Sonic Fan Objects Title
Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Marine Raccoon Fan Custom Figure Here's a Marine Raccoon fan customized figure. Since she is little like Cream, this figure's base is a Jazwares 3.75 size Charmy Bee. She has added details for her ears, tail, ponytails, shoes & shirt. With all new paint, this figure works really well & is still poseable as Marine. Photo & customized by WakeAngel2001
Mini Robotnik Fan Plush Here's a fun, mini fan plush Robotnick. He's so small, that he's just about the size of one of those little plush keychains (at right) This is all fabric, with the details like nose, eyes & buttons all sewn on. Sewn & photo by Superhog
Minecraft Virtual Fan Pixel Tails
In the game Minecraft, you can build all sorts of structures out of the square blocks in the world. What do you get when you add square blocks plus building ability plus Sonic fans? Virtual fan item pixel art! By using the blocks as pixels, you can make pixel art that's actually a pretty large thing in the Minecraft world. Here, a Tails portrait has been created with orange, white, gray & black blocks. Built & photo by DarkSonicGold12
Crackers Fan Made Label & Box This is sort of a fan item.
It's similar to a fan-enhancement of something. This is a "Sonic Crackers" cartridge. Sonic Crackers seems to be a prototype type name of a Sonic game that never got officially published. It was like a proto-Chaotix style game, with Sonic & Tails connected by a springy ring-band. Looking at the screen shots to the right shows them holding the ring, the connection (red dots instead of sparkles) & the proto-title screen which looks more like its made of ASCII. The environments are certainly something different than previous games / new areas, so this is likely a ROM of what was left of Crackers.
Crackers Screenshots
Since the game was un-released, it never had a cartridge or a box, so this is where the fan work steps in. The box uses a screen shot & the title (it's just glued on) while the cartridge with the ROM has a new paper sticker on there with the screen shot. Photos discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Riders Outfit Rouge Figure Fan With Jazwares having been around for several years making Sonic toys, yet still not having produced a Rouge the Bat figure by 2013, the fans are understandably upset. Taking matters into their own hands, this fan has created a 3.75 scale Rouge in Riders outfit fan figure. Figure made & photo by Strapper01
LA County Fair Ride Side Paint Mural This is a mural painted on the side of a ride equipment that was seen at the LA County Fair. It's more of a fan-work, because the Sonic isn't being used to advertise the ride. They're not trying to pass off the ride / item / experience as Sonic related, or using him as the main logo/attraction/endorsement here. The art isn't about Sonic, or convincing people that something is Sonic-like when it's not. Who knows whats actually going on here, it looks like a sky-diving/falling guy is wearing a Sonic necklace while an 80s type girl is dancing with the word "Hallo" on the background. Incidentally, Sonic prize dolls CAN be found at the fair games, though! Photo by Crystal SonicFan
Ecuador Burning Figures Paper Mache Fair If you look around on Fan Works you can find the An~o Viejo" (year old) paper mache figure of Shadow. The concept is that the "old year" is symbolized by a 'burning man' type bonfire thing where (usually, it used to be) villains characters were made of flammable stuff and then burned to represent the bad of the old year / the old year itself being done with or going away. It seems to be a South American (in that a couple of countries do it) tradition of sorts. Ecuador is shown here, with not one but FOUR different Sonic figures to be burned. It's also clearly not limited to 'bad guys', it seems to be just any character can be burned? You can spot clearly Cowboy Woody, Ariel Little Mermaid, Soccer Guy, Betty Boop & some sort of bee child. These are pretty big too, the bottom left one is person-size, meaning soccer guy is enormous. Photo by Crystal SonicFan
3D Printed Sonic Fan Figure
Here comes a NEW kind of fan item!
An item made on a 3D printer. It's a little plasic Sonic figure...but it's more than that as well. It's the reason that toy companies like Jazwares really have to stay on their toes. Because it was made using a Sega 3D virtual object/ item, it looks just like Sonic. There's no poor sculptor or bogus paint applicator getting in the way. (looking at you, goat-eyed super posers 1st editions!) Sure it's uncommon in 2013, and it's not articulated, but technology improves for the consumer/end user all the time. It's a perfectly great looking little 3D printed display figure.
(Can you imagine printing out all the various fun chaos?)...!
This printer seems to be able to apply color as well, making sure everything is neatly colored and looking good. Printed out by a 3D print service, owned by Bianca Nishitani.
Silver Sonic Custom Figure Here's a fan customized figure for the Silver Sonic that appeared in Sonic 2. It never really got a name like Metal or Mecha , but it was still a cool boss. This was made from a Generations Style Silver Sonic Custom Figure
Jazwares 5 inch classic Sonic. You can see the wheels on the heels that let him slide along the ground & all the bolts like in the game. To the right is the Generations version too! All customized & photos by WakeAngel2001
Sonic puffy paint tee Puffy paint, the traditional 1980s shirt decoration method is put to good use here to make a Sonic fan tee shirt. A white tee becomes a Sonich shirt with the hand-drawn & puffy painted winking, smiling Sonic face & logo in red paint. The little doll in the corner, you'll recognize from another page of Fan Items. Made & photo by Superhog
Fleetway style evil super Sonic custom figure Here is a custom action figure for Fleetway's "Sonic the Comic" Super Sonic. Remember, in that version of the Sonic story the chaos emeralds were evil & would turn anyone who used them evil too. This means that when Sonic went super, he was bad. In their art, he had red eyes with distinctive red spiral rings /swirls in the white part. Here, a Jazwares 5 inch scale Super Sonic classic style figure has been modified to fit the Fleetway design with some new paint. Figure customized & photo by BritsBoy122 Fan made mini plush
This is a fan made mini plush Sonic doll. He's very small, only a few inches high & done in a bit of 'chibi' style with large head & simplified hands/feet. Made & photo by: Superhog
Sonic An~os Viejos Display Here come more An~os Viejos (literally 'year old', or old-years) They are cheap paper, cardboard & wood figures that are burned around new-years' holiday to represent the old year going away. They started out as villains, but as you can see it turned into just "any character people might recognize" as a paper thing to buy & then burn at your celebration. The makers of these things may or may not
Black new years character red Sonic be actual Sonic fans, because they're just basically trying to make every character they can think of (clearly) unofficially to make a sale around the holidays. So you can easily see some rather wierd and goblin-like interperations of "Sonic" among these pictures from Ecuador.
Sonic paper sculpture goblins Sonic & character Viejo selection
Ecuador Paper Sculptures Some of the figures are huge, 2x/3x life size for Superman you can spot in the background there. The Marios & Sonic tied to the fence at the top are pretty big too. Watch out for large all black & all red (why?) Sonic, mini Sonics, disgruntled Sonic behind some Hulks, goblin glasses Sonic on a Coke soda machine, tiny curb standing Sonic (watch out, there's "chucky" the killer doll too! Big fists Sonic & a smurf, big teeth Sonic & giant cookie monster
(Spot the long-face Sonic in the background of "big teeth" Sonic too. There's Shadow near a super Vegita & giant Panthro (notice woman for size reference) Later, someone has apparently bought a different Shadow & appear to be stuffing it into a cab for transport to the celebration.
The whole practice is really curious, as well as the selection of characters they think people will want to buy. Smurfs (new smurfs) wasn't super popular, Green Lantern did only fair (though critics didnt like him) DBZ is old & that Flintstones child is older still. It's pretty wild to see such a collage of fan-things all put up for the well as how much Sonic is represented! All photos in section by Crystal SonicFan