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Sonic Boom Prototypes
Prototypes are items in their pre-released state.
These things may or may not be released (at all) or, released with changes. This also includes official art of items the company intends to make. Sometimes, a company will do a drawing or a mock up of something to show what they want to do. The prototype pages is a good chance to take a look at items before they're released. You can often compare a prototype & it's release item to spot the differences. Unpainted items, item parts, unassembled things, and box mock ups can also count as prototypes.
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Tomy 25th Annicersary Art Page This is a magazine page with Tomy's ideas for the Sonic 25th Anniversary celebration. As you can see here, it 's mostly art & mock-ups with already used figure photos standing in. The first item is a "Figure 3 Pack with Coin". (The coin is that gray dot there between Sonic & Knuckles) But why use Boom for the 25th?
The STK art right below it is to represent that they will also do a 3 pack with classic figures as well, but since they didn't produce any figures yet it's just art. (The Tails is cute, but his head seems a bit too big)

25th Anniversary Plush set 8 inch size. This selection includes classic Sonic, Knuckles, Eggman & Tails. Since it's just art, it's impossible to tell if these will be any good or not. As everyone knows, plush varies wildly based on craft.

Tomy Figure page 2016 This page of prototypes (and released items) claims to be all about 2016, but that must mean things being on continued release because a lof of this stuff is easy to see from here in 2015 like Burnbot & the various zipcord pull toys there at the top of the page.
The "vinyl figures" which are much larger than the others shows them in their package (S & K in the middle there) then reveals the newest one in the lineup that's sure to bring excitement: Metal Sonic! The 4 figures at the top are a 4 pack, which is a new format for them.
The hoverboard & egg o matic are a set, both of which can roll around on a smooth surface to battle. The burnbot entry acknowledges it is a continued release from 2015.
Tomy Plush & RC Proto Page This page has more plush news, first off, the first ever Sticks the Badger plush is confirmed on their 8 inch regular doll assortment for 2016. It has Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic & Sticks. Each one looks ok here in prototype factory photo form.
The same page has the action Tails plane that comes with the figure that has been released for a while now.
The right page has even more little big-head plush to add to the Sonic/Tails/ Knuckles that were already released. You can see Cubot, Sticks & Metal Sonic (with a Sonic re-release on the line)
The top row has art for even more planned little big head plushes like another Sonic, Amy, Orbot & even Shadow. It's a wacky concept but it seems to be doing well, especially to warrant not 1 but 2 more planned plush line-ups.
The last item is a mini Radio Control Sonic on a rather big hoverboard. This is to scale with their small 3 inch figures so it really is small, making it sort of unusual for an RC item (which are usually a little bigger than usual) You can see its blue controller there & 2 ways he can ride the board.
Tomy Many Figure Page These pages are all about the regular size (3 inch) figures. It confirms Shadow & Metal Sonic with actual photos of the figures. It's nice to see the addition of some badniks too, you can spot the modified Motobug, Eggman's new crab, and "Beebot" down there with Knuckles. It also shows that the 'altered' figures like "war paint Sticks" will be 2 packs with another altered figure like "Oily Tails" and Dirt Sonic / Bruise Knuckles. Notice the "Best seller" sticker here, showing that these small line figures are doing well.
All things on these 3 pages that are not already released in 2015, are slated for spring/summer/late summer 2016. All Tomy pages discovered by: Lightening
Sonic Boom Characters Theme Notebooks These notebooks are a good idea...but they're not real.
This is just a representation of notebooks they want to have. The idea is for a set of 5 notebooks, each with a single character in CG on the cover. They each appear with the logo & their corresponding color of enerbeam. Write in if you've seen these notebooks anywhere/they actually got made.
Sonic Boom Theme Bike & Scooter If this actually ever gets'll be a REAL big first! A Sonic bike! It makes sense because when you want to go fast outdoors...well, think of a bike. Neither of these items is real. They are both a computer render, with Boom graphics applied.
The bike has a Sonic portrait on the seat & between the bars Boom logo. The metal parts have blue enerbeam designs. The scooter is rather cute because the handlebars have the show's common bandages...but look at
the steering stick, it's made to look like a bamboo & has a bandage graphic at the if it was something produced on the island the show takes place on. The deck has a forward-jumping Sonic graphic, & the wheels are yellow. These items will certainly be interesting to see if they get made.
3 Prototype Sonic Boom Clothing Items These would be great!
If they were real. Here are 3 ideas for Sonic Boom theme clothing, including a set! The first is a 'rivalry' themed "VS" tee. It's got one Sonic sleeve & the other Eggman sleeve. It features Sonic & Eggman in a stare-down as its design. The middle is an all-Eggman shirt with him in his Boomstyle Egg o Matic, along with Orbot & Cubot. The sleeve has the Eggman symbol on it & the logo is small at the bottom corner.
A set for girls? It would likely be popular if it gets made. This has a fun Amy theme, with pink tank top and large Amy w/hammer jumping graphic. The matching pants have pink cuffs & waist, with a scattering of words, logos & character art. The light green in the pants & on the shirt border helps tie the design together. These are well-thought-out items with some nice fun designs. Hopefully these get made at some point. Write in if you see one in stores!