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Various Sonic Places Around The World
The Sonic places on this page can be from anywhere that doesn't already have its own exclusive 'places' page. (So, no USA or Japan places) Anywhere else is fair game. This can include conventions, particularly Sonic-oriented arcades, or Sonic booths at trade shows etc. The events here can be modern OR...old. (Can an event be vintage? The 90s isn't historical in any way...)
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Lost World AGA Skateboard Event Sega is apparently sponsoring some type of event that has to do with skateboards? It's not really clear what's going on here. You've got a mascot suit and 2 ladies, each holding a green skateboard (w/o in front of an obvious "photo op" backdrop. The backdrop has logos for Sega, Sonic Lost World, AGA & something else, but they're small so you can't really read it. What is this co-promoting?
Blue Arms Segaworld Sydney Mascot Here's the classic costume character Sonic for Segaworld Sydney. (what a gray day for a photo) It's seen standing outside the Segaworld building near their pond/fountain/waterfeature. Notice that it too has "The Blue Arms!" Common to Australia, it seems they kind of wanted to re-design Sonic without asking Sega first, and so produced lots of merchandise & art with blue-arms Sonic. There are other differences too, like he's super chubby/tubby , has a large blunt nose, & big eyes. The suit isn't the best, but it's not the worst either. For a true classic costume, the head is really quite well done. This is quite interesting to see. Photo discovered by SenatorSonic
Sport4Fun Mascot Charity Run
This mascot suit appeared at the Rebel Sport4Fun running event in Sydney 2011 summer. It was running for 4000 AUD for charity to the Sydney Childrens Hospital. (A great thing to do!) Look at the guy in the crowd in his Sonic shirt too. Photo discovered by Sonic&ShadowFTW
Astra Award 2010 Suspicious Suit This mascot suit appeared at the 2010 Astra Awards in Sydney...but is it even the real deal? Look how strange it looks compared to other suits here. The body is super huge, as are the ears. His face is a little strange too...but it's the odd 'goat eyes' where the colored parts are leaning sideways that are the big 'deal breaker'. The tie is clearly an addition (any suit can have 'tacked on' things like this) for this event (see logo in the background) It just doesn't look that well made/its suspicoius. Yes the guy next to it is doing 'the duckface' for some reason. Photo discovered by Sonic&ShadowFTW
Megazone Mascot Caption Contest Event This is a combination of magazine scan, mascot item & here it goes. This is a caption contest held by Australia's MegaZone magazine. If you write the winning funny caption for the mascot suit photo you see there, you could win Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Sonic CD. It had to be sent by mail to the address shown. The copy basically just talks up the contest & its rules. The example caption is "Babies are crunchy and also chewy". The address for the contest has the 'name' line as "Sonic is so cool & groovy I wish he was my Brother" which is also rather odd. Scan by Piplupfan77 Australia Mascot suit at Toys R Us This mascot suit appeared at a Australia Toys R Us store as part of an event for releasing of the 20th Anniversary Jazwares toys in Fall 2011. Photos by: Sega1991Sonic
Sydney Sonic Puppet Group Grounder puppet robot Weird puppet Sally
Large puppet Robotnick
It is a little-known fact, but the SegaWorld at Sydney Australia put on a strange puppet show 3 or 4 times a day. This was a full-stage puppet show, with large puppets and a half-hour story. It was largely AoStH based (see nonsensical background, Grounder robot, etc) however, Sally appeared as well, due to their love for this character. It was made by "Phillip Einfeld Puppetoons", & even contained songs! Animatronics were also used (see the bird on the wire above the 'house' to the left?) as well as a live host (see guitar person) The puppets are large plush-like things, as noted by the man near Robotnick, and were operated with sticks.
Sonic puppet sits
Segaworld Puppet Show Stage
Animatronic Sonic & Tails
Beside the stage were 2 cone-like 'hills' which contained animatronic (moves on its own) talking pop-up figures. Tails & Sonic would come out and announce show times, as well as entertain people who watched. Look how odd and smug the Tails looks for some reason. At right, you can clearly see how...well...not on-model at all Tails is. "Brown Tails" is an old hold-out from SatAm/aosth Sonic where they mis-colored him and never corrected themselves.
Tails puppet waves
Because it loved SatAm Sonic's styling, but needed a simpler set (highly, highly likely, as SatAm is not 'fun' or 'wacky' like they'd wanted it here) it seems to have resulted in a combination of the two. A screen above the show could also show scenes the puppets couldn't do (like launching Robotnick). The plot was basically that Robotnick invented a machine to make a robot to stop Sonic, but instead of being the best, it was the worst, & was defeated by Sally, Tails & Sonic. You should CERTAINLY read all of the REALLY ODD details at The Sonic Stadium. Photos provided by Sonic Stadium & discovered by SonicToast
Sally Mascot Costume Sydney With their love of Sally, it isn't surprising that Segaworld Sydney would have a Sally mascot suit running around at some point at the park. Interestingly, there have been no photos of it to appear until now in 2015. Why are photos of the suit so rare? Mascot costumes are basically walking photo-ops for fans at events.

The suit itself isn't that great, which is odd, considering SWS ability to make an excellent mask. Where is her signature blue vest? Where is Nicole? These accessories were always present on the character in the comic and the TV Show. The vest may have helped out with the wierd, wrinkly upper torso, maybe disguising some problems it has. Sally always had much more human proportions, so you'd think a suit for her would fare better than Sonic.

The photo has been edited too, they cut off the top of the hair, the tips of the feet, and removed the background (why?) which doesn't let you get a full idea of it. Are any other photos of this suit around? Discovered by VictoriaVaporeon

Sonic 2 Advertising Blimp Air Ship Here is a Sonic 2 themed blimp! Sort of. They're calling it an "air ship" here but it is a full size derigible...that has been enhanced by someone tieing a large canvas Sonic 2 & Sega logo to it. Being able to tie banners onto blimps makes them endlessly customizeable. This one is seen here in the UK, it was flown over the European Motor Racing Grand Prix, which Sega was likely sponsoring at.
Can just a blimp make it a Sonic place/event? Maybe, but that wasn't all that was present, there were also Sega banners on the ground & a roaming Sonic mascot suit to keep up the Sega/Sonic theme.
UK Tall Bus Tour  Race Car Mascot Suit 1993 This photo was described as a "Tall Bus Tour".
Is that really what this is called? It's a premier/start photo for a Sega promotional event of some kind in the UK area. London, especially is known for its double-decker busses (tall bus) which are generally red. These special busses are designed with grafiti-style writing, Sega logos aplenty & Sonic art all over the sides. Here, they are parked on a race track with a race car ahead of them. Someone's added a mascot suit Sonic in the drivers's seat for the photo op. This took place in 1993, but the photo is so small you can't read about the details.
Korea Baseball Audience Amy Plush It's baseball season in Korea...
But with the virus still able to attack, fans can't be in attendance normally for the games. But, the players might be sad with no-one watching so they've brought out a toy audience!
There are piles of plush in attendance at this professional baseball game in Korea. And, a sharp eye spots Amy in what looks like a front row seat. She's there with Spongebob, Winnie the Pooh, teddy bears & probably a few mascots too.
It's something fun to see, and nice that they chose her as well. They probably needed plush dolls who were large enough to be easily recognized sitting in the human size seats, so they grabbed the biggest ones they had around. Photo by Eric Hynes
Seoul Fan Meet Banner Table Korea Fan Meet Merchandise Table All photos of Seoul Sonic Fan Official Meeting in this area taken by
Korea Fan Merch Close Up Mascot It's Sonic in Seoul!
In 2023, Korea has a cool Sonic fan meet's their official Fan Meeting, and they've got plenty of cool stuff to see. At top left is the official banner for the year, with nice modern art & logo. There's also a hanging vertical banner, and a meet specific Sonic/Tails table skirt for the panel table. The above right photo shows the merchandise area, with piles of 'soap shoes' Sonic plushes and 3 really large Chao plushes too! These tables have more/different skirts.
Convention Standees STK The close-up above shows how large the chao plushes really are. They also have official art in frames, hung on a backdrop that has light gray Sonic art scattered all over it. The small squares are video game box art. The cards/lettering above the plushes is in Korean/you can't read it. Even a modern style mascot suit was in attendance!
Standees are a great way to decorate at a convention (and fold flat afterward too) So they've got Sonic, Tails and Knuckles for the convention floor.
Convention Korea Windows Posters What greets the guests when they arrive?
This way cool wall of posters! The tiled windows of the venue are a great place to hang a fun variety of character posters to greate a nice Sonic-like atmosphere here. (Notice the little Chao one on the blue background, it's a cute touch to keep it small!)
Whoever was in charge of decorating for the convention has done a nice job here. Entry may be added to if anyone who attened writes in with how it went.
Gamescom 2023 Germany Lego In 2023 the electronics and games convention GamesCom was held in Cologne Germany. Many announcements were made, and products were showcased. In attendance was (naturally) Lego, who built this giant interactive display for their booth to grab attention. And, it worked well as it was a fun photo opp for everyone who attended. It has a giant 'minifig' of Sonic made out of Lego running toward the Egg Boss robot (who will also feature in one of their sets) Notice the ring on a stand and the picture of feet on the floor. This was the interactive aspect of it, if you stood where indicated and reached a hand through the ring, it would play voice clips from the games.
The bottom right photo shows hands building the top of Eggmans' head (which because the robot is so big you can't really see it otherwise) to show the real size of this giant display. (Notice there are also giant screenshots from games in the background, and hanging rings at the ceiling to help set the scene in their big booth)