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Sonic Boom Prototypes
Prototypes are items in their pre-released state.
These things may or may not be released (at all) or, released with changes. The prototype pages is a good chance to take a look at items before they're released. You can often compare a prototype & it's release item to spot the differences. Unpainted items, item parts, unassembled things, and box mock ups can also count as prototypes.
Sonic Boom Prototypes 2 *
7 inch size Tails & Knuckles Plush dolls Here are 2 prototype dolls that Tomy presented at Toyfair 2014, Tails & Knuckles. Tomy has been making Pokemon plushes for years & years, so it is expected that their plush doll handiwork would be at the very least, competent. It looks that way here so far. The details for each doll look accurate so far. The head shapes also appear decent. Each character has the special bracelet, bandages, & correct shoes. How will the final dolls look? If they work out this well, they'll probably be a hit with the Boom fans. Discovered by PatMac
Sonic Boom Knuckles Figure Prototype This is the prototype for Boom Knuckles action figure. These will be released in 2 sizes: 5 inch & 3 inch. (So about like Jazwares) These figures will be made by Tomy instead. This photo is from 2014 Toyfair. Yes, he's supposed to look like that, the "Boom" design changes Knuckles' body to basically a big cheese-wedge shape. It's clear that this figure is a prototype though. You can spot the inconsistencies that aren't finished:
Shoes are unpainted, bracelet is unpainted, upper arm bandages are missing/not sclupted on there, chest stripe is missing. It's good to see they're sculpting the excessive bandages, because if an art is going to have a gimmick, it's nice that it's done solidly/well. Notice that he has fingers too, as the Boomstyle dictates. Discovered by Taaron
Burnbot & Unpainted Sonic play wheel Here are 2 unpainted figure prototypes. There's some sort of 'action wheel' with a fully sculpted running Sonic inside & Burnbot. Burnbot was featured in the preview clip of Sonic Boom. Look in the background. You can see the wheel again, but this time it's on a base with a tab/string. It could be a base that launches the wheel across the floor. Burnbot is interesting, as this would be the first Sonic line to have a villian among the first release/ set of figures. Discovered by PatMac
Unpainted Boom Sonic figure More unpainted figure previews! There's no telling which size either of these are, Tomy never included an item for size reference. They also didn't tag anything with specs. The Sonic figure at left looks decent. The bandages & bandana are sculpted on, not just painted. The bracelet is present as well. Notice that none of these figures, neither the 3 nor the 5 inch have elbow or knee joints. Tomy favors a simpler figure with worse articulation than Jazwares. They will likely be sturdier, but much less pose-able.
Interestingly, Eggman is painted, but the Egg-o-Matic is not. It's re-designed for Boomstyle as well, it's open in the back, smaller, and he can't sit in it. There's a gun of some kind built into the front. It is likely to have wheels, though they are hard to see in the photo. (notice it is not sitting directly on top of the clear acrylic stand.
Unpainted proto Egg O Matic & Eggman
From what you can see of him in the small photo, he looks pretty show accurate. The poster in the background was part of the booth. The Sonic is likely to be the 3 inch scale one. Both photos discovered by PatMac
Sonic Electronic Figure Proto Here is an interesting item...some kind of "Electronic Sonic" figure. You can tell he does something, as there is a large black battery pack / cord thing attached (somehow) to the back of it. The figure is pretty big too, def. 5 inches or larger. What will he do? How will they deal with that electronic / battery box in the final product? This photo raises more questions than it answers at the prototype stage.
Look closely!
What else do you see? A portrait of some kind of race car they're no doubt making a toy of (notice that even the CAR is wrapped in bandages) & in the bottom left corner a little "chibi style" zooming/rolling along the floor type figure is shown on a poster. Discovered by PatMac
Sonic boom plush prototypes Here are the 2 first sizes of Sonic Boom plush dolls. With Tomy in charge, they look pretty decent / cute so far. Notice that the bracelet is actually a separate little plastic piece. (A quality move) They are shown here sitting on metal wire stands usually used for books. Notice that he doesn't really have the heavy/strong "Brow Ridge" that most other modern dolls do. From this angle, you can't see what they did with the extra spikes. (included?) The small doll is 7 inches. Discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog & Taaron.
Toyfair Table of Boom Prototypes This is a nice overview of what Tomy's table looked like at Toy Fair 2014. You can see 2 display cardboards (meant to hold merchandise, but it doesn't say what), painted & unpainted Knuckles figures in 2 sizes, painted Sonic Amy & Tails, & the small Sonic plush. The tag in the front says to don't touch it. The background is a booth full of toy tractors & farm stuff, it's just the way the fair was set up.
Unpainted Figure Prototypes 4 A collection of unpainted figures! Notice that the Eggman also has something on his wrist as well. These are a bit small/distant so it's slightly hard to tell what's going on. Both 3 and 5 inch figures are pictured here. Look above the Knuckles on the far right side. That's an un painted vehicle of some sort. It looks like a finned skateboard with wheels. What could that be for? Is it an accessory that will come with him, or a separate 'vehicle' item? Photos discovered by PatMac & The UltimateHedgehog
7 inch prototype Amy Boom Doll This is the Amy doll to the 7 inch prototype set. She looks decent here, with well crafted clothes. The gloves, glove rings, & purpleish ...2nd cuff? are all separate fabrics as is her belt, socks & sock bands. The dress looks decent/like the art & her face is well shaped. Discovered by The Ultimate Hedgehog
Here is the Sonic Boom Roleplay mask. This mask is EXTREMELY similar to the Jazwares roleplay mask, right down to the perforated plastic eye part. Was Jazwares forced to give their design to Tomy? Notice how it has the extra spikes Boom added to the design. The photo below the shelf is the wheel thing in some kind of palm tree base. Discovered by PatMac
Game Stop Boom Pre Order Ad
This isn't actually a prototype, it's a real ad that Game Stop published for Sonic Boom. It says you can get an exclusive action figure "with crystal" when you pre order either game. However, the so-called action figure is just some CG art of what the package might look like, with a figure kind of drawn into it. They did it because they didn't have a real photo of the actual item when they made the ad. So its basically just a stand in graphic.
Prototype Figure Boxes Shadow Metal Mud Here are some prototype 'stand-in' figure boxes, as seen at a toy show or toy fair. Here, you can see their intent to make Metal Sonic, Shadow & variant Sonic & Knuckles figures. They always use a "Sonic & Amy" pair box to do their mock-up.
3 of the figures here aren't actual figures. They're just a cardboard cut-out with a photo of the character from the show pasted on & slipped into the box in place of an actual figure. This is done when a company wants to show what they WILL have at a fair, but does not yet have the
finished product ready. Metal Sonic, Shadow & Dirty/Mud Sonic all aren't figures. Interestingly, 'bandage Knuckles' seems to be real...but maybe he could just be given some extra paint stamping for his drawn-on excess bandages so he was finished first. It's good to see Tomy working on more figures for the second half of 2015. Photo by Idlehands, discovered by PatMac