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European Sonic Items - General
When something is from somewhere in Europe, it could appear on this page. This page is for 'general' items, it could have anything that is un-proven to be from any specific country. Stuff that was proven to have a release in several different European countries can also appear here. Sega of Europe also holds a few special (non general release) items in their own collection, which will also appear. Some of the items here may have not ever been 'generally for sale', there could be promo things, employee hand outs, prizes or convention booth give-aways that went on multi-country tours (and so have no specific country of origin - country it was for) Items may move from this page if they are determined to be from/for a specific place.
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15th Anniversary Yellow Pixel Sonic Tee Dark Brotherhood RPG Purple Tee
Start off with a selection of shirts. Each of these tees was collected by Sega of Europe & are currently being held in its collection. The yellow tee has a pixelated 16 bit running Sonic design. It was released for Sonic's 15th anniversary. The purple tee was for Sonic Dark Brotherhood, the RPG portable game. One sleeve has "Sega" the other has a mystery word. A sort of 'double blur' effect is applied to the outline of the Sonic desgin. It's a little mysterious as it doesn't particularly represent anything about the game. The black tee is (of course) for Sonic Rush Adventure, so it's black & has a pirate flag / Jolly Roger design, but with the Sonic face as the 'skull' part. The last shirt is for Sonic Mega Collection Plus, which has Sonic Tails & Knuckles in a nice stock art below the logo on the plain white tee. Photo by SegaEU
Rush Adventure Promo Pirate Black Flag Tee
Hard Rock Cafe Entry Pass 2007
Here is an entry pass / card for the "Sega Rocks" event, held, appropriatly, at the Hard Rock Cafe. But, this cafe is known for having locations in loads of different cities all over the world, which one could have hosted this? The date is Dec. 13 of 2007. (So if anyone knows what was going on at that time, the restaurant could be pinned down) It has jumping/pointing CG Sonic on an orange background. The item is made extra special because the strap also has been printed with "Sega Rocks" so the item isn't just the cardboard piece in plastic sleeve. If a country for this is determined, it will move to that country's page. Photo by SegaEU
Unleashed Hoodie Design Close Up Here is a close up of the Unleashed gray hoodie. But why would Sega EU have it, didn't it also get called "World Adventure"? The logo is nicely printed, but they sadly use faux-wear / weathering on the Werehog. The hoodie itself is very plain, just a mottled gray color with only these 2 details. Photo by SegaEU
Diecut Metal Werehog Keychain This is a Unleashed promotional keychain with Werehog theme thought to be a booth item / give away. It features diecut shiny metal with clear enamel overlay to preserve the full color design & keep it tough. There is likely copyright info/mark on the back stamped into it. The ring is a simple one with a little chain. Photo by SegaEU
Zero Gravity Beanie Knit Cap Hat Here's a rather simple (even a bit plain) beanie type knit cap. It's here to promote Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. It just has a shape of Sonic's board with the classic Sonic Team 'Sonic Face' logo & the words "Zero Gravity" on the fold-up rim. The rest of the hat is just plain knit fabric.Photo by SegaEU
Sonic 06 Mug 3 Hedgehogs Box Here is a mug released for Sonic 06. It has the logo at the bottom of the box, and the mug features Sonic, Silver & Shadow, all in CG. The mug itself appears to be blue ceramic. Each character has a bit of a white border to help distinguish them from the dark colored mug. Photo by SegaEU
Sonic Mario Olympic Winter Games Snowboard This special snowboard was made to promote Sonic & Mario at Olympic Winter games. The bottom has cool CG art of skii Mario & snowboarding Sonic, with the game's logo. Oddly, the Sonic art appears kind of dark. The upper part has all the little round token like character symbols from the game. It was never meant to be used. (no holes, no hardware, etc) There are probably several of this, a known one has a Netherlands-localized logo & is seen on that country's page. Photo by SegaEU Sonic 06 Foil Magnets Set
Prize Haul Variety Photo This photo is called "a prize haul", which likely means it was a part of some kind of contest, or give-away booth stuff. There's a white embroidered "Sega" patch, a lanyard, a Zero Gravity...Tee? a card/cardboard in plastic of Riders, probably a boxed soundtrack to Sonic Black Knight, & a Sega themed lip balm. A curious selection. Photo by SegaEU Here is a set of magnets released for Sonic 06. It appears they were sold in a plastic hard case. The magnets were described as 'foil' so maybe they're extra shiny or something on the artwork background. You get CG images for Sonic, Silver & Shadow, each with a different colored background & their name. There's also a Sonic portrait square magnet, and a rectangle with just the logo. Photo by SegaEU
Sonic Knuckles Symbol Jean Jacket This has to be one of the coolest jean jackets ever made. The regular blue jacket has a BIG version of the Sonic & Knuckles logo on the back. With this close up, you can see the embroidered & quality details. The S&K logo was one of their best pieces of graphic design they've ever done. It's simple, conveys the look of both characters, and is an instantly recognizeable symbol. This may have been an 'employees only' available item. Photo by SegaEU
Sonic Mario Winter Olympic Items
Here's their selection of 'winter games' themed stuff. You've got the non-snowboard (pictured above in better detail) Sonic & Mario round icon DS styluses, the fancy / display bag that was probably a pre-order item in stores, a snap-in interchangeable keychain where the back is the logo, but then you can select from Mario, Sonic, Yoshi or Amy disks to customize it, a set of pins with the round character logos & a shirt with yet more logos. The little icons were a cool enough idea, but where did these things appear? Photo by SegaEU
White Europe Sonic Sega Flag This white cloth you see pinned to a wall is actually a flag. It is pinned up in a Sega Europe office somewhere. It has the Sonic Team style Sonic face over a reddish/orange & yellow ring of stars with the Sega logo at the bottom. It's an interesting flag, but is there more than one? Photo by SegaEU