes it a bit of something different, too. However, the small size will limit this to only very little kids. Where is this sold? This is a fall 2016 item
Boom Face Cap Embroider Bandana
With so many other types of "Sonic Face Cap"...
You could guess that a Boom style version of the face cap couldn't be too far behind. As is the usual, it's a blue cap with large Sonic face on the front. It's all embroidery for the design, making it both colorful & sturdy. It has no indication of spikes, it's just a face without outline & his brown bandana extending across all of the caps' bill/brim.
The interesting thing of the cap, is that Sonic is quite cheery & playful looking in the art. This gives the cap a fun, cartoony appeal that many other caps lack. It seems like a bright & friendly type design for the hat. Where can you find it?
Screentone & CG STK Boom Cap Here's a somewhat busy Sonic Boom cap.
It's a white & gray hat with screen-tone dots, stripes, paint spatters & Sonic Tails & Knuckles in CG on the front. The Boom logo is at an angle on the bill. The trio are full color CG....but the Sonic is outlined by a thick, black line. What is this? Is he an added element like a puffy-patch that's embroidered on? Tails & Knuckles are "shadowed" against the cap's pattern to make them look 'popping out' of the design...but what exactly is going on with Sonic? This cap is a late 2016 item, but where is it found?
Fully Charged Sonic Boom Lightening Target Tee Here's a tee that's found at Target in spring 2017.
It's "Fully Charged", named after its slogan. It has running fist-forward CG Sonic in a rectangle bordered with lightening-bolt graphics. The Boom logo is in full color under one of his legs. The slogan is in a metallic-look font with more lightening at the top. Or, it could be ener-beam energy of some kind, formed to make the background for the tee.
Witness My Quickness Boom Blue Tee Another Boom slogan tee, this time it's
"Witness my Quickness!". This all blue tee has CG '3 point stance' Sonic on a sort of 'energy swirls' also blue background. The slogan is large, with white and blue swirling through the text.
Compared to other Boom items, this one's fairly plain, but the large Sonic graphic & fun slogan come together to make it stand out enough. The tee is all cotton, and is 'boys-teens' sizes, so it's likely to fit most. Note the lack of tag in the collar, but it's known to be made by Bio World, and where can you find it? It's a fall 2017 item.
Sonic Powered Red PJ Top & Pants Set Have a Sonic Powered Sleep in this red PJ set.
This set has a slogan tee "Sonic Powered!" with Boom Sonic running toward the viewer as a CG graphic. It has a bit of tropical background & red sleeves. The pants are a fuzzy material & so have the art/drawn version for 'running forward' Sonic scattered all over along with red circles.
This is only available in kids sizes, and appears in 2018...but where can you buy it? The last set of anything was seen at Walmart, but this has not been spotted there in late spring 2018.
Boom Scene Portrait Black Tee This Sonic Boom tee was seen in Sears in 2018.
It's all black, and has a bit of a 'portrait' theme. There's an arms-crossed Sonic face as the background shape...but it's filled in with CG art of the usual desert, along with Tails Knuckles & running-forward Sonic. There's a few bits of line here and there to help define it as a face but also a background. The Boom logo is off to one side. It's an interesting enough design even though the description is somewhat confusing.
This is in the boys/teens area, and should be about 9.99 if you can find it. It probably would have been a spring/summer offering, before too many Sears stores were forced to close. This may contribute to the shirt becoming rare.
Boom Trio Black Sears Tee Sears was pretty big on Boom.
They had at least 1 tee always stocked in the boys/teens area throughout the promotional period of the show. This is one such item...but look at the tag. It's NOT a Boom tag like on the tee above. It's a normal, Modern Sonic tag what's going on? Usually big companies won't allow for such a mis-match.
The tee is pretty standard stuff though, all black, with the Trio running forward toward the viewer while Tails flies in the background. The word "Sonic Boom" is in blue (non logo) for the background.
Another anomaly? Sonic's forward-most shoe is in black and white somehow. Where'd the color go? Why is it like that? Nothing else in the grahpic is changing to grayscale as some sort of 'effect'. It is a bit of a mystery.
Girls Sonic Boom Halloween Costume A Boom Halloween Costume?
Apparently so. Was this ever released? Nobody ever reported finding it. It's a little odd...but very Boom-like. This is a girls-specific Sonic Halloween costume where you can dress up in Boom-style. However, if there's a girls one, you know there's got to be a boys one too. So why didn't it appear at the same time? It is a mystery.
This costume has a Sonic spikes & pop up ears hood, the brown bandana for the neck, shirt thing with belly dot and blue arms and a tulle layered blue skirt. Why doesn't it have blue tights for the legs? The skirt does have a tail. There are gloves with it that are printed like the 'sports tape' the show was so fond of. The engery wrist thing is drawn onto one cuff, but you can't tell if it's accurate. There are shoe covers too, with the sports-taped-up red shoes & sports tape that replaced his sock tops. Oddly, there's blue at the top of this too, like a boot...but it makes the leg look like it cuts off somehow. It's pretty elaborate for a 'kit costume', and really does fit in with Boom style. Which costume company made it?