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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Sonic Rivals 2 Metal Sonic Custom 10
This is a large size fan customization! Here, the Jazwares 10 inch size Metal Sonic is re-painted to the Metal Sonic 3.0 paint style he had in Sonic Rivals 2. There was a prototype art (never got made) by Jazwares that experimented with this paint job, as it was so different & eye-catching. Figure customised & photo by Dustin Lee Autry & Mark Cody Autry.
Guiness World Record Video Game Fan Room The guy in the photo here is the 2012 Guiness world record holder for person with the most video game character merchandise collected into 1 room. You can see the record plaque in the corner. But look in the background, he sure has at least a couple of Sonic shelves. Interestingly, it seems to be a mostly Mario collection though.
Digital Soap Sonic 2 Cartridge This is a fan soap! It is a shiny black block of soap shaped just like a Genesis cartridge. With a Sonic 2 paper sticker applied to the soap, it looks just like the game. With a grape soda smell, its' interesting & creative to see. This was made & photo by Digital Soaps.
Trophy-like bronze thing
This item is particularly hard to define or place.
It is a trophy for "Sega Dreamcast Championships 2000" , however, it is also a ReSaurus giant talkin' Sonic figure. Someone has had it either electroplated or bronzed somehow. It's certain to be a 1-off item, but it's not original because its still a modified action figure. Does it count as a fan item if Sega or an employee did it? It's shown here in Yuji Naka's collection of Sonic stuff. (You can spot the original Crystal Cube, SA1 pin set & puyo items in the background) With a little more information about it, it may move pages, but it's rather obscure and this photo (the only known one) cuts off the top poorly. Photo discovered by:
Big group 2012 cosplayers
This is a group cosplay taken at a convention! You can see Rouge, Eggman, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails & Sonic...but in the middle that's Archie Comics Dr. Finitevus, the evil portal using scientist. It's interesting to see someone cosplaying as an archie-only character. But who are these cosplayers? The photo is by David DTJaaamNGO
Fan Mosaic Sonic Face Here is a fan made mosaic. A mosaic is made by adding chips or pieces of glass or tile to mortar (like cement or plaster) to create a design. This one uses glass chips & is mounted on wood. Made & photo by CrystalSonicFan Fan Bendy Balloon Animal Sonic Remember balloon animals made from long tube balloons? Someone's decided to bend these balloons into a Sonic-like shape. It's pretty big too, as that's a normal chair.
Mephiles Normal Style Custom Figure Mephiles the Dark mutated & became strange in different ways throughout the plot for Sonic 06. However, he didn't start off with lots of odd spikes & appendages. Here, a Shadow figure from the Jazwares 3.5 line gets new paint to be the first form of Mephiles. (Why doesn't JW just make this character already?) Figure Customized by TiggerCustoms.
Sonic Adventure 2 Tattoo Here's a Sonic Adventure 2 tattoo. It's got the Japanese logo for the game, and uses a different pose for Sonic & Shadow (than what's on the game box) With the shading on the tattoo, they look great standing above the logo. Photo by & tattoo on Dustin Lee Autry.
Fan Figure Bunnie Rabbot Fan Figure Antoine Here's a group of fan modified figures, each for the modern 2012/2013 design for the main cast of the Archie Sonic comic. Each was a Jazwares 3.5 line figure
with new sculpting, new paint & added accessories. You can see Bunnie in her new coat & hat with long hair, Antoine with his sword & wedding ring from where he married Bunnie, Sally with Nicole that really opens & closes & Rotor in his hat with his pouches. The group shot shows they're pretty much to scale too, & includes SatAm style Robotnick with his mechanical arm & cape.
Fan Figure Sally Fan Nicole Open Close
All figures customized by WakeAngel2001
Fan Figure Rotor
SatAm Cast Fan Figure Group
Merna Merhog AoStH Fan Figure Do you recognize this character? It's Merna the Merhog from the Adventures of Sonic weekday show. The merhogs only appeared in one episode (they'd throw in a random girl for whatever reason, to help Sonic) She's made from an Amy & Polly Pocket mermaid figure. With new paint & sculpting, she's about like an enhanced version from the show. (AOSTH was done when they couldn't figure out any hedgehog's spikes, so they all just had 1 line) customized by WakeAngel2001
Metal Knuckles Fan Figure Here's a Metal Knuckles fan figure from Sonic R. With new paint & sculpting a Jazwares Knuckles figure becomes the famous robot who's tied up in legal problems so doesn't get an official figure. It has the 'forearm fist/spikes', jet in the back, & vent like head spikes. Figure Customized by WakeAngel2001
Shard Metal Sonic Archie Custom Figure Here is Shard from the Archie Sonic Comic custom figure. He's customized from a Sonic & Metal Sonic from Jazwares, with new paint & sculpting. Shard has a multi purpose 'hand' (becomes a weapon) & paint similar to an in-game Metal Sonic, but in the comic story he turned good & became a slightly regular character. Figure Customized by WakeAngel2001
Gun holding fan Knack figure Here's a fan Knack figure & this time he holds the gun accessory! You can see his customized hat, belt & boot-type shoes. By using a JW Allstars hand (usually holds the vehicle somehow) he can hold a gun like he's supposed to. Figure Customized by WakeAngel2001
Tails Doll 14 inch Plush Ah the Tails Doll, a fan favorite while being stuck in copyright troubles. Here's a Tails Doll plush that's about 14 inches high. It has the big visible stitching, round hands & sort of blank expression from the game. The 'jewel' is plush too, held up by a covered wire. Made & photo by Renchan Marimo Shard Fan Figure Customized
Here's a fan figure for Archie's good Shard the Metal Sonic/ unique character. He's made from a JW Riders Sonic head, Tails arms, Sonic Legs, Metal Sonic feet & sculpy for his added details & multi-tool arm. Glossy & shiny paint help this custom figure look metallic. Custom & photo by Dustin LeeAutry
Nike ID Customized Shoes At the NikeID site, you can customize your own pair of shoes! When you pick styles & colors, the shoes will be made & then sent to you. As you can see here, this pair is modeled after Sonic's shoes and it turned out pretty cool. The white may not go across the top, but the bit in back helps it to look like his sock. The gray sole is a good touch too. This is a fun & creative use of an official customizing Nike product. (notice the "Sonic" name on the side too) Photo & Owned by: