This page will be for all of the Sonic Boom themed plush character dolls. It should have fan photos as well as factory photos & show pictures. Plushes of any size will appear here as they are released.
Plush Boom 1 *
Tomy 8 Inch Size Sticks Metal Shadow Here's the factory photo for pre sale on the Tomy 8 inch size 2nd set of plush dolls. With this set you get Sonic again, but then Shadow, Sticks & Metal Sonic. From the photo, they look pretty decent. Shadow is taller than usual (for boomstyle) & you can note the slightly altered shoes. Sticks has lots of opportunities to be good, & uses them.
Her character model was always pretty detailed & the doll reflects it with the uneven socks, mismatched shoes & bracelets. They also got her hair ties (and puffy ends) & ear tufts looking good. Metal Sonic is likely as all-right as possible. Robots are pretty much incompatable with plush since it does not take hard edges or straight lines very well. The head limbs & shoes all seem in proportion. These are supposed to be a spring/early summer? 2016 release. Fan photos will reveal the backs. Photo discovered by PatMac
Little Bigheads Amy & Shadow Plushes Here's a better look at Amy & Shadow from the 2nd wave of Little Bigheads Boom plushes. The heads look pretty nice for both characters, though they're still forgetting the ear borders & just making them 2-sided cones (which does not match the show) The other details though, they're attending to, such as Amy's eyelash line & Shadow's red eye-border being quite appropriately sized & embroidered.
Amy's bangs look good, & her spikes seem proportional/thick enough. Shadow's head shape seems decent & his stripes appropriately placed. The bodies are...well...little, due to the style of the dolls. Amy's dress just makes her look like a cube because it covers her near-nonexistant legs. Do note that the white patch for Shadow's chest is still there. These look like cute enough editions if you like this little big head doll style. (Though the backs remain to be seen) Photo discovered by PatMac
Tomy Plush Catalog Page 2018 Emoji Tomy's Emoji Obssession continues in 2018.
This is a page from their 2018 toy catalog, that features the 'refresh' of their Emoji-type boom plushes. The 'refresh' part just means they updated/changed the expressions, it's still the same dolls. This line up features Love Sonic, Happy Tails, Happy Knuckles, Happy Sonic, Mad Shadow & Mad Eggman.
These are 'weighted to sit up freely', so, the bottom of the body is likely full of weight-pellet material since the heads are so large. The rest of the description there says they'll be found in an open top tray box on store shelves.
These are fairly cute, as they're 'chibi-fied' with tiny bodies, no legs and big heads. The heads are also flattened, to a degree (look at Sonic's spikes) to make them flatter & more like an emoji disk. Shadow looks more concerned or dissapointed than he does mad, Knuckles has lost his 'boom styling' & Eggman seems silly here. How much will these cost? Catalog discovered by PatMac
Flat Heads Emoji Plush in Store As promised, in spring 2018, the Emoji plushes pictured in the catalog above begin to appear in stores. These are shown in a Toys R Us, which, also went out of business later on in 2018. As you can see here, the dolls' heads are quite thin/flat, with features like Sonic's spikes "pressed" to one side to give an 'illusion' of 3D. They're flat to be more like the smily-face-emoji disk things from phone texting.
With this photo you can really see that the tiny shoes, little hands and bodies aren't really flat, it's just the heads. Yes the bodies are thinner than normal & "chibi-fied" but...
Is this a really cute look for plush, or is it just odd?
Opinion zone: It's kind of odd. Why flatten just the head? Why give it a body at all? There HAVE been "Face pillows" where it's just the character's face which might have made a bit more sense here. Photo by Taaron
Emoji Sonic Plush Face Dolls Here are 2 expressions Emoji Sonic plushes displayed in the store. These are (from the catalog page above) Love Sonic & Worry Sonic. They're pretty accurate to the catalog, although look at the ears: they've mostly fallen forward. This is an effect of them being super flat, like the head. The flatness means there's less to stitch to, to 'position' the ear so it doesn't just curl forward. The fabric is soft & they're fairly large.Photo by Taaron