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Even more Sonic places in Japan!
These places focus on actual buildings and events, rather than the Sonic Super Store as on the previous page. This doesn't make them any less exciting to visit, though!
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Sega Sign Top Sonic & Tails Here is a Sega sign, on a building in Japan. Is it for a Segaworld? It doesn't look like the other signs for Segaworld above. It has some colored circles, the Sega font logo & Sonic with Tails. They're genuinely classic, and look good here with action poses. Do you know where this sign is/was located? Write in for credit.
SegaWorld Japan Sign Building Here you can get a good look at the exterior of Sega World Japan. This looks like it was updated around the time of Sonic Adventure 1, as it uses that particular Stock Art to decorate the front of the building. Note the 'checkered' theme of the border, it is somewhat like the ground in early Sonic games. Does it still look the same today? What all might be found inside?
Sonic Collection Case Displays
Can a Sonic collection really be a fan place? Yes, when it's in a series of recessed wall shelves with display lighting. This collection is obviously on display somewhere for viewing & not in a home. It is supposedly Yuji Naka's collection, but there's no real proof. It is in Japan. The things you see here can almost all be found as close ups with entries on the other pages of Sonic Gear. The items include: marble base statue, Shadow controller w/red dome, old Caltoy Tails doll, puzzle can, lunch box/thermos set, Kellytoy werehog, that "License Magazine" trade thing, Jazwares racers mini figure set, ladies' wallet, the expensive suede-like pillow, hat, several DVDs including SatAm, AoStH, & X, Toy Island big Knuckles, the shoe clips, Cheese plush & several trophies / award plaques given out by magazines and organizations to Sonic games that won their criteria. (Includes 4 things in the first case)
Steps to Segaworld Ota Sonic...steps? Yes! This is a special stair-step advertisement. It's a type of 'cling' that you can apply to the vertical portion of each step. It never gets stepped on, and when viewed from the right (average) height it forms a design you can see or read. In this case, it's a cool thumbs-up Sonic, the Sega logo & a small direction to the Segaworld of Tokyo. (2F = 2nd floor) This is supposed to be in "Ota".
Segaworld Japan Exciting Wall Here is a Sonic themed wall!
Where else could this be, but a Segaworld. It's supposed to be in the Ota Tokyo one. The colorful wall has many features going on, like 3 different Sonic portraits, his shoe & leg stomping down in a starburst shape, a purple oval that says "Come on now!", the word "exciting", Sonic's name in blue, "Have Fun" in a black rectangle, "Now you are free to enjoy your time" motto?, Knuckles saying "yo" & 6 holes. What are the holes for? There's also a railing, implying a 2nd floor.
It's too bad Google-Places doesn't go around inside one of these so everyone can really get a look. (why is that white bear there?)
Joypolis CD Selections Joypolis Stickers & Slippers Shelf Here are some photos from the Tokyo Joypolis Sonic section in 2015. Each of the items you can see the more detailed close up & entry for elsewhere on Sonic Gear. These photos are here to illustrate what a "Sonic Store" looks like and stocks on its shelves!
Joypolis Keychain & Hat Display
Joypolis Bags & Tees Sonic
At the top left you can see a selection of official game soundtracks & Sonic themed music CDs. Next is a display of hanging stickers, plush character caps, slippers & a plush Sonic doll. Below left are keychains (the little paperchild-style 'pull' cute theme ones) & the flat character head caps. Last you can see a school file folder, key caps, shoulder/messenger bags & an All Stars Racing tee.
All 4 Joypolis photos in this section by Hardclear
There are 2 main things to notice, one is that not everything here is Sonic (ex. there's a Genesis tee too, the heart shaped 2 headed penguin thing, & the teal folder next to the shoulderbag are all non-Sonic) and, the majority of the merchandise is also available elsewhere / fairly common. This includes the Shadow shoulder bag, slippers, hats, doll, CDs & classic style key caps. They're actually in the Sonic Gear Store, even. The exclusives appear to be the stickers, tees & 'pull' keychains.
Nagasawa Segaworld Arcade Sign How many Sega Worlds did Japan have?
Here's another, "Nagasawa Segaworld". It is unknown how recent the photo is, or if the Segaworld is still open in this area. It's got some great signs though, with a large circle sign with Sonic in the center that says "Welcome to Nagasawa Sega World", a square sign featuring Tails that says "Come And Join US", a large Sega font stand-alone logo, & some window stickers. It's own logo appears to be that double red symbol on both sides of the sign (and in the windows too) This is likely to be an arcade on the inside.
Joypolis Xmas 2015 Goods Poster Here are 2 items from Joypolis Christmas celebration 2015. This makes it a bit of a 'Sonic place' and also an event. At left is a poster panel with Sonic merchandise (probably available nearby?) that is for 2015 / 2016. It's too bad the original photo isn't exactly big enough to see what all the things are. You can spot some plush, notepads, a case, probably a cup & maybe a strap. Does anyone have a list of what you see here?
At right (somewhere in the same area as the poster) is a all-blue artificial Christmas tree that's been decorated with all Sonic themed stuff. It has blue lights and many plushes strapped to it. It's surrounded by mini light up ice blue 'trees'. Photos discovered by Taaron
Joypolis Blue Sonic Tree Christmas