This page will be for all of the Sonic Boom themed plush character dolls. It should have fan photos as well as factory photos & show pictures. Plushes of any size will appear here as they are released.
Boom Plush 2 *
Boom Plush Dolls at E3 2014 Here are 2 sizes for Sonic & small size Knuckles dolls shown at E3 Sonic Boom booth in 2014. "Big body" Boom Knuckles suffers a little as a small doll, the body looks flat/rectangle/squished. Big Sonic appears to have good detail, while everyone's random bandages are represented by stripy white material. Notice the background has a sort of 'jungle' theme, with stools, green ground & trees. The Boom booth was apparently sort of jungle. Discovered by: Segasonic3039
Amy Small Plush E3 Here is mid-size Tails & small size Amy. Small Amy suffers a little with a flattened face and oddly wide legs. Tails looks pretty much like an ordinary Tails plush, but accessorised with bandages, goggles & belt/strap. His expression is cute while hers leaves a bit to be desired, design-wise.

Dolls are likely NOT prototypes by this point, this is very likely to be their final look. Discovered by: Segasonic3039

Tails plush doll at E3
Sonic Boom 8 inch Plush Set 1 Here are the first 4 plushes of the Sonic Boom 8 inch size. This is a factory photo. Notice what accessories they DO and DONT have. Like Tails does not have his goggles, but Knuckles does have his wrist band. Is Sonic's bandana really black on the toy, or is the lighting wrong in the photo?
These dolls look good.
The faces seem nicely accurate to the Boom designs. The Tails manages to be cute, everyone's eyes are correctly placed & the faces look properly shaped (no flat-face, tall-head or squashing going on) The decent design work is nice to see on plushes as small as 8 inches, like these. If the final dolls look as good as the factory photo, Boom fans can be pleased to pick them up. How much do they cost? Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Fan photo Sonic Tails Boom Plushes
This is likely a larger size of doll than the ones above. Notice how Tails has his goggles accessory & the sports tape on the shoes seems to be more toward the toe of the shoe. This is a fan photo. The dolls should start showing up in October of 2014 at Toys R Us. Photo by Tails Gallery
Chili Dog Plush Accessory Sonic This is a larger size Sonic plush with....a plush hot dog accessory. They decided to include a stuffed chili dog with this doll. The Sonic itself looks ok, the ear-borders are all but eliminated though & even with Boom that's not on-model. His hands seem a little small / under-detailed, especially if this is supposed to be a big size doll. This seems to be the first time a doll has come with a plushie accessory. Discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog 8 inch Boom Tails Plush This factory photo is a better shot of the 8 inch size Tails. You can see the 3D detail of his goggles, the correct eye color (note that the entire eye, even the white is embroidered) & the flat felt strip for his bangs. Photo discovered by PatMac
5 Phrases Talking Sonic Plush This larger Sonic plush is the first talking doll for Boom! He comes in a semi-standing position in the cardboard open front packaging you see here. That white cardboard thing is supposed to be helping him stand. The plush itself looks ok, with embroidered eyes, details like sportstape / bandanna from the show & decent proportions. If you press his belly dot, he says 5 phrases from the show (or possibly the game) He will say "Shhh it's a dramatic moment" (This must be some kind of meme) "Its time to take IN the trash" (this must require context, since the usual phrase is take OUT
the trash--because you want villians/problems away from you, not toward) "You'll never out run me, Eggman!" and "Too slow? Ha! You forget who you're talking to!" Note that the phrases are written in French & English on the box back, even though the doll only seems to say it in English. What is the 5th phrase? This is 19.99 at TRU in 2014.
Tomy Amy Official Photo Here are Tomy's official photos for Amy & Knuckles dolls. These are likely 'close to release', rather than the more prototype style dolls above. Amy is ok, but that's about it. She has the 'giant pinky finger' problem, resulting from not-well-planned finger strings. She has 'center mouth' which is popular with Boom designs. Is she missing a button on her dress? The ears are a bit small, but her head shape & eyelashes look good.

Knuckles a different story. He's rather...wiggly, with sort of 'pizza slice' shape triangle body, smallish fists with random 'bandage lines' just drawn on there & an annoyed expression.

Terrible Pizza Knuckles Tomy
The whole Boom = Big Body design for Knuckles never lends itself well for plush-structure, but the fold at the bottom of the fabric for the 'torso' makes the legs look tacked on and extra strange. Photos discovered by PatMac
Sound Effects Deluxe Sonic Plush
Here's the "Deluxe Sound Effects Plush" or "Sonic SFX Deluxe", when it is MIB. He is pictured above, by the company in their stock photo. He's posed 'running' while in the box by tacking him to a small 'wall' inside. Notice that it did end up coming with the stuffed chili-dog accessory, it's toward the back. The white circle on the front says "Try Me". This can be found at Toys R Us in 2015, and should be about 30.00 What phrases will he say? Write in if you know the answer. Photo by Taaron
Little Big-head chibi Boom Plush This is a Toy Fair photo (which fair is unknown) but they were previewing this set of unusual Boom plush dolls. They're rather silly, in the 'chibi' style (little-big-heads) with micro bodies & limbs, with big faces/heads. The quality here looks good, for the most part. Tails reveals that the eyes are embroidery (always a good touch) and each character seems to have 3D accessories like the goggles (Tails & Eggman) & scarf. Poor Knuckles looks like his nose is a bit pushed in/very tiny but silly angry Eggman is fun. Release date & price point for the dolls is unknown in spring 2015, will be added.
Boom Bighead Sonic Chibi Plush Here's a fan photo for the release of little-big-head (chibi) Boom Sonic. He's just above, in the toy show display, but when actually released, the cardboard display box only contains Sonic plushes. It looks good here, about like the factory photo, with all the details in place. The ear borders are a bit slim, but it otherwise looks cute/silly and Boom-accurate enough. You can see the square paper tag hung from the ear, with Sonic leaping over the Boom logo.
Despite their not-that-large size, these dolls are around 15.00 , and only sold at Toys R Us. Photo by Taaron
Little Bighead Plush Knuckles And now, little-big-head Knuckles appears in stores. The Sonic (above) was released first, hopefully Knuckles showing up means the other 2 characters are on their way. Here, you can see him along with the Sonic & their regular-proportions boom-Sonic plush, so you can compare the sizes. They're soft, and full of light-weight material. They've kept all the details though (it looks like) with the lines on his shoes, and stripes on his gloves for the bandages. The head looks decent, perhaps a bit more proportional than Sonic's, since he doesn't have such a huge lower face. With the TRU tag there, you can see they're calling them "Sonic Head Plush". Photo by CrystalSonicFan
Little Bighead Tails Plush
Here's little big head Tails, as a factory photo / official photo.
He looks about like the Toyfair item above, which indicates consistency in the product, but, much like the Sonic, he suffers a bit from 'giant lower face'. He's still fairly cute, but the larger lower face area adds a bit of an ape-like quality. The goggles are 3D/stuffed, and his belt/strap is colored on (not an accessory) The lines for his fingers & shoe bandages are also printed onto the fabric. Notice how he has ear-edges that work well, unlike the Sonic from this set. Despite their not-that-large size, these dolls are around 15.00 , and only sold at Toys R Us.
Little Bigheads Plush Line 2 Display Here's line 2 of the Little Big Heads Plush!
Line 2 has new characters Orbot & Cubot, plus another Sonic to choose from, then adds Sticks & Shadow. What's the Metal Sonic there? He's clearly he from another plush line?
Little Bigheads boom plush Metal Shadow Sonic
These look pretty much like the prototype photos, and the head shapes appear to be holding up well. They're here in the display box which looks the same as the original. The right photo shows the real little bighead Metal Sonic & gives a better look at the Shadow & Sonic's expression. Sonic looks aggrivated, and Tomy continues to leave out the ear borders for everyone except Sticks. The right photo is at NY Toyfair by I09, The left photo is at the Germany Toy Fair (note the strip in the background) Photo by Spielwarenmasse