Sonic Fan Objects Title
Naturally, Fan-Art is what comes to mind first when you think about Sonic the Hedgehog fan-created items. Although, the things on this page are art, it is not the usual 2D kind you find about the internet.

Here you can find the interesting efforts of fans to create Sonic the Hedgehog items and goods. Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

Fan Item Guidelines:
It must be an actual fan item! Made by a real fan! No bootlegs can get in here, so if something's being mass-produced for money, it doesn't count.
It must not use the same TACTICS as bootleggers. That means no iron-ons shirts, no home made dog tags, button-pins etc. The Bootleg Avoidance Section has PLENTY of examples of what fakery really looks like. It is great to make stickers on your own for home use, and the same with other grapical elements such as desktops, wallpapers, and themes. It has to actually be a creative item or creative application

Ineligable things:
Fan characters, 2D fan art on paper, most paintings, paper children, CG art desktops, cg artcards, movie posters without actual movies, collages, print outs, unpublished books, stickers, pin-buttons that were printed, 2D paintings,

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Paperchild example
What is a Paperchild / paperchildren?
A drawing made to look like it is interacting with the world. Usually it involves a hand holding some part of a character, an item, or the paper in a creative way. This one here shows Silver being 'dragged' off the page.
However, since they're still 2D art with pencils/markers/pens/paint etc on paper, it's not eligable for inclusion because there are loads of other galleries out there for 2D Sonic fan media. Found on photo bucket by Mrfanofsonic
All ETSY SHOP ITEMS: Will NOT be eligable for fan items on SonicGear.
What is Etsy? It's an online store that anyone can sign up to, to sell their own cool home-made crafts. This includes customized items & things made from scratch. Since they don't have copyright checkers there, it's perfectly OK for someone to steal Sega's art, and mass produce it onto a generic thing (like a card, a shirt, a keychain) or even modify it & claim "its an original", then sell it at Etsy.
There are also completely original fan objects at Etsy too, like knitted dolls, 3D printed cookie cutters, costumes & more. However, since they were created just to be sold / to make money for the creator, they're not eligable for these pages. There are also about a zillion of them, & they'd flood the site. If you want to view these fan objects, go to right away for a variety of things.
Nobody there's claiming that any of the things are official Sonic products, so it's not a bad place. However, there is some mis-labeling going on sometimes, whether intended or not.