Sonic the Hedgehog Costume Characters Title
So many costumes, so many conventions for them to show up at!
Japan is just full of interesting video game events, it seems.
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Sonic & Puyo Hat Girl This is a pretty cool mascot suit, look at how the spikes lean outward for a better profile. Seen from any angle, this one is likely pretty game accurate. This clearly appeared at an event to advertise a puzzle game with Puyos in it. You can see the girl has on a red puyo hat, and the announcer (cropped out) had on a puyo themed shirt. Why did they need a Sonic? Sega took over the Puyo brand, and incorporated Mean Bean Machine into one of its collections. (despite the fact that MBM used AoStH style things from the USA, they still included the game, as the beans were similar to puyos. Added info by Taaron
Shadow Suit Side view spikes Here's the modern Shadow suit as seen from the side. You can tell they were really paying attention with this spikes as they're all bent appropriately up and out. They got the red rim to the top of his eyes really well done as well, though his nose may be a tad long. It's unknown where this suit appeared, but it's nice to see a new angle for it.
This is another shot from the skit that took place at the Sonic Party event (seen on page 2) This one however shows the suits from a new above-angle. Also, notice that the Eggman has fallen over in the background, and it seems to be a 'victory pose'.
Tails and 3 logo girls event Here's a fun Tails suit and 3 girls. They're clearly part of an event, and wearing some kind of uniform. It's likely a logo on their chest to something, but who knows what that may be. This is likely the same Tails Suit from the Sonic Party skit above.
TGS 20th Anniversary Sonic Mascot This mascot suit appeared at TGS (Tokyo Game Show) 2011 at the Sega Sonic Generations booth. You can see they've hung a 20th Anniversary symbol card around the suit's neck like a necklace, to make it different for this show. Gathered around him are the booth girls in their uniforms. They are holding sticker sheets (the free give-away) to lure people to the booth. You can see their stickers on Japan School Supply & the TGS merchandise case on Fan Events/Places.
Rouge the Bat Suit Close Up Face Here's a great close up of their nice Rouge the Bat costume character from TGS. You can see various views of her on the other pages here, but this one is a good close up for her face/ hands/body. The fingers/gloves are a little stuffy/wrinkly, (as 99% are) but the rest looks really great, including her expression. Very proportional, this is a great suit to see! Photo discovered by EmerlFan 13 Basket holding Tails mascot Here is a big-headed mascot Tails just standing on a cement step. It's holding a basket & has a very round /circle body & quite a short arm.
It looks kind of lonely standing there on that step with nothing to do.
Sonic Amy AiAi Toshi Taiko Baseball This is a photo from the Toshi Taiko Baseball game. As you can see, it's indoors, & Sega likely cosponsored it somehow. AiAi is from Super Monkey Ball, & they were really hoping the monkies would catch on as characters, so they added a suit for him. This is their SA2 costume, with Sonic wearing his Sonic Adventure 2 soap shoes. Amy's hair looks nicely sculpted on the sides. You can also see her smile on the side of her face. The soles of her boots seem like they're a yellowish or worn out and the boot length just a little short. (this is an older suit, there are photos of it elsewhere on Gear. It looks like she's a little too big for her dress. This suit does have a tail (seen low). It seems like the 3 suits are cheering with the cheerleaders at the game. (they're to the left) Photo & info discovered by EmerlFan13
Sonic & Miku Vocaloid Mascot Suits
Here's a photo from an event...but what event was it? It clearly needed mascot suits, as here's another of their good Sonic ones. Note the big hands, and original-style shoes (not the soap shoe) He appears here with a sort of odd 'chibi style' mascot suit for Hatsune Miku the vocaloid singer. Photo discovered by Taaron
World Hobby Fair Japan Character Costumes
Here is a great selection of nice looking mascot suits. The majority are from Sega's booth at the World Hobby Fair ranging back from 2001 through about the GBA & SA2 era. This is also the one where Amy had the wrong shoes (notice at the far right) & Tails' gloves instead. The squinty Knuckles suit appears elsewhere as well. There were probably 2 Rouge suits as well, one with 1 eyelash (this one) and another with 2 (seen above). The waving Amy was probably in 2003 at another Hobby Fair where they showcased Sonic Heroes and the Sonic X television series. Cream's suit was from a Hobby Fair where they showcased Sonic games for Gameboy Advance. Notice that the suit has a tail & you can see it here. Photos discovered & info by EmerlFan
Classic Costume Back View in Restaurant You seldom get just the 'back view' of a costume character, so this one's interesting to see. Here, a classic suit is seen in a restaurant of some kind. You can see a waitress in head scarf, tables with benches & an order counter. Look at how well done the spikes are for the costume. Each one is totally distinct, properly placed, proportioned to the suit & looks good from any angle. The suit really does have classic-Sonic proportions too. It's just too bad it can't be seen from the front to know if the face was just as good! Photo by: FursuitArchives
Little Shoe Tails Suit This Tails mascot costume has probably appeared before, but here it is isolated so you can really inspect it. Notice that the glove cuffs are actually shiny, which is interesting. The shoes & socks though, seem a bit unusually small/thin. The mouth for this one also appears to be slightly open. Over-all though, it seems like a cute suit. Photo by: FursuitArchives
Classic proportions mascot suit This mascot suit is very interesting in that it has such good classic styled proportions. Usually, to fit a human in the suit, the character is disproportionate to the though, aside from the big nose, it seems to be accurate. But why is it from 2003? That's modern-era. Shadow mascot suit feet close up Here's a close-up of the Shadow mascot's feet. You can see they did detail in at least the front hover-emitter & that the ankle cuff things are gold-tone. The material for the shoe is even shiny/plastic , so the attention to detail is good here.
Mini girl and Shadow This is basically just here because it is a very cute picture of a mini girl & the Shadow mascot. It seems like a happy picture. Newspaper Mascot Photo The SA2 Battle mascots made it into a photo in a newspaper somewhere. This probably coverage of a convention they appeared at. The guy on the left is supposedly somebody semi-famous, like a promotor or possibly a celebrity.
Back of Cream suit
Here are 2 closer looks at the Cream mascot suit. The first shows it's about the same size as everyone else (so, not to scale) & how the back of the ear looks. Cream & Amy Costume Faces
The right side has the open-mouth Amy closer (see the texture of her dress) & Cream. It looks like the brown color for her eyes may be embroidered. Her expression looks good too.
Shadow & Gunmen Now here's something interesting, a mascot suit holding an actual gun. This has to be a promotion for Shadow the game, as that was all about guns. Are the 2 sunglasses guys supposed to be GUN agents? The only words you can read out of the caption are "Verbal" and "Tripod Baby".