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Sonic Places in Japan
Some really amazing destinations on this page!
Imagine going to a mall...and finding a store. The store looked like any other retail outlet...but once you got inside, you realize that EVERY single item is Sonic the Hedgehog related. Shirts, shoes, plushes, action figures...everything. And the store is huge! Racks of every kind of clothing surround you with more Sonic then you can collect in one day!
Sound like a fantasy?
It's not.  There actually is/was a store like that, and Sonic Gear's got the photos for you!

There's plenty more to look at on this page, and should be more to come.

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Sega logo building photo
This might be Sega Headquarters. The photo is somewhat...shimmery but you can definately see the "Sega" logo.
Sonic lobby Bamboo Sega HQ statue photo Is this what's inside the building? A Sonic Adventure 1 style statue stands among bamboo clusters in what looks like a lobby of some kind. It could be at a Sega HQ.
With this photo you can see the updated lobby, with marble front, and TVs showing Sonic X. The statue is above a circular bench. It has a slight case of 'big body' but it's still nice. It is mounted on a pole. Photo discovered by Sonicrulz14
Sonic bowling alley front shot Sonic Bowling?
Well, yes. There is a Sonic-theme bowling alley in Japan. That front wall has all kinds of Sonic pictures/ads inside. All the TVs/Score Displays are Sonic related. Not all the bowling balls are blue though.
Bowling lanes
Tails Spare Sonic Strike Welcome to Sonic Bowl! Eggman Gutter Ball
Coca Cola & Sonic Adventure Billboard Sonic the Hedgehog (in the new Adventure style) is sharing a billboard with Coca Cola. Sonic & Tails mural wall of mystery
Welcomeing fans Banner with Sonic & Tails A banner to welcome fans to...something. Not sure where this was, but look at the cute graphic of Tails flying Sonic somewhere. It looks like it says "Entertainment is Here".
Giant Sonic & Tails mural
Don't know what building this is on, but it sure is large. The picture quality does not allow for the reading of the white words beside it, but it says... "Everyone's favorite heroes, Where ever they go,The adventure goes on!" Info by: ifhgsfj
Welcome to your dream store!
Sega Store on the street Could this be the exterior of the Sonic Store? It's unknown what this is the facade to, but it's probably got Sonic in it.
Store Set up- EVERY item is Sonic the Hedgehog
The entry photo to The Sonic the Hedgehog store. Every item you see in these photos has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or a related character on it *Somewhere*. They're not always visible in the photos, but let the close-ups guide you. The above photo is from the grand-opening, complete with flower boquet and little card.
An employee helps set up the store. If this person is not a Sonic fan, irony will explode.
9 T Shirt wall selection The 9 shirts on the wall from the above picture. There seems to be a TV stuck in this wall for some reason. We need 1 of each shirt!
So many displays of greatness! Shirts, pants, skateboard hats!
It's not just clothing, either. Dreamcast accessories, plush dolls and hats help decorate the many displays. Look at that shirt selection in the back ground! You can bet those arn't duplicate designs...
Plush Selection with Shirt Hat combo
A selection of Plush dolls surrounds an embroidered shirt & hat combo. They even have a nice realistic Big the cat. And plush Chao looks so cute. Could that be a Sonic Purse the mannequin is wearing? Why is this photo all strangely colored?
Pants & Accessories Rack of Sonic the Hedgehog
A whole rack of Sonic pants. You never see Sonic pants! A good color selection too...along with carry-bags that look like nylon or canvas, wallets, and bagged T-shirts. There is even some odd looking brim-hat, and 2 of your usual Ball-Cap style hats. This shot is right behind the boquet.
So many Sonic shirts, shorts & bags photo A better shot of the rack, for your viewing interest. Notice even MORE variety of T shirts. How many must this place have? It does not look like there are any duplicate designs either, although the color pallette seems somewhat limited.
Fleeces & Sweatshirts Sonic selection
Cold outside? Check out these fleeces and sweat shirts. It even looks like there may be a vest or two on the shelves. Another plush and a different skate board also appear. Great shirt-hat combos, with bags!
Peace Accessorized Girls Sonic Clothes Stripe Arms Low-shot Models in store Model Backs Sonic Sweatshirts
Sonic store Shirt Wearers Sonic shirt wearing model girls Here are 2 models in the Sonic Store. They've been hired to wear the clothes so you can see what they look like on, with these photos. Hopefully, they are Sonic fans! Each shirt here has something to do with Sonic, though due to the small size of the photos, it's not always apparent. This is certainly more proof for the absolutely huge variety this store had. If all the photos are found, would it put Japan ahead of the other countries in sheer number of Sonic shirts?
General store area with a billboard in Japan This photo is supposed to be of the general area where the store is located. Although, no clue as to how you'd tell if it is correct. At least you can see a peek of Sonic on another Coca Cola billboard near the top.

Here is a map to get there, if you can read it.

A map to something
Sonic team plays Sonic Adventure Any where Sonic Team goes, is automatically a Sonic place! Here they are in a Sonic related room of some kind, playing Sonic Adventure 1. Look at the cool NiGHTS cut-out in the back ground.
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