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What's the Summer of Sonic? This is a fan event, that has the approval of Sega of Europe. This makes it mostly official, though it isn't SOE idea, or sponsored by them. It's put together by the fans, and has it's own website at . This page is dedicated to all of the SOS events, because they turn wherever they're held into a Sonic Place! (with loads of activities and merchandise on display, it's all about celebrating it's an event AND a place all at once!
The Summer of Sonic convention!
This is a fan event, that has the approval of Sega of Europe. This makes it mostly official, though it isn't SOE idea, or sponsored by them. It's put together by the fans, and has it's own website at . The website activates each year near when the event will be. There are web based activities for people to participate in, as well as info and photos and line-ups for the physical event. It is a complex tribute to Sonic! How great! All photos and reporting here done by Metal Mandible (except where noted) who attended. (Special thank you!)
Merchandise Zone Display Shelf Summer Sonic At this convention, held in England, there were many different "Zones" you could visit in the building. Some had merchandise, others had games for you to play, and more.
This is a merchandise zone pic. In the glass display case are various Yuji Naka signed items, the Sonic & Knuckles Jean Jacket, a Riders theme shoe, some games, the statue, and a cell from Sonic X. See the gloves? They're Sonic cosplay gloves.
Comics and Fan Plush Display In the "Static Frame Zone" you could see both Fleetway and Archie Sonic comics on display. There are descriptions, and someone minding the table. These are out of private collections. You can also see more knit fan dolls.
There were Sonic discussions, and famous guest star appearances! Here you can see Richard Jacques and TJ Davis. They just sang a few Sonic songs (including the Sonic R soundtrack) and had a Q&A session for the fans. In the photo on the right you can see a Summer of Sonic t-shirt is already being worn.
Commentary Merchandise Pic SoS The merchandise had little commentary cards (seen here) where the characters are written to 'talk' about the item. Amy comments on the mini-plush's older dress, and rouge discusses the value of the Sonic Vinyl statue.
Summer Sonic Mascot Suit Game Station Of course, what event would be complete without a mascot! This mascot suit appeared at the Summer of Sonic 2008. This is a decent mascot suit, in the Sonic Adventure style. It is proportionate, as far as anyone can tell at least. You can see it here in the Hedgehog Hangout Zone, near a monitor running a Sonic game, and also near a stuff table, apparently reacting to something. Summer Sonic Mascot Side View
Summer of Sonic Gray/Yellow Tee Events need t-shirts!
This tee was apparently distributed or sold at the Summer of Sonic 2008. It's fan-made, but likely pro-printed, with the sun/Sonic logo, event name, and year that it took place. The logo was made by Jemnezmy. If you look carefully above, you can see that one of the guest-stars is already wearing one. Photo by Rhia
Green Hill Zone Event Cake 2-Teir Iced Sonic Level Cake Fish Detail in Icing
Cake photos by Jemnezmy
To celebrate the Summer of Sonic, someone has baked a cake! This 2 (or possibly 4) teir cake was not made by a professional cake designer. It was made by a Sonic Fan attending the convention! The cake represents Sonic 1's Green Hill Zone, complete with checkered ground, waterfall, and palm trees. The top is decorated with little stones, a star post, and even Sonic's shoes. They've even added a badnik robot to it, with Chop-Chop the fish on the side!
Summer of Sonic Convention 2009
The Summer of Sonic convention was held again in 2009. As usual, it had the display cases of cool merchandise, much like a mobile museam. See what you can spot in these photos! Most of it is already on SonicGear, including the STF Plush, vinyl record/sleeve, JUVI, First4Figures large statue, smaller SA statue, mini plush keychains, Gameworks hat, Sonic Comic page, special prize shoe and the rare Sonic & Knuckles jean jacket.

Two things are not on the rest of the site though...notice the Caliburn extension on the Wiimote? Where's that from? Also, the reference sheet for Tails in Sonic X which appears on the bottom shelf...

The explanation cards return, talking about each item and providing details. Here, you can see a close up on the Gameworks hat, Sonic Glove and the Tails Sonic X sheet. Cosplaying at such an event is fun too, here you can see someone's come dressed as Eggman! The jacket looks great with its cuffs and long tails. If you look near the top of the photo, you can see the custom banner for Summer of Sonic that's hung on a walkway above.
Like before, a Sonic mascot suit appears to create photo opportunities for guests of the event. You can take photos with it, or just of it. Plus, notice the cool large-size Green Hill back-drop banner in the left side photo.

All photos in this area courtesy of djtj222 who attended the event!

Summer of Sonic freebie orange bag SOS 2010 Grab Bag Content Summer of Sonic 2010 Visitor Badge
This is the swag from Summer of Sonic 2010 Sonic fan convention in England.
If you attended Summer of Sonic 2010, you'd recieve each of the above items. At left is a free draw-string bag that doubles as a backpack. (see how the strings go to holes in the bottom?) It has a cool Sonic line art and Sonic Team logo on it. Inside the'd find the items in the
above photo which include, the First4Figures single card classic Metal Sonic, a Sonic Sega All Stars themed door hanger, the flyer that announces the First4Figures light-up base Super Sonic statue contest/give away, a Crush 40 item, a color NiGHTS mini comic with Sonic in it, the Archie Sonic "Free Comic Book Day" issue and a Sega Media announcement slip that encourages you to follow something on Twitter. At far right is the Visitor ID badge. It has a cool orange strap with Summer of Sonic logo, and plastic case to hold the ID, along with a fun gold ring. This is a great package for the convention! Very collectible. Photographed & Owned by OrangeUnicorn