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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Fan Needle Point Scene While this may look like a drawing or a painting, this is actually a needle-point work! Each square of color you see here (much like a pixel) is 1 stitch with colored threads. The 'canvas' is a tough cloth with large holes. Using the right technique, you can make a whole cool picture out of colored threads.
Do you recognize this scene? It has been on a book cover & a neck-tie sold in the UK area. It's a complicated picture with lots of work put into it, to create this 1-of-a-kind stitched fan item. Made & photos by DarkwingUK
Shadow on a Red Car Here's a Shadow fan's car! This red small car has been customized with a Shadow theme. The hub caps are red, & a big Shadow graphic takes up the whole back door and part of the front. It is a custom artwork/pose for him, where is is seated / sort of relaxing looking. This helps him be really big, but also fit on the space of the side of the car. Do you know who's car this is?
Jakes Cake
This is Jake's cake. Who is Jake? (Write in if you know...) This birthday cake is shaped like a classic Sonic head. It looks so smooth because it is covered in fondant, a special icing that it sort of pliable like thin clay. The designs are cut out of it & then formed over the 3D-ness of the cake. There's clearly some other writing on the bottom border but with the angle you can't see it.
Sonic the Cosplayer as Goku This is "Sonic the Cosplayer". Its a person who has a Sonic mascot suit , but then dresses the suit up as various other characters and goes to conventions. Its a neat gimmick idea, & makes any cosplay stand out because it's really some sort of double cosplay at the same time that's easily recognizable. There are TONS of images of this suit dressed up as various things, but since its always the same Sonic suit, those are basically the same fan item. Photo by:
Lego Metal Sonic Fan Figure Here are some pose-able Lego constructed fan figures. Metal Sonic even has movable fingers (as well as joints), and the Jazwares large MS shows the scale is pretty big as well. Also see Sonic R's Metal Knuckles, complete with the fist blades from the game. Constructed & photo'd by KnuxMaster Metal Knuckles Sonic Fan Legos
Metal Sonic Sculpey Fan Figure Here are 2 fan sculpted statues. Each one is made from sculpey and has painted details. Traditional Metal Sonic to the left has a base with real screws added to it, and Mecha Sonic (from Sonic & Kncukles) is free standing. Made & photographed by AoiBonyari Mecha Sonic Sculpy Figure
Star Pointer Badnik Clay Figure Here's an all-clay figure of Star Pointer, one of the badniks with orbiting maces to throw at Sonic. All done in colored sculpey with wire frame by ShawnHedgehog Nazo Papercraft Mod
Here's an interesting papercraft. It's actually a fan modified pattern, to look like 'Nazo' a character who never appeared in Sonic X, but was pictured in an off-color screen shot. It was once thought to be another form of Super Sonic, set to appear in the show. Modified, put together & photographed by Glaysson
Tails Doll Plush Sonic R's spooky 'The Tails Doll' appears again, this time as a modified Toy Network Tails that's had extra stitching, eye work, and a light up head-ball added. Modified & photograhped by KnuxMaster
Gijinka Cosplay Fans Gijinka are what you get when you mix a charachter & a human. You get a person who really resembles the non-human character. Usually hair & clothing elements are all involved. Here are 2 gijinka style cosplayers for Silver & Blaze. Silver's clothing resembles his markings and collar of hair, and Blaze uses her actual dress. With added styled wigs and matching shoes, this is a great cosplay set. Photo by Kagay Werehog fan plush
This large plush is a custom Sonic Werehog. It's pretty big, seen here sitting in a chair. It also features great added details such as real fingers! As well as shoe spikes, cleats, the added furry patches, and fangs, as well as colored spike tips. An interesting fan plush, to be sure. But who made it?
Plaster fridge magnets molded Kind of a fan item! Kind of not!
These fridge magnets are a part of a plaster making kit. The kit had molds for you to pour plaster into. When it hardened, you could paint the characters however you wanted, and add magnets to the back. Each one is
a relief with raised details, and you likely got caterkiller, Tails, Sonic, Robotnick, and newtron. So they're 'fan' because the plaster pieces have been painted, but kind of not because it's a kit/actual item at the same time. Photographed & owned by Donna M Evans
Combot Archie Custom Robot Figure This is a fan customized Com Bot figure. It's actually made from a modified Iron Man action figure. It's had all new paint and 3D clay details added. The Iron Man figure actually has a surprisingly similar face to these short-lived Archie comics creations. You can see a scan of the comic among the photos, they were supposed to be 'improved SWATBots' but it seems like no one cared because they never appeared again. Made & Photographed by WakeAngel
Motobug character custom hoodie This is a cute idea for a fan 'disguise hoodie'. Disguise hoodies are the popular "dress up hoodie" that has a hood with a mask or visor of a popular character like Darth Vader, Iron Man or Spider Man. But here, this is a Motobug Hoodie! A red hooded sweatshirt gets plush antenna & modified motobug face disguise for the hood. The front zip & cuffs are also customized. This is a fun idea for custom clothing. Made by Gitz, photo by Toshi Yamako
Cosmo & Chris Custom Fan Cosmo Doll & Chris Cosplay Now here's a unique and cool idea for cosplaying...cosplay WITH a character!

The Cosmo from Sonic X show here is a special life size custom plush / pose-able doll character. Look at the detail for her 'flower' hair & the big transparent jewel.

Not only is the Cosmo pose-able, able to stand up, but her expressions can also be changed, as you can see here in the photos with different eyes & mouths for lots of different photo opps. Cosmo is wire-frame with carved foam & fabric. Even the fingers can be posed. The custom Chris shirt, shoes & hair are all fan done too. The 'fallen' photo has rings they dropped (see beside Cosmo there) Making a life size character doll is a great idea to add to cosplaying. Made & customized by Gitz, Photos by PraireSquid
Sonic 2 Fake Special Edition 32X
An unusual specimen appears at left..."Sonic 2 Special Edition" for the ...Sega CD 32X!"

What this actually is, is a fan-mock-up of a game that never really got a box or cover. The double-label on the side means it was a game that REQUIRED you to have both the Sega CD & the 32 X snapped onto your Genesis to play it. There were very few games like this, possibly only 6 that actually got released.

So it's a fan cover for a real game...that wasn't ever released officially. It was Sonic 2, but with enhancements like higher quality music (the CD part) You can see a Let's Play of the game, too, & the page has more info as well as original advertisements to see.

Discovered by The Ultimate Hedgehog, additional info by: DrEggplantman &