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This page is for items that don't really fit into any other category, or that don't have their own page. It's basically miscelaneous stuff. Items may move off the page if enough of a single category of things builds up to warrant it's own area. (Much like how it works on the rest of the site)
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Sonic Boom Roleplay Mask
This is a "Role Play" or dress-up mask. It should be found in among the Boom toy section at Toys R Us. It's easy to tell what's going on here, they altered the original mask to give it the extra tiny 'boom spikes' there on the side, made the nose a little bigger, and took the eye white out replacing it with clear. The original mask usually had a see-thru perforated white area to complete the look, with piercework in the color & black part of the eye to further assist seeing out of the mask.
Sonic Boom Greeting Card Why do you need a Sonic Boom Greeting Card?
Whatever the reason may be, here comes one. At the release of the Boom game, Game Stop began selling this greeting card for 2.49 in their store. It has a nice CG of everyone in action: Sonic using the energy beam, Sticks with her boomerang, Tails throwing an orb, Knuckles with his...fingers? & Amy getting ready to swing her mallet. Photo by Taaron
Del Taco Promo Ad Del Taco Boom Meal Bag Front Clash Cubes Meal Bag
In 2014, Del Taco the restaurant is doing a Sonic Boom promotion. Their kids meal bags are covered in Boom art & the toy is a "Clash Cube". With the first picture, you can see CG mock-up bags. The side has "Enerbeam Maze" to connect Sonic & Tails. The other side has "Connect the Dots" to complete Amy's hammer & Sticks' boomerang.
The toy with the meal is a Clash Cube. But what is that? Is it plastic or paper? How do you play it? Why are there 48 of them on the promotion? Del Taco restaurant is not in every state. Some fans will never see these bags. Do write in for credit if you have photos of the cubes or know what they do. Discovered by Taaron
Sonic Boom Dog Tags Dispenser Sonic Boom Dog Tags!
This is a cardboard dispenser full of Sonic Boom theme dog-tag style necklaces. Each metal tag has a picture of a character (CG) on it. These are blind-bagged, meaning you won't know which one you'll get until you spend the 2.99 to get it. They're meant to be traded with friends, but it makes them difficult to collect instead. You can see the sample there in its plastic capsule. This is at Target stores in 2015 at the front among the trading card/collectible area. Photo by Crystal Sonic Fan
Boom Tags With Back
This photo has a close up of the tags, showing they have a slightly reflective foil backing the art. The back of each tag has the logo, a few characters & number of the tag ex "14 of 24"
Boom Tags & Stickers With Package At left, you can get a better view of the foil bag packaging & see more example tags. Each tag comes with a sticker card (top left) & the leaflet (right bottom) The stickers are just screen caps of character close-ups from the show without anything added. The tag images are also likely show screen caps. Look at the leaflet, it says "Collect all 24" & then shows you the art from all of them. 24 different things blindbagged will make the full set VERY difficult to get.
Boom Dog Tag Leaflet
Hot Topic also sells these, but they pull them from the cardboard dispenser and mark them up to 5.00+ per tag. They have to do away with the dispenser because it has the real suggested 2.99 price on there. Avoid buying these at Hot Topic, marking things up over manufactuerer's suggested price isn't right.
Dog Tag Sticker Set All This is the complete collection of all of the stickers/cards that come with the Boom dog tags in their blindbags. As you can see, each card-back is in black/white & is also numbered so it's easy to tell which ones you still have to get. Who appears the least? Sticks, with only 2 images. The most is Sonic with 4, while everyone else has 3. Photo discovered by Dustin Lee Autry
Plastic Sonic Shoe This is a plastic hollow Sonic shoe. But why?
It was apparently shown at Toyfair, but not labeled so no one knows what it is good for. It looks well made, with texture for the bandages & nice paint. Discovered by TheTurboTurtle12
Backpack & Lunch Box Silver Background Take Boom to school! With this backpack and soft-sides insulated lunch carrier set. Both the school bag and box have a really shiny chrome-foil background for the art to attract attention. They both also have black edges with a bolt/cog/gear/screw line drawing pattern all over. The backpack has shoulder straps, mesh water bottle side pocket, small snap shut side pocket, and thin square & arched secondary pockets. (under the art) the lunch bag has an adjustable red shoulder strap. The bag has climbing Knuckles on top, and standing Sonic & Tails on the bottom. The lunch kit has everyone standing, with the logo at the top. The nice CG art & foil combo makes this a nice set for Boom fans.
Another Boom backpack, this one a standard 16 inch size.
It's built exactly the same way as the one above, with the separate top pocket, this time featuring Tails holding up a wrench, and the logo. The bottom square outside pocket has skeptical looking Knuckles & ready for action Sonic. The edges still have the flap side pocket & mesh side pocket, but the background here is a darker blue.
Probably the same company is producing both bags, but who is doing it, and where can you buy these?
Boom Mascot Trio Sonic Tails Amy Boom style mascot suits! Here are Tails, Sonic & Amy, each doing a pose for the camera, someplace tropical looking. The suits look pretty good. Tails has real colored plastic for his goggles & belt, Sonic's got the realistic scarf, & Amy's dress looks nice. The heads are good as well, with decent proportions and expressions. The difference here, between previous suits seems to be that the lower face area for each character is some sort of molded plastic, rather than the short faux-fur covered piece most previous suits used. The look is still fine, so there's nothing wrong with changing the material. The heads look like they're covered with a very short, velvety-texture fuzz. Is there a Knuckles mascot suit?
Sonic Powered Boom Backpack
A backpack / school bag with a slogan is here...
It says "I'm Sonic Powered!" But why? What does it mean? Is it that the bag or the wearer is powered by Sonic? It's nothing anyone ever said in the show. The bag is mostly black, with blue accents for the straps & zipper pulls. The design is all CG from the show with Tails cheering in the background, a close up of Sonic & Knuckles catching his fist under the slogan. The Boom logo appears under the design, on the black strip at the bottom.
This is a standard size kids' school bag, at about 16 inches high. But what company made this & how much does it cost?
Let's Do This Sonic Boom Bag A second slogan backpack appears in 2015 with....
"Let's Do This!" Sonic Boom themed kids school bag / back pack. It's a black bag with the desert canyon theme from the show/game. The edge has gears / cogs in white & outline scattered all over, along with the word "Sonic Boom" written in red. The top outer pocket has the scene & slogan, while the bottom square outer pocket has running Sonic, Knuckles & Tails, all labeled with their names. They've given Sonic's front foot a blue splash effect/energy effect. The side/edges has 1 mesh bottle pocket & 1 zip pocket.
It's a pretty dynamic bag with nice scene & added edge design. This is a standard size kids' school bag, at about 16 inches high. But what company made this & how much does it cost?