Sonic Fan Objects Title
Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Eggman Car Hood Painting Someone's customized an Eggman theme car! The whole hood of this car has a big air brush painting of laughing Eggman. He's dressed up in a way resembles his usual costume, but as a suit instead. It has sparkly yellow vest, bow tie & collar fin things for the red part. Also notice the top hat. The front bumper says "Super Sonic", while white lightening flashes in the background. But who's car is this?
Elaborate Hat Statue Here's an elaborate hat!
Someone has sewn a complex and fun hat for this official statue. It's one of the limited really big fiberglass statues Sega had made in Germany (seen elsewhere on Gear as well) This one is clearly on display in a game store or game section. However, around Christmas, clearly a fan decided to sew the statue a hat of its very own! It's a red velvety looking material with white pompoms for the spikes. This is a fun decoration for the statue.
Talking Zazz Fan Plush Here's a fan plush from Sonic Lost World! It's Zazz from the Deadly Six villains from the game. The plush is made of flannel and includes all of his spikes as well as spiked bracelets. He is about 4 feet tall. There's an extra feature here too (a first for a fan item) he has a voice chip inside, so when you squeeze him, he will say "I've been itching for a fight all day!" just like in the game. Photo & made by:
Eclipse Archie Villain Fan Custom Figure Here is a fan customized figure of the villain "Eclipse" from the Archie Sonic Universe comic. Universe features stories about characters & teams other than Sonic in 4 issue arcs. In the Shadow arc, they introduce a new villian, Eclipse. This figure is made from a Jazwares 3.5 line Silver, Shadow & Espio, for the tail. He has modified hands, all new paint, & sculpy details. All of the articulation still works, so he's fully pose-able. Figure customized & photo by Dustin Lee Autry.
How cool is this cake!
It's a super fun & funny idea that's carried out really well in the form of a fan birthday cake. It's Eggman's head! The whole thing is made of edible ingredients too. The dome shaped cake is frosted in Eggman-skintone icing. The mustache is a carefully carved chocolate bar & he has cookie eyes. The teeth are white chocolate. Photo & for the birthday of: Segasonic3039
The nose & goggles are Rice Krispie's treats covered in white chocolate & then painted with edible food coloring. The silver food coloring is uncommon, but it works here. You can see the size of the cake, with the hands in the photo. An Eggman cake is a great idea.
Goldbeetle Fan Repaint This is a Gold-Beetle from Sonic Adventure 2. GUN upgraded this enemy robot. The Goldbeetle has been custom painted from a regular JW Monobeetle enemy with metallic gold tone & blue paint. Customized by Dustin Lee Autry
Must Accelerate Cake
Some cakes are rediculously fun. (see the Eggman cake above)
Some cakes are rediculous on purpose. This heart shaped chocolate chip cookie cake is fresh from the internet with the "Gotta Go Fast" meme started by Sonic X USA themesong changed to "I Must Accelerate" for a bit of a troll factor. Further, the 'rings' are globs of round, filled in yellow icing. The Super Sonic face in the middle is also done in an on-purpose scribbly fashion. Who ordered this wacky meme cake?
Singapore Fan Shoe This could either be a bootleg (if it's mass produced and just for profit) or a fan shoe. It's a regular Nike sneaker, with peace-sign Sonic painted onto the outside edge near the heel. He looks on model here, only slightly disrupted by the 3D / layer of that red Nike swoosh going through his design. These were found in Singapore. Is he a painting? A transfer of some kind? Did someone customize their own shoe & then sell it? These are the things that set bootlegs apart from fan works. Shoe photo & owned by: Sonic Power
Pixel Graffiti Sonic Here are 2 fan works that should not have been done, since they are also a type of vandalism. To the left there's a pixelated on purpose graffiti Sonic on an already scribbled on wall. He's carefully made from lots of little squares. Graffiti Name With Sonic
Next, someone draws their own rendition of arms-crossed Sonic next to a somewhat abstractified font of his name on a wall. Sonic fan art should be done where it's appriciated and legal.
Sonic X T-shirt String Bag Combo
What can you do if a t-shirt gets old, torn or stained, but not on the design? If you can sew a little, you can turn it into a string bag, just like this fan item here! The Sonic X design from the tee was cut out, then sewn to an easy-to-make string bag to create a cool Sonic X bag instead! Keeping a great design & keeping it around is very useful. Photo & owned by SonikkuTiger Lego Bionicle Pieces Sonic Figure
G3 My Little Pony Custom Sonic Figure Each generation of My Little Pony figures looks different. Here is a G3 pony, customized into a Sonic pony! The pony is repainted into Sonic colors, the front feet have sculpted gloves, while the back have sculpted shoes. Instead of a pony tail, he has a little spike. Made and photo by Anime Amy
Here is a Sonic action figure made of Lego Bionicle pieces. The Bionicle line had items with curved edges, bent parts & could be slightly more organic looking than just bricks. Notice all the little details, like the clear ears, green line for the eye & his nose. Made and photo by Shaddow
Honey the Cat Customized Figure Here is a customized figure for Honey The Cat, the lesser-known character from Sonic the Fighters arcade game. She was modeled after a human character (Honey), but was a cat. Here, a Blaze Jazwares 3.75 line figure is combined with Amy's legs & boots to make the figure. She gets a new paint job to be yellow with brown eyes. Then, details like hair, glove cuffs & boot additions were made with sculpey. Her lacy hair decoration is part of a plastic container. Customized & photos by Dustin Lee Autry
Poseable Lego Fan Sonic This Lego fan Sonic figure may be big and complex, but it pays off because look at how you can pose him. With these pieces, even the fingers can be posed. (Is his sock a white tire?) They have built a striped Green Hill like ground too, also from Lego. This is a fun way to have a moveable classic style Sonic. Made & photos by The Brickadier General
Minnesota Wild Ilya Bryzgalov Helmet Famous fans can get items on here too!
In this case, it's a real, professional Ice Hockey player from The Minnesota Wild: Ilya Bryzgalov 's helmet. It has been custom airbrushed. One one side you can see Shadow, but on the other there's Rouge the Bat & Tikal too! Shadow you'd probably expect to be on there, he looks tough & cool etc...but Tikal never appeared frequently so you have to be a real fan to know her. It's great to see Rouge here as well. This is certainly a cool helmet. Discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Free Riders Customized Amy Figure The Jazwares 3.75 line of Free Riders figures never included Amy, which is unfortunate because she had a new outfit for the game. Here, an Amy figure is customized with Free Riders Sonic arms/hands & Wave's legs to get the Rider look. With new paint & customized board with details from the game, this figure becomes Free Riders Amy. Customized & photo by Dustin Lee Autry
Custom Super Silver Figure
Before the official release of the "super hedgehogs 3 pack" by Jazwares, this Super Silver was customized by a fan. By taking a normal Silver, & dipping the back spikes & head-spikes into boiling water, then bending them up & running it under cold water, the plastic could be re-shaped without breaking it. Then, with some new's Super Silver! *Method is mildly dangerous because it involves boiling & touching hot things probably with a potholder. Figure customized & photo by Aquaslash
Bryson's Green Hill Cake Here is a cake for "Bryson", as you can see by the letters on the front. It's a cute 3 layer cake with a spiral format to make the Green Hill Zone 'path' of rings. It has the fun checkered ground, sunflower, rings & palm tree. They used Jazwares 3.75 line classic Sonic & Tails figures to finish it off. A cute touch that adds a toy gift! Cake made by FrostedInsanity.
Sonic theme coffin These are technically fan items though they likely weren't produced by a fan, they were made for a deceased Sonic fan. This entry is mostly here to keep the Sonic coffin / casket from becoming an Funeral Flowers Sonic
urban legend / offensive item. It's real, the fan was real too. The coffin isn't official. At right you can see the funeral boquet of flowers, with red, white & blue daisies arranged into a Sonic-like shape.