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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Green Hill Spiral Cake Kai Here's a fun birthday cake for someone named Kai. It's green hill themed with a fun spiral, rings & grass. There's even a 'bridge' over the waterfall. The whole cake is covered with colored fondant to make the design you see here. The cake topper is a Sonic Jazwares Classic not only do you get a cake, but a toy too! It's a great idea for a cake topper.
Rotor Battle Suit Custom Figure During a story arc of Archie Sonic Comics, Rotor used a flying battle suit to help the FreedomFighters. The context was that he was injured, and Nicole built him a suit out of her nanomachines. It sort of had Iron Man type powers, and has various appearances in the comic. It is unlikely to get destroyed since it's made out of Nicole nano machines. Customized & Photo by WakeAngel
Here's a fan cosplay for Shadow the Hedgehog. The shirt has chest fur detail, & arm stripes. The gloves & customized sneakers have the gold rings for the cuffs. Instead of a whole head mask (mascot like) this costume uses makeup & custom spike hat to complete the look. Costume made & worn by Nina Breezy Custom Figure Here's a custom figure for Breezy the Hedgehog robot. She appeared in AoStH several times. Robotnick built her to trick Sonic, but she later turned into a goodguy. She's customized from an Aayla Secura Starwars Figure with added tape skirt detail & lots of sculpting. Interestingly, there weren't really any other characters in the show that looked like Breezy. Customized & Photo by WakeAngel
Bark Polarbear Custom Figure Here's a customized figure for Bark the Polar Bear from Sonic the Fighters. He's made from an Eggman body, Storm Arms & Knuckles face, with lots of extra sculpted detail for his special gloves, hat & ponytail. He's still totally pose-able, since he's all Jazwares 3.75 line parts. Customized & Photo by WakeAngel Bean Duck Custom Figure Here's Bean the Dynamite Duck from Sonic the Fighters. He's made from a Tails body & Jet Hawk head, all 3.75 size with new paint & extra sculpting. Notice that like in the game, he has no socks/cuffs for his shoes & is shorter than most other characters. Customized & Photo by WakeAngel
Mr & Ms Sonic & Knuckles Here's an interesting cosplaying pair. He dressed as Knuckles and She dressed as Sonic. They're sort of 'themed people' as she's got a wig but no spikes, though he has his hair gelled into Knuckles style. Look at the Sonic shoe high heel, is this the first high heel fan shoe? It looks cool with the wide 'sock'. It seems he's missing Knuckle's white stripe though. Do you know who they are?
This is a customized Manic figure from Sonic Underground. He's made from a Jazwares 3.75 line Sonic, with Tails shoes. He has craft foam spiky hair, rubber jacket accessory & sculpted details for his spiked bracelets, drum medal & gold earrings. With a custom all green paint job, he looks like Manic from the show. All customized & photo by WakeAngel
Super Scourge Archie Custom 5in Figure
Here is Super Scourge from the Archie comics. Since Scourge was green, his super form is purple & red instead of yellow and red. He is customized from a JW 5 inch size Sonic, with painted scars and sunglasses accessory. His jacket is real cloth from a t-shirt, so his arms can still move around. Customized & photo by Dustin Lee Autry.
King Sonic Archie Accessorized Figure
In the Archie Sonic comics they created a type of "possible future timeline" where Sonic became a king. To distinguish this from regular Sonic they gave him accessories like a special crown & shoulder piece / armor type item, along with a red cape. Here, a JW 3.75 line Sonic has fan accessories of sculpey crown / armor & real cloth cape. Because it's accessorized, the figure is still fully pose-able. Photo & customized by Dustin Lee Autry
Super Sonic Customized Bendy Figure You can customize a bendy figure like this one, if you use paint that doesn't dry hard. Here, you can see the ToyIsland Bendy small Sonic has been customized into a Super Sonic similar figure with new yellow paint. Oddly, though they made Big the Cat & Eggman bendies, they never got around to an official Super Sonic, which is unfortunate because he's clearly a cool choice. Figure customized & photo by Zero the Hedgehog
Cast Pewter Pendant
Look at this, it's a real metal pendant made by a Sonic fan! This is made of pewter and was cast by hand. The raised part is the Sonic Team Sonic head logo. The background is textured so it'll be darker, making the face stand out. It has a jump ring and is on a leather cord. What to do with the pendant when you're not wearing it? Let a cool Sonic plush try it on! Made & photo by SonikkuForever
Here are some fan maps. A fan made map happens when you can add new skins or use a modifier to make your own terrain in a game with something like a level editor. Often, the makers will share the map with others. These aren't very new, but it is interesting to see how people put the effort into making Sonic like areas.
Doom Map: Shoot tiny Tails sprites for some reason? Maybe by spinning?
Halo Map: Fly around the canyon in the transformed Tornado by GSeierra44
Counter Strike Map: Go on a path through arches with character art themes & see character statues by IneedADarnName
Halo Green Hill: Run around a giant Green Hill Like 3D area by Kogey Fox
Doom Ice Level: Shoot burrobots & grounders in an ice level (in 1998!) by 312Usteok
Resident Evil 4: Your guy has a Sonic head, gloves/arms & spikes coming out of his back, but fights normally against a giant size zombie monster. (Look, he's even got a tiny tail) by Ramiro Gaxiola
Cream Rabbit Customized Fan Figure Here's a custom Cream the Rabbit fan figure. She is made from a Jazwares 3.75 line Charmy bee. She has new paint and sculpy details for her dress, ears, and tie. The Charmy figure is perfect here, because both characters are smaller/shorter than the others, so it works well to customize. Cheese the chao is there too, but he is all Sculpy bake n' bend clay (100% fan item) as there is no figure that really looks like a chao to customize. All customized & photos by WakeAngel2001
Julie-Su Fan Figure Custom This is a Julie-Su from Archie Knuckles Comics fan customized figure. She's made from a Knuckles Jazwares 3.75 line figure, with Silver's legs/feet. She has custom added sculpey details like her bangs, shoe tops, belt, vest & mechanical elements to her spikes. Also notice her special gloves. In the comic she has a combo of mitten/glove with pointer-finger separate, as seen here. All customized & photos by WakeAngel2001
This could be a first! A fan-Kickstarter.
On-paper fan-art/comics/etc usually aren't eligable for inclusion on Fan Items (other archives do it better) but this is a published book related fan Kickstarter. Kickstarter collects money from fans of a project, on behalf of the project creator, to get an initial start-up effort created. If the target is hit, the item is produced and then distributed to the backers. It's generally a good idea.
What's this case?
The book "Not Enough Rings" which is made up of lots of wacky-scenario mini Sonic comics where the characters from Sonic1 through S&K make funny observations about the game levels, enemies & Eggman. It is being marketed/ presented as a parody, but it is actually a work of fans.You can read the book content online & also look at the Kickstarter page with these links:
Sonic & Shadow Cosplay These 2 cosplayers are Sonic & Shadow. They have special shoes, modified gloves, & spandex suits of blue and black. The masks are interesting, because they're a mix of mask and mascot suit head. They're kind of a plush/mask type to get the face shape & spikes with a bigger head look. Why is the Sonic's arm 2 different colors? Because he has a sleeves-tan. Photo discovered by ZeroTheHedgehog
Fan Package Blaze Custom Figure This is a fan-made package with fan repatined customized figure inside. Look at the new words for the bottom of the package "Super Sonic & Burning Blaze". They blend right in! You can look closely at the text at the bottom, & see that her coat & the furry cuffs of her gloves & shoes are a different color than normal.
Burning Blaze Customized Figure Here is the turn-around for her. Figure photos, package customization & figure customization by Tigger Customs