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This page is for items that don't really fit into any other category, or that don't have their own page. It's basically miscelaneous stuff. Items may move off the page if enough of a single category of things builds up to warrant it's own area. (Much like how it works on the rest of the site)
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Journeys Tri-fold Boom Wallet Here's the first Sonic boom themed wallet. It's a tri-fold wallet made of tough nylon material. It has a velcro closure, key ring, zip pocket, bill pocket, card holder & clear card show pocket. The outside has an all-over angle stripe background. Sonic, Tails & Knuckles are all CG on the outside with fist-catch Knuckles, punching forward Sonic & flying Tails poses. It makes for a colorful design when open. The interior has the Boom logo in white on the center panel. That little grommet at the edge is a hole where you can attach a wallet chain. It's a wallet with a lot of features!
This wallet appears in Journeys stores in 2016. It's under their Journeys Kidz label, and should be about 13.00 dollars. The stores appear in malls, but also online if there isn't one near you & you need this wallet.
Sonic Boom Portrait Faux Leather Bifold Wallet A 2nd Sonic Boom wallet appears, this time in 2017 & at Spencers' Gifts. It's a faux-leather bi-fold wallet with CG art of Boom Sonic printed onto one side. The portrait is large, going off both the top and bottom as well as an edge. The background is variously sized black/white checkers. The interior is plain black, with credit card holding slots. It does not fasten shut. Boom Sonic is a little unusual here, he's just sort of neutrally happy with his mouth open a bit. It's not a usual CG they choose for him, so the wallet is a bit more unique looking.
Sonic Boom Wall Decor Decal Poster
Here's a cool set of items!
This is the "Sonic Boom Wall Decor Decals" set. It's a plastic sticky-back poster & 6 smaller wall decals. You can stick & unstick them without ruining the paint or needing to use tape or tacks. The poster is nice and big, with unusual die-cut edges so that characters & the logo can go off the 'edge' of the design. Then, you get Amy Knuckles Sonic Sticks & Tails each with a CG portrait over their name spelled out in a different font/color. Last, is a blue font spelling out "Sonic Powered!". Each item is diecut around the edges. These are great to decorate a Boom theme Room! It is in the Boom Party Store.
Light Up Mask Interior Photo
Here's the interior of the "Light Up Sonic Mask" from page 1 of misc. Boom items. Nobody ever figured out why the mask lights up, Sonic's face never glows in the game & he doesn't seem to have light based powers...ever. Either way, you can see the battery panel there on the forehead, & that all 3 straps are adjustable so any size head can wear it. The nose goes under the eye-bridge there, near the actual mask's nose part. It looks pretty solid/normally built. Remember: this is based on Jazware's Modern Sonic mask, but modified to make it 'Boom'.
Boom Fire Ice Pre Order Bonus TV D VD The pre-order bonus for Sonic Boom Fire & Ice for the 3DS has been revealed by the Nintendo EShop. It is a DVD with at least 3 episodes of the Sonic Boom show on it. The blurb at the bottom tells you it will have episodes that contain Shadow & Metal Sonic for sure. Since the Boom show has not been released on disk or as a set yet (as of summer 2016) it would be an ok way to be able to collect some episodes. Once released, an episode list will be added to the entry. Discovered by Dustin Lee Autry
Hinge Wallet Pink Pattern Boom Characters Here is a ladies' flat hinged wallet with Boom theme.
The pink wallet has geometric patterns near the edges & the whole good-guy cast on the front with Sticks, Knuckles, Sonic, Amy & Tails, all as 2D art. (usually they are always CG) Flat hinge-wallets like this are generally a 'ladies item' because it only fits in a purse or backpack, never a standard pocket. The little button on the top springs it open. This is a SegaShop item in 2018, and it is 21.95.
Boom Emoji Keychains From prototype page to come the Boom Emoji keychains! These are more of that cut-in shapes flat rubber type larger keychains. This is quality stuff that captures detail well & doesn't have a problem with breaking.
These are likely a Game Stop exclusive in 2018/early summer. Here you can see sleep, normal, laugh Sonic & normal & laugh Knuckles.
But how are they closing their eye-color-chip? Sonic's eyelids are EITHER blue or beige, and Knuckles has red for certain & characters don't shut their eye color. It's obvious why it was done (all blue face=odd) but it's still not right according to pretty much any official art. The 'chibi' style of these gets rid of Boon Knuckles' 'big body', so he seems cute here. What's the best news? These should only be about $1.99 each! That's some real reasonable pricing--if you can find them. Photo by Taaron
Boom Backpack Hanger Figures Set This is a set of Boom Backpack Hangers.
And, it's a company photo, so why didn't they do a better job of it? There's wierd texture all across the top like some popcorn-ceiling or static stuff. As you can see from the bottom photo, they were blind packaged in round foil bags and dispensed from the usual cardboard drop down tray.
Judging by the fact that the clip top thing is almost as large as the figure, they're not likely to be big. The pose variety for the characters is nice...everyone is active and looks pretty on-model. However, they chose 4 of Sonic so that's a little rough. (Maybe to avoid Orbot or Cubot figures?)
Plastic hanger clips are never a good idea to actually put into use. The chance of losing the hanger toy is pretty high with them, especially on a rough n tumble backpack. If you do get these, it's probably best to either hang them some other way or just use them for display in a collection. A blindpacked 'cheap' (they probably weren't but) item like this isn't going to have fabulous durability in the construction. Where were these sold?
Boom Mini Knuckles Item Now...just what is this?
And why did this photo of it only get discovered in 2020? And where's the rest of the line? This looks like some kind of Boom Knuckles 'mini style' cute keychain, but why does it look like it's in a 'chair style' box? Is it actually thick and some kind of squeezey-toy keychain? There's clearly a hang loop at the top. Then, if Knuckles is here, you know whatever this is had at least Sonic & Tails on the line as well. But, photos for anything else other than this remain unseen. Plus, where was any of it sold (if at all) because nobody uncovered anything until way too late once Boom was pretty much expired as a game/show/style.
Boom Cute Clips at Toy Show This photo shows more of the 'emoji type' boom cute clips, but showcases only ones with the 'shut eyes' (or shut pupils I guess?) expression. However, one look at the glass shelf and slotted background tells you that this is a toy show or convention photo of some kind and not a store. (As does the 'home made' boxes)
These did not have a good release. They were available for a very short time in the Sega Shop online, and even then you couldn't get the Tails. They did have a few of the different expressions, though. These can also be seen on Gear Prototypes 9. With a short lived and poorly release, these may end up actually being rare.
Why they didn't get a good release isn't known, they were k nd of later in the run of "Boom stuff", so maybe it was getting phased out (Since the games stunk & only the show was good in most fan opinions) by the time these were ready to go. Photo discovered by
Dollar General 2 Boom DVD Sets Dollar General confirms Sonic items!
If there's one of these non-dollar stores in your area, you may be able to find some (none the less) fairly inexpensive Boom DVDs in these 'box' sets. They're a cardboard sleeve over the plastic DVD case & you can find "Here Comes the Boom" and "Go Team Sonic". These are good if you didn't want to spend on the figures/dvds case at Amazon. Photo & owned by RaeLogan
Sticks Mascot at Popeyes A strange sight at the chicken restaurant...
Here's Sticks mascot suit at a Popeyes Chicken! Even mascots have got to eat, and somebody snaps this funny photo. It's a good view to see the back of it/how the hair/head is styled because usually suits are only posed and photographed from the front.
This was sent to The Sonic Stadium which was shared by their Twitter.