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Costume Characters
Wandering around video game shows or conventions, you will often find costumed characters to promote various Sonic the Hedgehog games or items. All these photos were taken by someone in Japan, so the credit goes to them...
Of course, Japan has more Sega related events and more costume appearances, so they've got the run of all the rarest mascots. Fortunatly, you don't have to go to Japan to see these.
Sonic Gear Main Sonic Mascot Costume Characters 2 * Mascot characters 3
Sonic Tails Knuckles Costume Characters All 3 Costume characters: Sonic, Tails Knuckles with their new Sonic Adventure look. This was taken at a Dreamcast related release event. (You can see a kiosk from it in the background. There is a video screen behind the figures too) You seldom see the Knuckles costume. Well, it does look kind of...squinty or something.
Eggman & Tails costumes
Eggman Costume! He's a bit tall, but still great for a mascot. Look at giant Tails ignoring him. They did a really good job on the boots! This was taken at a "Sonic Party" event, although not sure when. This is the only picture of Eggman, but it would be nice if there was a close-up out there somewhere...
Smily Amy Rose Photo 2nd Amy suit Side-Smile Amy Rose costume
This is the same Amy Rose mascot. Notice the mouth is open on the one to the left, while the other 2 have the side-smile. Why? Because someone photoshopped a fake mouth onto the open-mouth picture! Mouth-open amy also has Green-er eyes. Extra info by Redkun. There probably isnt an open-mouth suit for Amy. She really turned out well though! This costume is very Amy-Like.
Cream with Cheese Chao cute pic Dancing Cream Suit Waving cream costume character Cream the Rabbit!
Usually costumes aren't 'cute'...but this one is managing nicely. She looks especially nice with Cheese the Chao! What a fun accent to have her carry the giant plush around. She appeared at a convention, rather than an event. Notice the Ai-Ai monkey ball bag behind her, and a "Sega Event Staff" jacket. Hamtaro is there too! This is around the time of Sonic-X, as you can see Chris in the poster on the background. There should be a photo of this from the back, to see her ears. Fun!
Rouge the Bat & Shadow costumes Peace Shadow
Rouge the Bat and Shadow the Hedgehog
Wow! These are really rare! But you can bet that Shadow won't be once his new game comes out. The Rouge is pretty good, although it was probably not taken from her best angle. Notice the hairy-fur patch on Shadow's chest. They did a great job with his shoes! It would be interesting to see Shadow's spikes from the back and more angles of Rouge. She could be a great and pretty costume.
Giant spikes Sonic Adventure suit Sonic the Hedgehog
These were the first shots of Sonic in his new Sonic Adventure look. (As opposed to the 'Classic Sonic' look, without the green eyes) These new Mascots/Costumes are much better looking than the classics. There are several varieties of these suits as well. These were taken at different events.
Sonic Adventure 1 Suit
Sonic Party Tails Costume character photo
Tails the Fox
Another shot from the "Sonic Party" event. Is this the same suit as in the above pictures? It's hard to tell if his forelock or bangs is in the same place. Either way the head is great. The tails are a bit...under played but it is great to see.
Classic suit in a race car
A Classic Sonic Suit
And someone has crammed it into a race car. Not sure where this picture is from, but Sega was sponsoring another race.
Tokyo Game Show 2002 mascot The 2002 Tokyo Game Show had this mascot. Notice that they are improving the shoes as the versions go along. Here is an early Sonic-Adventure style mascot. This one retains the 'toony' look of some of the older ones, but combines it with the green eyes. This suit looks smoother than others, without being shiny. Toony SA1 mascot thing
Wild-life sanctuary sponsoring mascot Sonic
Here is an interesting shot. This is a mascot at a Hedgehog wildlife sanctuary in Germany. Sonic Team donated a bunch of money to help out live hedgehogs that are being preserved at this park. The costume character is holding one of the animals. This mascot looks like it is made of fleece.
Rouge from the back
In German 'hedgehog' is igel.
Rouge the Bat again, this time High-Fiving someone at a game show. You can see part of an Amy Rose mascot in the background. This shot also gives you a better look at Rouge's back, and her wings.
Sonic & Yuji Naka with a Sega Car
Here is the famous Yuji Naka and an early Sonic Adventure style mascot. They still havn't quite got the look down, with differently colored lycra legs and a sort of cross-eyed look. A car has been decorated with Sega Ads, but look at the web address. It has a German extension on it, wasn't this supposed to be in Japan?
Old-skool wrinkly mascot More classics were promised, so here we go. This was taken at a Sega Park. This somewhat wrinkly Old-Skool Sonic the hedgehog mascot seems to be contemplating the poor lighting conditions. Dare to compare! Here is another shot from Sega Park, only much more recently. This costume looks like it's in a back room somewhere, before the show. You can see bikes and lockers. This gives a good idea of what they did with the spikes for the more current costumes. Also note that the legs are just regular spandex pants with the suit worn over it. Spiky costume character
Sonic X TV Show launch photo This is from an event to broadcast the launch of the Sonic X TV show. Naturally, a mascot was needed for the stage. In the background, people hold a plush, and you can also see a giant poster with the Sonic X logo on it and a picture of Bokkun.
Grand opening with costume characters
Squshy mascot with Tarepanda Another Classic, but this one appears to be in a mall. What is that glob on Sonic's head? Why, that is TarePanda, the bone-less lump adored by many. (it rolls along the ground, being bone-free; now don't let anyone say you're strange...) This mascot appears rather stuffy and squishy.
A grand opening? Maybe a launch? It's hard to tell why Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are here.
Tokyo Game Show Shadow, and his Dark Chao! This was helping to promote Sonic Heroes for the Game Cube. It looks like not only Cream got to carry Cheese around, with this adorable giant plush! Why can't they sell more varieties of Chao plush? This one is so cute, who wouldn't want it? Shadow & Dark Chao plush Sonic Heroes launch
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