Sonic Fan Objects Title
Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Mephiles Super Poser Custom Figure This customized Mephiles figure is extra big, because it is a super poser. He's been all re painted, and had sculpey clay details added for the extra spikes on the spines, gloves & shoes. You can see the other form (also a Super Poser) on FanItems 23. Figure customized & photos by Clay
Fan Figures Mighty Darkspine & Chaos 0 Here are 3 figures made from Jazwares figures, this time for Mighty the Armadillo (a Sonic) Darkspine Sonic (new paint gives him the right details) & Chaos 0 (a Tails) Sculpey clay was used to add details like Mighty's Shell & Chaos 0's distinctive hands & feet. All customized & photos by SunnyTheHedgehog
Scourge Custom Figure Here is Archie Comic's Scourge, made from a 3.75 line Jazwares figure. He uses real fabric to create the cuffs for the 'jacket' which gives the look of a jacket, without using fabric for the whole thing. The details like the flame on the shoulder are painted on. The sunglasses are a remove-able accessory, & his shoes have been remade into
Scourges' boots. Figure customized & photo by WakeAngel
Perler Bead Running Sonic This is a little perler bead creation. The beads are placed on a pegboard, then slightly melted with an iron to create plastic art you can hang & display. Here is running Sonic, with the 'spinning feet' animation effect. You can create perler crafts from originals (like this) or by copying sprites from games. Made & photo by: rogb5959 Egg Dragoon Prototype Vehicle Here's a prototype for the boss machine Egg Dragoon. It is made from a pokeball, an old Metal Graymon toy for the body, the tail is rayquaza, the gun arm is more random digimon toys and it has a real drill that can be shot out. It does fit the Jazwares Eggman 3.5 line figure inside the capsule, & it also has wings. Made & photo by Emotrainer4444
Dumb running animated perler Sonic This is an animated .gif made with perler beads. By putting together & ironing a Sonic for each 'frame' of the animation, he can be made to look like he's running... dumbly! Sonic's expression is bad on purpose here, because this item was created for
Coulson Olympian Tattoo Sonic Flag Here's a Sonic tattoo...on a famous person! This Sonic in front of a Puerto Rico flag themed outline of the country is on an olympic
athelete, specifically Culson of Puerto Rico. You can see the olympic rings below Sonic. Since his sport is track & field, a Sonic tattoo/inspiration is certainly appropriate.
the "dumb running Sonic project". (an all-animated project where people made the worst Sonics they could think of)
Mecha Sonic Fan Figure Here's a selection of fan figures made from Jazwares small line figures. With added parts & new paint they're still move-able. Chip from Unleashed made from a Tails, Chaos 0 of SA1 from a Silver, Gemrl from Sonic Advance 3 from a Shadow, Marine from Rush Adventure from a Tails & Mecha Sonic from a regular Sonic figure. All made & photos by Gin93 Chip Chaos0 Gemrl Marine Figures Fan
5 inch size fan metal Sonic Fan MS Compare
Here is a fan modified Metal Sonic figure that's a 5 inch size, rather than the regular small line. He was made from a JW 5 inch size modern Sonic. The spikes were shaved down, with the pieces used to create the pointy fingers. Fimo
clay for the sculpted parts, and metallic acryllic paints to give him a shiny & metal look. Figure modified & photos by 21SonicStyle
Zero G Sonic Figure Customized Here is a figure customization/ combination for Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. This has a 3.5 line regular Sonic, with Free Riders legs/shoes, yellow goggles (like on the package) & the gravity bending/ changing wrist device. Photo & Customized by Dustin Lee Autry Half Pipe Sonic 2 Wall Art Graffiti
This is a wall, somewhere. The brick wall has been grafiti'd to have the half pipe special stage from Sonic 2 on it, complete with cool perspective, score, & Sonic & Tails! The signature is probably at right, though you can't read it. Graffiti in general is vandalism/not cool, but really big pieces like this are sometimes public art projects which may be volenteered onto walls to add color & prevent random scrawling. Do you know where this is?
Big Sean DJ Fletch Mix CD Cover
Here is a celebrity fan item. G.O.O.D. music person Big Sean is clearly a fan of Sonic, as he has written his name in the SEGA font, written the album title "I Do It" in a classic Sonic title color scheme, and added various Sonic graphics & characters around on the cover. This is apparently some kind of 'mix cd' (does it contain Sonic music bits?) with Dj Fletch that he has made & released. Discovered by:
Chibi Style Sonic Scratch Plush
Soap Shoe Customized Sonic Figure Here is a 3.75 in Jazwares Sonic figure with customized shoes. By applying super sculpy & new paint over the original shoes, they become the famous (& detailed) Soap Shoes, with their custom arch in the center, from Sonic Adventure 2. Customized by Dustin Lee Autry
Yellow Shadow Android Custom Figure In various games Eggman made a few Shadow Androids. They were all supposed to be like clones of him, but they had various different accent colors. This one is the yellow accent one, made from a Shadow Super Poser. This one was used for "player 2" on Shadow The Hedgehog the game. customized & photo by MarkCody Autry
Fan plushes don't have to be an exact match for regular Sonic. Here's a little flat-scrap or quilt style plush for Chibi Type Sonic. With pastel blue, big head, and simple little face it's a baby/mini version of him. Made & photo by SuperHog
Archie King Shadow Figure Modify Archie comics featured some "possible future" stories for some of their plots. In one, Shadow had somehow become king of the planet, wearing an armor shoulder piece, red cape & crown. This version of him was also evil/bad in their timeline. Here, a 3.5 Jazwares figure is customized with sculpey accessories, & real red cloth cape. Customized & photo by DustinLee Autry
Sprite Sticker Wall What are these Sonic & Tails sprites? They're a collection of little square stickers that someone has applied to a cement wall somewhere. It's a cool long as it's not used in a public place like this, as someone's already peeled/stolen Tails' foot! Free Riders Super Sonic Custom FreeRiders Super Sonic? Why not! By using the goggles, feet & hands from the Free Riders figure on the Super Sonic
modern figure, he becomes Super Sonic that can still ride the Extreme Gear board. This is a hybrid custom between 2 Jazwares figures. Customized & photo by DustinLee Autry
Mephiles Dark Fan Figure Here is a Mephiles the Dark fan figure from Sonic 2006. A JW Shadow figure was used for the custom, with new paint & super sculpey details for the gloves/hands, shoes/feet & spikes. The hands were switched in from a JW Jet the Hawk figure to give the fingers a different pose. Figure customized by Dustin Lee Autry
SBK Small Sonic Hand Replacement Classic Sonic Cake Here's a cool birthday cake! It has a hand drawn classic Sonic on top, with blue sprinkles & candy border. Real fan effort went into this, rather than a fake printed topper
This is the Jazwares 3.5 line SBK Sonic, with a hand replacement. The original figure had a fist, which wasn't ideal for 'sword fighting poses', so here, it's been switched out with 3.5 line Tails' hand, which is open, & actually looks more natural. Custom switch by
A Sonic themed cake is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Cake for SonicToast.
Giant Cream is Giant Cream face detail Where to put 7 foot doll
This is certainly the largest fan item yet made! Not content to let those noodly plushes be the biggest ones ever, here's a 7 foot Cream the Rabbit plush! She's proportional too, unlike the giant official dolls with their noodly legs to artificially extend the height.
You're supposed to put plushes on the bed...but if you put this one...there's no room for you!
Giant Fan Cream Plush Showcase photos The actual fingers (not mitten type hands with dents for the fingers) help this plush look great. She's not under-stuffed, so she sits up on the sofa. Look at the outdoor photo...she looks like a costume character mascot, not just a doll! Different fabric is used for the ear-interiors, she has a real plastic nose, and buttons for the glove cuffs. What a super giant fan item! Photos & owned by Link
Fan Modified Papercraft Pack:
You can modify official figures...and you can also modify offical papercraft patterns! Here is a pack of 3 build-able figures. It was originally a Sega pattern for Sonic, but with this pack you can make Darkspine, Uncle Chuck & Sonik (from Archie comics) With the link, you can download a .zip file that has all of the .jpg pages that make the patterns. Then, just choose who you want to make, and print out those pages. (They're 8.5 x 11's, so they may take a little while to download) Use PaperCraft 3 Pack to get it. Modified by: Glaysson
Fan Video - Fan made figure collection. Paper & sculpted figures by PranksterAlert3000
Fan Papercraft Chemical Plant Zone - Use the "Download a zip file" button on the page to grab it. By AndrewStrappers
Fan Video Reviews of Plushes & More with Or@ngeHedgehog
Archie Ultra Sonic & Archie Prelate Characters Papercrafs - Use link to get a zip of Prelate Shadow & Sonic from the "bad future" storyline Archie did for Silver. They're all large .jpgs , plus a photo of the finished product. Papercrafts modified by Glaysson
4 Hedgehogs Papercrafts Fan Pack - With this you can put together Manic from Sonic Underground, Mephiles (2 forms of him - regular & crystal) as well as Cosmic from Archie Sonic comics. They're all inside a convenient .zip file to use. Papercrafts modified by Glaysson