Europe General Sonic Items
Sometimes items are sold in a general area, rather than in just one or 2 countries. If there's a Sonic item that was meant for all over / most countries of Europe, it should show up here.
Sonic Gear Main
Europe Speed Challenge Trophy This is a trophy. It's a combination special Dreamcast Sonic Adventure 1 disk (or look-alike item) and a metal plaque, both mounted to blue card in a glass frame.
It says "Presented to JF Cecillon on behalf of Sega Europe in recognition of the success of the European Sonic Speed Challenge with Reebok DMX". That's the Reebok logo in the black rectangle. But what was this challenge? Did this guy win it? It just says it succeeded...not that he was first place. It was awarded in 1999. This is a mysterious trophy. Photo by: Sonicfan3841
10th Anniversary Blue Dreamcast This special edition Dreamcast was released in honor of Sonic's 10th birthday by Sega of Europe. It's likely worth a small fortune now. First, the DC system itself is Sonic blue, and has SA1 style sticker on it AND it is signed by a member of SonicTeam. The controller is in blue and gray (rather than offwhite) with SonicTeam logo on it. The box is blue too, but it looks like the game is just an addition. It was given to Sega EU employees and a few were used as contest prizes in different countries in Europe, so it is not specific to just one. This is a great and rare set to celebrate the 10th! Discovered by: Flare, with additional info by Alessandro.
Sega Europe Phone Charm Promo Item
This is a phone charm given to clients of Sega Europe. (so, anywhere in Europe) It's made of metal with an interesting 'above' perspective for what looks like CG Sonic, & covered in clear enamel. ChuChu Rocket mice/KapuKapu, & Monkey Ball chars also appear on the back-card. This was made by RDPCreative. Photo by Bianca Nishitani
Sega Prize Europe Tails Small Plush Checker Classic Style Face Cap This is another Sonic classic style 'face cap' where the design is just his face over the bill & hat part.
It is a variant on the 2 that are sold in the USA, but they've changed the plain blue cloth to blue/black checker. This kind of disrupts the purpose of the design (the plain blue was meant to be like Sonic's head WAS the rest of the cap) Sold at AttitudeHolland, but they cater to all/most of Europe.
Sega Prize Europe made plushes for a general European release, meaning they weren't restricted to any one country. Here's their Tails, which look pretty decent. He has a cute expression, stuffed bangs, small nose...but small ears too. His tails are tacked (sewn) to the back of his head to keep them posed upright. The fabric is soft, rather than fuzzy/wooly & he seems proportional. Photo & owned by:
Europe UFO Classic Style Plushes
These classic style plushes are supposed to have a "general Europe" distribution in UFO catchers and as win-able (aka: not retail) prizes. The tags look similar to some USA plush tags, but who made these? Which countries have seen these appear? The dolls themselves look pretty good/classic. And they've even added classic Eggman! He looks rather funny with his floppy mustache. It's great to finally see a non-Japan Eggman though, he has fans too! Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Knuckles Flat Earbud This is a simple pair of Knuckles theme earbuds. They're flat, with that 'cut-in' rubber that takes detail well for a portrait of his face. The cord is red to match. They're a simple pair, but nice to see a Knuckles only item. Sold at in 2013, but they cater to all/most of Europe.
Paintball Blue & Wite Modern Sonic Tee
Here's a stylish tee! It's called "Paintball Style" & features line-art-only modern Sonic with a spatter & swirl background of blue paint. The graphic is nice & big while the pose isn't over-used. The line art makes this stand out. Sold at in 2013, but they cater to all/most of Europe.
Sonic thin modern wallet This is a single fold super thin wallet. It has modern running Sonic in color on the outside, along with a line-art close up of his face & the logo. The interior has more blue on blue line-art & 4 pockets for cards & cash. Sold at in 2013, but they cater to all/most of Europe.
Sega Prizes Gather Table Here is a bunch of prize merchandise Sega of Europe gathered together and set up on a table. You can see a lot of these items around EU general. There are also 'generic' (Just Sega, nothing to do with Sonic) things here like the box in the middle, the Sega logo keychain etc. That blue tee in the back is a Summer of Sonic shirt that could only be aquired at the event. Photo by SegaEU
Glittery Big Classic Wing Ring Sweat Shirt Here's something fun from somewhere in Europe.
It's a black sweat shirt with...a design that's totally glittery! Notice the inset there at the corner, you can see that all of the ink used to make the design has a very fine grain sparkle. What a fun's surprising this type of thing didn't turn up on any other clothing article modern nor classic. The design is quite large, taking up the entire front of the shirt. It's Sonic in his Sonic 1 winged-ring with banner below & classic logo below that. This is thought to be a 1990s item. Do you know where it was sold? Write in for credit if you do. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePostersInstragram
McLaren Europe Grand Prix Sonic Trophy Wow, check out this sure to be 1-of-a-kind item!
This is a big Sonic themed trophy! It was made for "F1 Racing" & was won by the McLaren F1 Racing team. It is kept at their HQ in Woking England. The Sonic statue on there appears to be all metal. He's on a blue enamel "SEGA" logo base. He is sculpted with his foot up on a simplified race car driver helmet & to be holding a traditional cup-style trophy in one hand. If you look closely at the cup, you'll see a little panel on there that is most likely personalized with the winning team name.
This is from the 1993 Europe Grand Prix F1 Race.
Does the arm look a little strange? That's because it can actually MOVE! So it's not just a trophy, it's a battery powered motion trophy where he shakes the cup up and down when you turn it on.
This must exist as Sega sponsored the race, or contributed somehow at the time. It makes sense for racing things to have a Sonic element since he's all about speed & sometimes raced in cars (even then, but only on Game Gear) As a one of a kind, this is certainly a cool photo to see! Discovered by:
Segaprize Europe 2018 Sonic Plush Here is Segaprize Europe's 2018 plush offering.
Their Sonic for this year is classic style & looks pretty decent. He has clear ear borders, a decent expression, & the spikes look good here. The eyes are a little bit big (look how close they are to the ears, no art ever has the eyes that large) The hands & feet are fairly nicely shaped as well. The fabric here looks pretty soft/maybe a little velvety.
Because this is SegaPrize Europe, it can appear/sell anywhere in Europe/their territory over there. Discovered by Pichu97/Charlie
Segaprize Europe Amy Cloth Tag
Here is what the tush tag/cloth tag looks like for Segaprize Europe plushes.
In this case, it's on the back of Amy's dress, not directly on her. It's fairly large, black and white only and has the modern logo pretty big. The copyright/Sega info is tiny, as usual on the rest of the tag.
Knowing what the tags are supposed to look like is important to help spot fakes, and keep track of where each plush is from. Photo & owned by CrystalKitsune
Sonic Classic Panini Sticker Package Panini: An Italian word, a sandwich name and also a well known Sticker Company.
Panini may have started in Italy, but they make absolute loads of stickers that are well distributed (or were) all over Europe. You could find their sticker packs and albums in lots of places, and probably lots of languages. This is great to see, as it helps fans everywhere to collect equally.
They got started in the classic era, using probably some Fleetway Sonic the Comic art here and there (seen at left), and this carried on with at least 180 stickers. The packages are blind-pack, as the stickers
Sonic X Panini Sticker Package
Sonic X tv show success in the EU prompts Panini to make more stickers.
were likely meant to be traded around like collectible cards. Despite it's distance (in time) from the classic days, Sonic X show was such a success, that Panini made stickers for it too. Taking snaps/screens from the show, it's stock art & more would likely also be a great way for them to buld up art easily. Sticker packs photo & owned by Hedgy
Flippos Pogs Full Set Here is a full set of pogs / milk caps from the FLIPPOS brand. However, this brand, much like 'kleenex' turned into 'just a term' for an item which is the Milk Cap or Pog. It can also be called a Tazo.
Flippo, however, is referenced more in the EU area than it was USA so these are going onto Europe general. You can notice re used art from other sets here, along with a few that might be unique to them. Notice the Sonic the Comic STC UK pointing portrait at the bottom, and their
somewhat mutant Knuckles next to it. The set is also mixed around to a degree because you have SatAM Sally, along with AOSTH goofy Robotnick thrown in together in the set. Then, you can spy Metal Sonic (bottom right), the S&K logo from the game, rare stock sitting Knuckles, and a Sonic from the Game Gear game cover.
The patterned pogs are either on other companies sets, or have been published more than once by this Tazo company. They're easy to recognize with their geometric shapes and often have repeat designs from ones on other backgrounds. (EX. dummy sitting Tails, standing forward Knuckles)
Who gets shorted?
Tails. Look how few he gets, and 3 out of his only 6 pogs has him injured and looking stupid on purpose. No other character is shown injured. Even Robotnick has 12 pogs, and Sally has even more than that. Could this be Australian? (Their Segaworld was always eager to push Sally and SATAM Robotnick.) Part of Sally's function/effect was always getting rid of Tails and putting him in the background/make him stupid so she could take his place beside Sonic, or be ahead of Sonic.

Do you know where Flippos were sold?
Photo and owned by Hedgy

Inaja Europe Variety Sonic Items Here's a bit of an odd variety of items most of which are probably from around Europe somewhere. However, not everything is...
The Sonic Underground tab thing is part of a store display probably from USA Dennys where you could get the plush dolls. The "Segasonic" rectangle pin is Japanese as is the star embroidered patch. (You can see that patch and others in its collection on Gear)
The Inaja items are likely to be Portugese. "Convite" means 'invite' in Portugese. It could be a pack of party invitiations/party supply. But what's the flat plastic thing? The "Ebras Ecole" item doesn't translate but Google seems to think it may be Spanish. Look at the shaped eraser, it uses the less common soda-sippin Sonic. There's also a foam-float keychain which will be hard to tell where it's from too. It is an interesting selection of seldom seen Sonic things.
Europe Shape Thumbs Up Puzzle A new puzzle appears for 2022, and supposedly it will have a "Europe Release". Well, that covers a lot of ground so hopefully they do mean all of the countries there that want it, can get it.
It is a fun shape puzzle that uses quite new neoclassic thumbs up Sonic. The whole puzzle is cut to the shape of the art, which makes it different to put together than traditional puzzles. (No corners, wavy edges, etc) It is also fairly large (note the size of the hand), so when you put it together you can use puzzle-saver glue and hang it on the wall to decorate like a fun shape poster. Put the puzzle art to good use!
Who made this, and where will it be sold? You can write in for credit. (The hand is not trying to add a blue piece to his shoe, that is a blue claw on the hand)
Europe Sonic Hygene Selections 2023 may be a cool year in Europe for Sonic stuff...and Hygene Products start the news with this nice selection.
The photo appears in winter 2022, so this stuff is likely to release in early 2023, hopefully. The location isn't any more specific than "its Europe".

Here, you can see an auto-foaming hand soap that seems to be blue, a mild & gentle childrens shampoo, a themed Sonic/Amy battery tooth brush (that lights up), a towel with his face on it, and a fun swirly yellow and blue bath bomb/ bath fizzy. It seems likely 1 company will release it all but...

you can write in for credit if you know which, or if you have any of the items. This is a factory photo.